Monday, November 29, 2010

Scraps make the best gift wrappings

Guest post written by Bette Caroll
It always makes me so mad when I see people being wasteful and throwing away scraps of things that they could easily use for other things, especially when it comes to craft things. I'm really big into crafting and am also careful about hanging onto the extras of everything that I use in my crafts. You never know when you could use an extra button or a piece of ribbon in a project.

I've found that one of the best uses for craft scraps can be using them in wrapping up gifts. I'm always finding new ways to use them from blog posts and articles with my Houston Clear Wireless Internet.

I know that everyone has a bunch of gift wrapping scraps of paper and bits of ribbon that could be used for stuff. Some of my favorite ways to use old wrapping paper is to cut shapes out of it and then glue it onto old shopping bags or gift bags and make them look like a completely new bag. You really can do all kinds of creative things if you just put your mind to it.

Faster Movie Review

Last Saturday, my husband, my sister in law and myself went to the movie theater to watch the movie starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson titled Faster. This movie follows his revenge to a group of people that were involved during a heist that resulted to the death of his brother. After he got out from a 10 year prison, all he had in his mind is to avenge the death of his brother.  Dwayne Johnson who's character's name is Driver also have to deal with an egocentric hit man who is hired to kill him. Billy Bob Thornton's character is unpredictable and you will soon find out what he was really up too while the movie continues.

If you are looking for a full throttle action and drama then this is the kind of movie for you! Oh by the way, I got the image from Google.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shoes for Men and Women

One thing I have noticed since I arrived here in Texas four years ago is that a lot of men wear this old gringo style boots paired with a cowboy hat. I find it unique because I see these men wearing this type of shoes anywhere I go such as in a restaurant, mall, Movie Theater and even special gatherings. This type of attire reminds me of the old west movie and it brings a lot of great memories while growing up.

Well, I have the opportunity to look around the web for some new online stores since I've been off from work since Tuesday and I am fortunate to have stumbled upon this website called Infinity Shoes which offers different shoes for women and men such as tory burch shoes, casual shoes, comfort shoes, oxford shoes, platform shoes, flat shoes, toning shoes, sneaker shoes and more. Infinity Shoes website offers a wide selection of shoes for all the men and women out there.

By the way, you can also join this VIP Club called Shoe Inn which will give you the opportunity to win a $200 worth of Shoe Inn gift card every month. If you are interested in joining the Shoe Inn VIP Club just click any of the following links above and type in your email address for a chance to win this amazing contest. I have also included a picture of my favorite ankle boots below. What are you waiting folks? Hurry and check this out!

Electrical Massage

I am so grateful with my sister in law for letting me borrow her electrical massager today. This electrical massager is like those massage chair you see in the mall.  I ask my husband to apply it on my back and wow I love this machine. My sister got this machine for free from her working place where she works as Dental Hygienist. Now I am looking forward to purchase this muscle relaxer machine or also known as electrical massager since I always ask my husband to massage by body after a long day at work.

By the way, I have uploaded a picture below so you will see which muscle relaxer machine I am talking about.

San Jose Sharks

Even though I don't live in the San Jose area, I've been following the San Jose Sharks the team because it's the only hockey team in the northern California region. Actually when the Sharks first made their way to the Bay Area in 1991, I didn't really follow the team all that much. They were an expansion team which usually meant they weren't very good and ice hockey didn't interest me all that much.

Then I went to my first hockey game with my college roommate who happened to be an avid Sharks fan. It was a playoff game at HP Pavilion Arena in San Jose. We had seats in the upper upper bowl and the crowd was so crazy that it literally felt like an earthquake was taking place. The atmosphere was crazy and I've been following the team ever since. My favorite players at the time were forwards Igor Larionov and Sergei Makarov, defenseman Sandis Ozolinsh and the goalie Arturs Irbe. Mainly because they were the teams best players.

The Sharks have virtually been making the playoffs ever since. I always make at least one trip a year to San Jose to watch a playoff game to experience the atmosphere that made me love the game in the first place, but I catch most of their regular season and playoff games on directstartv

Guest post by Quincy Lester

Thanksgiving Road Trip

My husband and I had so much fun visiting his sisters from another state. We had a blast playing this game called Samba De Amigo for Nintendo Wii after shopping for Black Friday Sale. Well, I bought a 4 GB memory card for my digital camera for $7.99, a Lady Gaga 2 disc CD for $6.99 and hubby purchase a Metal Gear Solid video game for his PlayStation 3 for $9.99.

My two sisters in law purchase a bunch of things from clothes, video games, digital camera and vacuum cleaner and a lot more. We really are happy that we decided to spend time with my husband's older sisters. We also stroll around town and check some products in the mall. Here are some pictures from our trip.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My First Black Friday Shopping Experience

I remember the first time I went out Black Friday. It was crazy I couldn't believe the long line to get into the store and it was so cold. We were all shivering waiting for the store to open. My parents had told my husband and me to go out because of the good deals that were offered. I was so surprised at how nutty the people were to get those discounts. I have become one of them desperately trying to get the best deal at the stores. Now we subscribe to the newspaper and are able to plan our shopping ahead of time. We strategize our routes and decide on the most important items.

