Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year to all

Time sure does fly really fast when you least expect it. Last month, me and my husband celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary. We had such a blast during your anniversary pictorial. We decided to do it especially that we had done some pictorial when we celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary before.

Well, we are still back in El Paso and we are still looking for better opportunities around the surrounding cities. As of right now, we are both working at the school district which is actually good because we had so much time off from work. Also, it would be great to have more hands on experience especially that I am planning to do this full time in the future.

Anything new for you guys to talk about? Hit me up and leave a message below! Happy New Year to all and remember I am praying that everyone will have a bountiful New Year! Have a good one and God Bless Us All!

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