Thursday, October 6, 2016

Our Latest Update!

Hey y'all we are back in El Paso since June 11th after my spouse decided to find a job closer to home. So far, he receives plenty of interviews but no one hasn't hired him for a permanent position. We are back to square one which is not easy but we are praying hard that all our plans will fall into places soon. He is back to substituting at the school district although we might still have a big chance of moving out of town again before the end of this year. He is still waiting for several job opportunities he applied outside of El Paso to confirm whether or not he is hired so we can move there as soon as possible.

I have been somewhat sad and discourage especially that I haven't been doing what I love which is working and earning my own money. I've been wanting so bad to go back to my old job but I don't want to leave on a bad note if again I need to quit to be with my husband. I did make myself busy ones again by doing online surveys as well as I'm back in my coupon hobby. I guess that's my latest update about what's up with us. I hope everyone is having a blast during their summer vacations and what not. Take care folks and keep that prayers coming our way!

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