The shoppers are frantic to grab just about everything they can get their hands on, luckily the stores plan for this and have plenty of merchandise. We have found some stores are better at stocking. It's disappointing to get up early and try to snag that good buy only to have it gone. There are stores that only offer five items at that great price and people sleep overnight at the store to try and get them. I can't imagine spending the night; it's hard enough to get up early. We set our home security alarm from before leaving to do our shopping that way we know our home is secure.
Guest post written by Wilford Alford

Friday, November 26, 2010

RED Movie Reviews

We are enjoying our Thanksgiving vacation and I am so happy to spend my whole time with my dearest husband. We watched the movie RED or Retired Extremely Dangerous with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovitch, Mary-Louise Parker and Helen Miren with some friends at the movie theater.

The movie centers to top four former CIA agents who are now framed for assassination. All four of them must combine their cunning and expert abilities to stop the operation and to stay alive from their deadly pursuers. The movie is fully loaded with actions and funny scenes. Check this out guys!

Handbag Collections

My husband and I went to visit his family yesterday to spend half of our Thanksgiving Day with them. Everyone was able to manage their time to go and have our family get together. Needless to say, everyone was talking about the Black Friday Sale today. One of my sisters in law invited me to go shopping with her for a new handbag by Dooney & Bourke. I have never own a purse from Dooney & Bourke collection but after I check Zappos online store today I am now interested to get a collection from the same brand that my sister in law want to purchase.

Actually, I had wanted to go shopping today but I was not able to wake up early. I hate morning rush plus I don't like huge crowd at the same time. I feel like I am out of air for some reason. I decided to call my sister in law about 15 or 20 minutes ago and told her that I'd rather do my shopping online. By the way, the Zappos online store offers different brand name for purses such as Guess, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Ed Hardy, Kenneth Cole Collection, Juicy Couture and a lot more.

I have also included a picture of one of my favorite Dooney & Bourke Collection above. I am wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving weekend with your family and friends and May God Bless Us All!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

STOP I Cannot Take It No More

I don't want to fret so much about our new neighbors upstairs but I can't handle it anymore. I have been miserable and sleepless for the past weeks because they make a lot of noise. They have their sound system in full blast even if it is already 12 midnight. I have confided this with my husband and I even ask him if it bothers him and he told me that it did but he tried to understand.

Suffice to say, I told my husband that after Thanksgiving I will report them to the apartment manager. We have strict regulations and policy in this apartment complex but I don't see them following it. We are allowed to play loud music from 6 in the morning till 9 in the evening but after that it is prohibited to made a lot of nuisance.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and May all enjoy your day with your family and friends.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Retargeting Online

If you happen to own an online store and would like to increase your sales, you should consider the technique called retargeting advertising which focus on getting back your old customers to come back to your online store and be interested with your product again. This technique will help re-introduce your products from your former clients and will invite them to purchase again or get to know your company the second time they come around.

Actually, Recrue Media offers retargeting which will help your company recruit new customers or old clients to check out your company by the end of the day. Recrue Media specializes in online advertising which includes retargeting companies, retargeting channels, retargeting your visitors and so forth. Recrue Media is the best answer for all your online advertising needs.

If you are planning to hire Recrue Media in the future you may want to call them at 877- 855-5944 for a FREE consultation. What are you waiting folks? Come and check this out today!

How to Prep Your Turkey

I would like to share an article about how to prepare your turkey for Thanksgiving courtesy of DJ Tesh radio and Butterball Hotline:
  1. If you already purchase a frozen turkey, make sure to thaw the turkey in the refrigerator using this technique- 24 hours every 4 pounds. Did you know that unfrozen turkey taste better?
  2. Prepare to roast your turkey- You will find out that the turkey is fully cook when the thermometer will reads 170 degrees in the breast and 180 degrees in the thigh area.
  3. Make sure after cooking to- let the big bird rest for 15 minutes in the roasted pan after you remove it from the oven. Don't forget to take out that delicious stuffing.
Take note, I have uploaded a photo that I got from Google Image.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jewelry Case

I went to the mall last Monday and wow everywhere I turn to I always see huge advertisement where it says 50% or 75% sales for this whole week. I am feeling distracted and overwhelm on which boutique to visit first because every stores seems very inviting. I have already made my Christmas lists for my family back home and I am so ready to start shopping before Christmas. Well, I found a few items that I want to grab during the Black Friday huge sale.

While I was heading to the left wing of the mall something grab my attention. There was a new store in the mall that specializes in different personalize jewelry showcases, jewelry cabinets, jewelry tables and more. I really like that store and planning to visit there again with my in laws. Oh by the way, I also like to collect jewelries either fashion jewelries or authentic jewelries. I have of course plenty of the fashion jewelries lying in my closets.

Well, folks I'd better start packing our things for tomorrow, it will be a long day ahead!

Will You Marry Me?

 I always like to hear real love stories with happy endings. My mother always told me that I am a dreamer and a strong believer of happy marriage. I am very fortunate to have met this couple during one of our church gathering here in my place. Actually, both couple has been a regular visitor in the church for the past months and recently they announce that they were engaged and will be having their engagement party after Thanksgiving week.

Well, I am very intrigue to check her engagement ring on her beautiful hand and ask her if I can see it. The sweet lady obliged to my request and showed the ring to me. It is the most exquisite, lovely engagement ring I've ever seen. I am really happy for her and I congratulate her for their engagement. Today, I have the chance to check different websites and I stumble upon this online store called Since 1910 who specializes in creating beautiful engagement rings or wedding rings for that special moment. The best part about them is that you can personalize your engagement ring or wedding ring to suit your taste and style.

By the way, I have uploaded a picture of one of my favorite engagement rings I found at Since 1910 store. Hurry and check this out guys!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fajita Steaks Nacho

Hubby got this fajita steaks nacho from Taco Cabana the other day. It was so yummy and it made me forget my problems for awhile. I really love the melted nacho cheese as well as the fajita steaks that were spread on the chips. Here is a picture below for you to see. Have a blessed weekday ahead and enjoy your Thanksgiving!

I Married My Best Friend

The word “friend” is bandied about with less meaning than we give to the word “stranger.” Everywhere I go, I hear people tell me of a friend who did this or a friend who did that. When I ask people to elaborate a bit on those friends, I find that most are mere acquaintances or coworkers and not real friends.

There is a vested interest amongst real friends. It is two people who share some things in common whether it be ideology, goals, faith, affiliation or other. Friendship doesn't happen over night. Friends reach out to one another to help in times of need no matter how trivial or serious the matter may be. A friend will be the one who visits me in the hospital and stays longer than the time it takes to eat that hamburger the nurse didn't see her sneak in.

My best friend turned out to be my wife. She is always there for me no matter what happens, and she knows I'm there for her too. When others in life find it easy to ignore our rough times but selfishly are needy when times are rough for them, my wife is there through it all. The bond we have lets us enjoy spending time together. We set the home security alarm( GEO home alarms cellguard) and head on out the door more often hand in hand together than going our own separate ways.

Thanks for the guest post by Donn Schroeder

Oh How Lovely!

I am really happy to see such wonderful pictures of my two friends who recently move back to Georgia for good. I like how the place looks like and I am now trying to convince my hubby to visit them early next summer. By the way, I have two pictures that I want to share here with my friends online. I hope you will like it. The place looks so lovely and peaceful.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I am surprise that my husband asked me if I can pick the best Mobile Wallpapers that he can upload on his new cellular phone. I thought it was sweet of him to ask for my opinion before doing anything. Well, today will be another regular working day for the both of us. I am schedule to work from five to midnight at my place of work and hubby will be working the same time as me on his second job.

I had wanted to visit the outlet mall lately but unfortunately, we don't have enough time to do so. I am hoping that after Thanksgiving our schedule will be back to normal again. My final exams are just around the corner and I can't wait to have my Fall semester break.  I am doing my best to get A's on both classes so I will have a great chance of being part of the Dean's list this semester.

How's your weekend so far every one?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cabling Contractor

While I was at my place of work today we received a short memo from the owner of our company telling all employees that we will be opening two branches within city limits. Everyone is excited because the big boss also announces that we will be receiving our cash bonuses for Thanksgiving as well as for Christmas.

Anyways, one thing that the boss had mention in his letter is that they are still looking for a trusted and reliable Structured Cabling Contractor who will install and put the needed cable around the new two buildings. He said that he had to make sure that our establishment meets the standard requirements to pass the inspection before we can start to operate the store.

I don't really have a complete idea how important to have a trusted electrical contractor or data cabling installers not until I read about Mason247 website. Actually, they have been into business since 2002 and they are the fastest growing company who specializes in data cabling solutions, low voltage equipment installations, data networking, Wi-Fi installation and more.

I am thinking of sharing this website to my boss; who knows I would be able to help them decide which company to hire to install all the cables.

Loving My New Coach Purse

My honey got me a surprise gift today. I receive another authentic designer purse from Coach and I am more thrilled to accept it. Well, hubby told me that there will be more surprise gifts to come in celebration for our upcoming fourth wedding anniversary and for Christmas. Thank you so much honey, I love you forever!

Rocky Mountain Winter

In the Rocky Mountains sometimes getting ready for winter feels like a full time, year round job. Luckily I have a husband to split the work with. I can't imagine how long it'd take to do it all myself.

DH takes all the heavy lifting, outdoor jobs: checking the roof, cleaning the gutters, putting up the storm windows. I work on the indoor things and putting the garden away for the year. Around mid-September we get started, digging out the storm windows from the shed, checking for cracks and cleaning the glass. DH gets up on the ladder and cleans all the leaves out of the gutters and makes sure the shingles look solid.

By October we've moved onto stacking wood. We have a wood burning stove in the living room, which is great to gather around on long nights and during blizzards. It's a lot of work but it's worth it. Around October we also seal the insides of the windows, I swap out the bedding for flannel, and my window blankets go up.

After a long day getting our house ready for the long cold winter, DH and I like to relax by snuggling on the couch and watching our ExpertSatellite television. The kids think it's silly at our age, but to us it's great.

Contributed by Alec Bates

I Am Grateful for All the Blessings

My father in law already delivers us some turkey that we can cook for Thanksgiving. The funny thing is that my husband and I will be having our road trip so that means that we won't be able to cook or celebrate Thanksgiving in our humble home. We already received five invitations from my sister in laws and friends but we all turned them down.

I have a lot of things to be thankful off not only during Thanksgiving celebration but for all the blessings that we receive every day. I hope that every one of you in blogger land will have a wonderful and joyous Thanksgiving celebration.

I found the picture above from Google Image.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pecan pie lovers

Guest post written by Hillary Pines
I've never met people who love their pecan pie as much as the people in my family. I really don't know if my parents brainwashed into loving it so much or what. Or maybe we're just used to eating it. My Grandma always did make the best pecan pie I've ever had or even heard about.

This year I got elected to make the pecan pies for our family Thanksgiving and the pressure is really on to perform. I don't know what I was thinking when I agreed to it because if I mess them up I'll never to be able to live it down at family events. I have the filling recipe already, but I took to my wireless internet to find a great pie crust recipe.

You can't just buy that premade crust in a pie tin to serve to people this serious about their pecan pies.

After trying out a couple of different recipes that I found for pie crust, I think that I tracked down the ultimate flaky pie crust recipe! I donÕt think IÕll hear any real complaints.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Movie Review

My husband and I were still able to manage our time last night to rent some movies and we finally watch the movie Avatar: The Last Airbender. I really like how the movie was set up because I used to watch the cartoon series on TV.

Well, the movie centers about Aang's adventure who was the last Avatar. He was reincarnated as a kid and he must be put to test in order to protect the people from the wicked Fire Nation who are planning to enslave the Water, Earth and Air Nations.

Check this out guys, this movie totally rocks!

New Coupon for Xoom

About two hours ago, I decided to send some money for my family in the Philippines. I have been a valued client for Xoom money transfer for about five years now and I am really happy to share with you guys the new coupon code. The coupon code is HALFPH which is good until November the 30th. The coupon will give you 50% discount for the service fee. By the way, if you are a first time Xoom sender you can also try this coupon code LIBRE and enjoy the free service fee when you send your Xoom money transfer today!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boy's Clothing

I am now deciding on what will be the appropriate gift that I can give for my first godson Jaden these holidays. There are so many things that I can purchase for him but my husband and I wanted the best present we can get for our precious godson. My godson is growing really fast this days and I can't believe that he is turning one year old this coming January. I am looking forward to visit my godson Jaden after our short trip next week.

Well, folks I feel rejuvenated today because I was able to sleep longer since I am off from my place of work. I have mention earlier this week that I have been working straight for nine days straight without a single day off. Today, I have plenty of time to  check some baby clothing online from the Tea Collection. The Tea Collection online store offers a wide selection of clothes for your little angels such as boy's baby clothes, girl's baby clothes and more.

This is perfect for mommies out there who don't have time to go shopping in the mall. I am really interested to purchase and order this baby boy's clothes which are perfect for cold season. Please visit the Tea Collection store today and go shopping online!

Reynolds and Johansson's Sexiest Couple Alive

Ryan Reynolds is named the Sexiest Man Alive for 2010 while his wife Scarlett Johansson is name's GQ's Babe of the Year! They are now the hottest and sexiest couple on the planet earth. I like Ryan Reynolds for his acting skills in the movie The Proposal because he is really funny and Scarlett Johansson's part in Iron Man 2 because that girl can kick hard, lol.

Congratulations and more power!

Dallas Car Insurance

My husband's step sister who now resides in Dallas, Texas for the past five years invited us to go and spend our Thanksgiving Day with her family. We were thrilled because we are actually having our road trip next week in San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Dallas. My husband and I are now planning to make a side trip to visit the whole family once we arrived in Dallas. Anyways, we would like to meet the new addition in their family name baby Mia who is now five months old.

Not too long ago, my husband's step sister was looking for cheap insurance in Dallas because she had confided with my husband that they are paying too much for their three cars. She had been searching over the internet to find the greatest and the cheapest deal when it comes to insuring her cars. Today, I have plenty of time to search the internet for auto insurance and vavoom I have stumbled upon this website called Cheap Auto Insurance which gives you the option of finding that best auto insurance company in your area by typing your zip code. Well, I did enter my zip code and it shows different car insurance company in my area. It also shows me the different car insurance quotes which will help me and her decide which car insurance company to go with.

I am excited to relay this message over the phone later this afternoon after my step sister in law arrived from her place of work. I know that she will be happy to have the opportunity to pick which car insurance is best for them. I hope that by doing this, she will be able to save extra money for her baby.

Are you folks tired of paying too much in your car insurance? Hurry and try this out plain and simple.

Happy Kissing/Smooching

I have read an interesting article about the facts of kissing by Laura Shaefer about a day or two ago on Yahoo and I would like to share some ideas about kissing with my readers here.
  • Guys who kiss their wife/girlfriend before leaving to work has an average higher salary than those who don't kiss their wife/girlfriend.
  • The average woman/lady will kiss 29 men before she gets married
  • No two lips impressions are the same
  • A smooch or peck uses two muscles in your face, while a passionate kiss uses 34 muscles in your face
  • Kissing prevents tooth decay, improve our skin, relieves headaches, helps regulate the circulation in our body
  • 2 out of 3 couples turn their heads to the right when kissing
  • Kissing release neurotransmitter just like the rush we feel during bungee jumping or running

Wedding Photographers

 Needless to say, wedding preparation can be so challenging and stressful for the bride and the groom. But nowadays couples can make their life easier by hiring some professional to help them realized their dream wedding. For instance, people who are living in Maryland can hire the finest and the best Maryland Wedding Photographer which is offered by Roman Grinev Photography.

For those of you who are not familiar about Roman Grinev Photography let me share a little known fact about this company. The Roman Grinev Photography is known for being 100% eco-friendly who operates and manages their local studio in Baltimore, Annapolis and more. Their Maryland Wedding Photographers had been capturing that special moment in their local area for over twelve years now and has been voted "One of the Area's Best Wedding Photographers".

What I like about Roman Grinev Photography is that the bride and the groom will have the opportunity to pick their photographer who will be there to capture that magic moment during their wedding day. By the way, if you are looking for the best and most reliable Maryland Wedding Photography please visit and contact Roman Grinev Photography today!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ramona and Beezus Movie Review

Do you want to laugh and cry at the same time? Watch Ramona and Beezus today! I was watching this movie about two days ago and I can't help myself but laugh and cry a little bit. The movie centered mostly on a child name Ramona who always gets in trouble because she is very energetic and she always come up with wild imaginations. She also has an older sister name Beezus who seems well favored by their parents.

This movie is really great for family movie nights and one lesson learn in this movie is that you can never find so much love but within your family circle. I commend this movie for all families out there, it is in fact a must see movie of the year!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Peanut Brittle

The weather is changing really fast and last night was the coldest so far that I experience for the month of November. During the cold season I normally like to sip a cup of hot chocolate or hot milk and I paired it with peanut brittle. My husband and I both love peanut brittle for snacks because it is not so heavy and it taste really good.

Anyways, I was actually planning to make my own peanut brittle cookie this Wednesday because it is my day off from my place of work and it is our pay day.  I feel very lucky to have found a great recipe for peanut brittle cookie from See's Candies online store today. Did you know that See's Candies also offers a variety of products such as dark chocolates, nuts, candy bars, truffles, brittle and toffees, milk chocolates and more?

What I like about See's Candies store online is that they make your shopping experience with them much easier because you can shop by categories, shop by occasion and shop by holiday. They also offers free recipe for everyone.

Hurry and check See's Candies store today!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Am Push to Excel

I feel pressured with my school assignment which is due this coming Thursday November the 18th. Actually, I feel that my brain is sweating out of this assignment that my professor gives to his students. I have to make a thesis argument and also an outline for my History 1301. My professor also required us to ask somebody to review our paper before handing it to him this Thursday and for that person to make suggestions and grade us based on what he reads on our paper.

Well, I have already asked my husband to be that person to read my thesis paper because he is a History teacher and he is a passionate writer. I got A's in my entire 5 short paper assignments because I let him edit my work before submitting it to my professor. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. Anyways, I tried my best to be all positive about this assignment since it will be like my third exam before our final exam this December.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Four More Days

I have survived my shift today at work and I thank God for that. I have four more days to go before I will have my next day off. I have been working so much lately and I feel burn out already. Well, tonight I am hoping that I will finish reading my book so I can start my 1000 word essay that I need to submit by Thursday of next week.

Waah, I want to surrender but I can't, I need to move forward and take things in a stride! Happy weekend and May the Lord bless us all.

An Awesome Visit To The Florida Aquarium

Contribution by Paula Gonzales
My brother and his new wife came to visit us recently and we took them to our favorite place, the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. My family absolutely loves going to the aquarium! When I told my brother that my son had just completed his certification for SCUBA diving, he reminded me that certified divers could swim with sharks at the aquarium. Since my brother is a certified diver, he offered to take his nephew on the dive. We then discussed how my new sister-in-law and I could spend the time there getting to know each other better while we walked around the exhibits.

When the day came to take our trip, we got up early. Actually, I think my son got up before dawn. He was so excited! We loaded up the car with snacks and drinks and piled into the car to head to Tampa. I started to pull the car out of the drive when I remembered that I had forgotten something very important. I quickly ran back in the house and set the all home security alarm.

Our trip to the aquarium was so memorable. My brother and son had a blast on their dive. They could not stop talking about how incredible it was to dive among the sharks and get that close to them. My sister-in-law and I really enjoyed chatting and getting to know each other better. It really was an awesome day. We are planning to go back the next time they visit us.

Case 39 Movie Review

On Monday we saw a movie that was surprisingly scary entitled Case 39. My husband and I usually watch horror movies that are not usually very scary but this one was extra terrifying. The movie stars Renee Zellweger as a social worker who is investigating a child abuse case involving a young girl named Lilith. After Liliths parents attempt to murder their daughter, they are imprisoned and Lilith is put up for adoption. It turns out that Renee Zellweger's character, Emily, ends up adopting Lilith only to find out that there is something mysteriously wrong with the young girl. I will not give away the ending, but I can assure you that after watching so many horror movies, this one is really scary.

If you guys are in the mood of good horror movie then I suggest that you watch this movie!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Insure Your Life Today

 While watching the shows today on our living room television I had realize that I need to call my in laws to remind them that we will be going out of town about two weeks from now. My husband and I had been planning this vacation for some time and we are so happy that both of our vacation requests were approved this week.

I am really excited to do this road trip because my husband and I both needed the time to relax and unwind ourselves together as a couple. I am also full of excitement because my Balikbayan box is almost full and ready to be shipped before Christmas.

Also, on the other hand, my in laws are planning to Buy Life Insurance for my husband's grandparents. My Nana and Dada are both of old ages and every now and then we go and visit them to bring them groceries. My husband's Aunt is the one who took care of them because they don't want to hire a personal assistant.

Well, folks it is time for me to hit the sack. Good night and May God bless us all!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Love Beads, Do You?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Beads Of Cambay. All opinions are 100% mine.

My sister in law Mitch is a great jewelry maker and accountant who are very passionate with her jewelry making skills. She always loved to create these super gorgeous jewelries for her friends and family. Every time my husband and I go visit her, Mitch always make sure that I will get the best and the prettiest jewelry for myself. I am truly honored because she is kind to me and I feel that she truly likes me as the wife of her younger brother.

Well, she had told me two months ago that she can teach me how to make jewelries this coming summer but she needs me to get her these different beads that we can use during our teaching session. While searching the web today, I had stumbled upon this wonderful website called Beads Of Cambay  who have a wide selection of beads online such as Drusy Beads, Aquamarine Beads, Tourmaline Beads, 22kt Gold plated Copper Beads, Copper Beads, Sterling Silver Beads and Vermeil Beads. I am pretty amazed with the Beads of Cambay website because they have most beautiful, genuine and finest top quality products out there.

The Beads of Cambay online store also sells Freshwater Pearls and Wholesale Beads & Gemstones. What I like about them is that you don't have to worry about their return policy because if you are not fully satisfied with their product all you have to do is to give them a call at their 1-(877)-255-5058 for a full refund or a store credit or product exchange within 15 days.

If the total of your order is $100 or more the shipping is guaranteed FREE within the continental United States. Hurry and check this out today. Take note, I have also included a few pictures of the different beads that you can find at Beads of Cambay online store below.

Visit my sponsor:

Yay! I Got a Free Five Dollar Gift Card From Walmart

I decided to check my mailbox today because I am waiting for a package from my Aunt who lives in California. She had told me that she sent the package almost a week ago and I have not received any letter from the post office. While checking my mails thoroughly, I have notice that I received a $5 gift card from the new Walmart store that was open not too long ago around my area.

I am very happy because it this is my first time I received a free gift card from Walmart. I plan to spend the gift card to put some gas on my car!

Strollers for Babies

I feel jealous because most of my friends back home as well as the friends I have here in the states are mostly pregnant. I am happy for them but it made me wish that I am pregnant also. The newly mothers to be are all excited for their upcoming baby shower and one friend in particular will have her baby shower party this weekend. She used to work with us but she had stop working because her pregnancy is quite complicated.

My lady boss suggested that we could pitch in to get her the best baby strollers for her little angel. I am more than happy to give my portion so our plan will push through and we will have the strollers before the weekend comes. Anyways, we also decided that we will bring different food for the party so our former colleague will be worry free during her baby shower. I can't wait to see her little baby girl Malea. I can't wait to have my own offspring soon! 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Web Host Provider

I have been planning to get my own domain for awhile now but unfortunately I haven't decided which one to go. My scheduled had been so hectic lately because of school and my full time job. Well, I have read somewhere about ecommerce web hosting and it actually gives me a better understanding how important to have the best hosting company out there.

So far, my schedule this week is fully loaded since I will be working for 40 plus hours at my place of work and go to school twice a week. My final exams for my two classes are coming up and I can't wait for my one week off from work during the thanksgiving weekend. Honestly, working a lot of hours makes me really restless and tired but I love having extra hard earn money on my pocket and Christmas season is just around the corner.

Needless to say, I don't really mind having extra money to go shopping for my family back home. Have a wonderful evening folks!

Monday, November 8, 2010

One Little Piglet

I thought of uploading this picture that I saw at my Uncle's facebook account. This reminds me of our grandma's backyard way back when I was a little kid and also reminded of the movie Babe. My grandma owns and raises pigs, chicken and ducks. She also planted different vegetable which help sustained our daily needs. I miss my Grandma Ester a lot!

How's your Monday so far?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Removal Company

I just finished talking with my good friend Liezel who is telling me that they will be relocating to another country early of next year. Her husband was promoted from his place of work, thus my friend and her two children have no option but to move along with her husband. I am a little sad because we always hang out together and we became really close. I normally help her baby sit with her two adorable kids who are ages 2 and 5 years old.

After my friend Liezel found out that they will be moving soon, she had been checking a lot of different moving companies online but she is out of luck and wanted to stop the search for awhile. I could tell by the sound of her voice that she is frustrated and as a good friend I told her that I am willing to help her search the best moving company that she and her husband can hire when the date of their departure will come.

I feel lucky to have found the House Removal Company who is actually based in the United Kingdom because they offer up to six free quotes of international removal company, commercial, and UK removals. The House Removal Company also paired up with other companies to get you the moving boxes or other moving materials that will make your move to be less stressful and easier.

Hurry and click here to visit the House Removal Company today!

Black Dress

I was really impressed after I wore my new black dress that I bought for $5. I wore the dress to church today and I got a lot of compliments from my friends. Actually, I never plan to purchase this dress but when I saw the price I decided to purchase it.

My Sunday is just very mellow and I am not really looking forward for this coming week. I got longer shifts at my place of work and my school homework is piling up like crazy.  I can't wait on our road trip later this month!

Remembering Sweet Valley High

Growing up my older sister was always really crazy about those Baby Sitters Club book series, but I had a thing for the Sweet Valley High book series instead. I don't know what it was. Maybe it was because the two lead characters with twins and I was always a little jealous of the people that were twins because I thought it would be so cool to have someone that was your exact age to hang out with all the time.

I was on my CLEAR Wireless Intenret a few weeks ago and saw that they're going to release some new Sweet Valley High books that pick up like 10 years later after the old series.

I imagine that the Sweet Valley High girls will be living in a Gossip Girl-y world of drama. Just in California and not in New York City, but I really like Gossip Girl now so I think I would really like it if that was the case. Plus, it would be more age appropriate than GG.

Guest post written by Molly Caudill

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Daylight Savings Ends November the 7th

Hello folks, I hope everyone did not forget to turn their clocks backward for one hour. This is to commemorate the ending of the daylight savings time. By the way, the standard time will start at 2 AM early Sunday morning. I am actually happy because this means that I gain one more hour of sleep! Happy Sunday people!

Roller Coasters

There's nothing better than going to the county fair. I love to go with friends because we are like to ride the roller coasters together.

We don't waste any time when we get there. We go right in and we get our tickets for the rides. There are always so many people there, and the lines are so long. This is usually why it is best to go with friends. They make the time pass by so much faster because you have someone to talk to. We hardly even notice how long we are standing in line because we are chatting about the events of the days.

When we get on the rides we are always a little nervous, but that doesn't stop us from riding the scary rides. We just hold on and scream as the rides go higher and higher. It's a real thrill. We usually wait until we are tired of riding before we stop for anything to eat.

It's always fun to see the county fair come to town. We always stay late, and it's near closing time when we are ready to leave. It's usually late, but I look forward to staying up. I like to come home after the fair and call my friends. We talk for hours and hours about our night as I watch my satellite TV from

Guest written by our friend Mario Reed

Single and Successful

I have nine younger sisters and four of them are already a professional holder and they have great careers in the Philippines. For me,  I don't really see it a problem that all four of them are single and they are not in a relationship right now but my younger sisters had been telling me lately that their friends from the neighborhood and their place of work is insinuating that they will be single forever.

All four of them answered their friends and colleagues at work that Mr. Future Boyfriend or Husband hasn't come yet in their lives. Out of 12 children that my parents have, I am the only one who is married and I am the eldest among the children.

I was telling my sisters that not to rush into things because of peer pressure but all I want them to do is be happy and content being single for now while waiting for Mr. Future Boyfriend or Husband to come along. I hope and pray that they will always find happiness in every way.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Post contributed by Kristina Vaughan
 I love going to the theater to see live Broadway shows. At least once a month my mother will come pick me up for a show that she has tickets for. I am usually waiting by the window for her, anxious and ready to go. I grab my keys, set my ADT HOME SECURITY alarm, and out the door I go! The theater is in downtown St. Louis in a trendy part near the university. There is always an eclectic crowd and it's a great place to meet people. We recently saw the touring top acts from America's Got Talent. I thought it wouldn't be as good as some of the other shows I've seen, but it really surprised me. The talent was much more impressive than it is on television. My mother really has a thing for Prince Poppycock! I really enjoyed Michael Grasso, who is a magician. I thought his work was amazing. And of course there is the little girl opera singer who has the voice of an angel. It's very hard to believe she isn't lip syncing! When she opens her mouth it's like being in heaven. She really has a gift and I know she will have a long and successful career. It was funny to see the host Jerry Springer too. He's always been a favorite television personality of mine.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Household Items That Are Needed to be Recycled

Consider this before throwing these types of common household items; remember it can harm our environment. Choose the best answer! I've read this article from Yahoo Green and heard it from DJ Tesh.

1. Bacon Grease- Instead of throwing your cooking oil or bacon grease in your sink make sure to used a shredded paper to absorb the grease or oil before throwing them. Remember throwing your oil and grease in your sink will clog up as well as clogging up your pipes.

2. Old electronics and batteries- both items contain toxic metals. Throwing them improperly is illegal in the 41 states of America. If you don't want them around you the best option is to bring them to Best Buy or Radio Shack because they will take it for FREE.

3. Light Bulb or Florescent bulb- they are to be recycled or thrown properly because they contain a small amount of mercury. The best option you can do is to bring them to any Ikea outlet or Home Depot; they will gladly recycle it for FREE.

4. Oil-base paint- the Habitat for Humanity organization will gladly accept your oil paint donation. Before tossing the oil-base paint, make sure that they are fully dried.

My October Top Ten EC Droppers

I want to thank you all my fellow blogger friends who come and visit my blog every day. Thank you for all your support though sometimes I may have shortcomings but still you visit me and keep my traffic alive. Here are my top ten EC droppers for the month of October.

Dropper # of drops
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iNternet Spherez 24

Restaurant Needs

I am very excited to find out that one of the many members of our Filipino club organization here in Texas is planning to open a restaurant business early of next year. This Filipino couple that I met since I arrived here four years ago is both retired registered nurse. They have two children who are both married and their children lived somewhere in the sunny state of California.

Anyways, my Manong and Manang whom I fondly called wanted me to help them find the best restaurant equipment, professional cookware or restaurant supply to be used ones they start running their restaurant soon. Manang and Kuya also wanted to hire professional chefs that are also Filipinos because the restaurant will be serving traditional dish from the Philippines.

Suffice to say, I found out that Wasserstrom is the number one provider for all your restaurant needs across the United States of America. They offer a wide selection of chain restaurant supplies, hotel supplies, kitchen supplies and more.

One of my favorite restaurants a must to have is this Gourmet Display Bowls below. I will definitely inform my Manang and Manong about Wasserstrom; I bet they will love this website.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Despicable Me Movie Review

I have been watching a lot of movies lately and one of the movies that we watch at the $2 per/head  was the movie "Despicable Me" starring Steve Carell, Russel Brand, Jason Segel, and Ken Jeong just to name the few actors that were part of this movie.

The movie is about Gru who is a villain who always like to do wicked things. One of his biggest plans is to steal the moon to revive his name as the most villains of all villains. But Gru's entire life changes after adopting this three energetic little orphans.

I like how the movie portrays Steve Carell's character as Gru because you will find out in the end that even the biggest villain of all time will always have a change in heart. If you haven't watched this beautiful, heartwarming movie then I suggest you watch it as soon as it's available in your nearest video store. Definitely a must movie to watch for your entire family!

Savings Account

I remember while growing up that my grandmother always reminds us to save money for the rainy season. I am very happy that I learned that lesson at an early age because I know how important to have savings for the unexpected things that will happened in your life.

When I had my first job, one of the first things that I did was to set up a savings account. I was thrilled of the idea that I will have something to depend on in case of emergency or disaster. Anyways, today I have the opportunity to find out that Rabo Direct is an online banking institution which helps their clients gets the most out from their savings account by offering high yield interest rates on their savings account. What's good about their high interest savings is that the payment of interest is given monthly to all their clients and you will have access on your online account 24/7. You are also not required pay any fees or maintain minimum balance on your account.

If you think that Rabo Direct is too good to be true, I challenge you to try this out today and get all the benefits you are looking for today!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Ninja and the Geisha

My husband and I had a blast for the Halloween celebration. It was actually our first time to wear our Halloween costume and we are so happy that we did something for this holiday. We went visit some friends and we did some trick or treating with them but of course instead of asking for candy, my husband and I gave the kids a bunch of candies. Here are some pictures during the Halloween celebration.

Fast Forward and December is almost Here!

It feels so good to be back on my blog. I haven't really had the time to update my blogs since January because I have been quite busy. T...