Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Praying for Elaine's Success

After so many months of review, finally my sister Elaine took her Board Exam to become a Certified License Teacher last weekend. We are hoping and praying that she will be able to passed the test.

All we can do is wait because the result will be given this coming November 2 or so. My family assured Elaine that no matter what the result is, my family will surely stand by her.

Too bad, I am not there to comfort her but it is okay. The rest of my family is still there to make sure that she is fine.

The Least We Can Expect

Last Saturday we were invited to attend a birthday party for one of my co-worker. Since my husband Tony was also working, I have to wait for him at the apartment.

We went there a little bit late but when we arrived at the venue, there were a lot of teenagers who were drinking alcoholic drinks. I even ask my husband, I thought it’s not legal for them to drink? How come they are drinking? And my husband said, they always do that Geraldine. We stay there for a few minutes before heading back to our apartment. Both of us were not comfortable, we just chit chat a little bit with Brenda the birthday girl just to give respect since she invited us.

We were expecting that there will be food to be served and everything. But there was none, so people just go there I guess to get drunk. I've seen some of my other co-workers and you can actually tell that they are drunk because of the way they talked to you.

Anyways, we are not really used to that kind of atmosphere. So before we will say something rude to them, we just say our goodbyes to the birthday celebrant.

Monday, September 29, 2008

They Betrayed Me

Is there any such thing as an Ex-friend? I had an ex-friend who will go unnamed. My only weakness that I am still trying to overcome until now, is that I am overly friendly with people that wants to be a friend with me. I've learned my lesson to be distant with people for awhile and not to trust them fully. I should have follow my instinct to stay away from them but then my mind and my heart says a different thing.

There are people in this world that are jealous with other people's success in life or for everything that the other person accomplished. For instance, this ex-friend that I've been mentioning in this blog are very jealous that they decided to start bad-mouthing me and my family way before I arrived here in the US.

At that time, I felt that I am at the very bottom of my life. I thought that there will be no solution on the problem that I've been through. I am very thankful with my family that they never doubt me nor my husband who was my boyfriend before.

In the end I felt victorious because I never let them destroy my name or my reputation. I will not go into details here for some reason. Until now,I've been asking God to helped me, so I can give my total forgiveness to them. Its hard you know, I've been hurt, humiliated,they hurt my family too just by saying things that aren't true. Its hard for me to completely forgive them that fast. I know that we have to forgive but time can only tell when I am ready to give my honest forgiveness to those people who hurt me. Its hard to give your 100 percent trust to those people who betray you in the first place.

Auto Body Shops

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm One Year Old at Work!

I am very happy to be part of the Long John Silver and Allan & Wright Companies Incorporated. I've been bless to be able to work with you all, I love my working place and I love my co-workers. I will be very sad to leave you sometime soon. I'll be totally heart broken.

Indeed, time flies fast. I've been working with you guys for 1 year now. You are the second job that I landed since I've been here in the US. Working with you all are amazing.

Even if I'll be leaving you anytime soon, there will always be a part of me that will stay there. Thank you for all the laughter's,your friendship and for welcoming me as part of your company.

More Power!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Caution: Drive Safely On the Freeway

Every time my husband drives on the freeway, I always get nervous most of the time. Most drivers are just rude and jerks, they will switch lane without putting their signal on. There are drivers that will give you the finger, I dunno if you know what I mean. While my husband drives I will always tell him please be careful or don't drive too fast.

Every year there are a lot of casualties on the road because of drunk driving,by over speeding and many more.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cord Blood Banking

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For parents, bank your baby cords blood with America's most established family cord blood bank, this is a good investment for the future!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


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Monday, September 22, 2008

A Message of Love for my Husband Tony

From the first time I saw you
You took my breath away
Then I held you in my arms
You lit the very essence of my soul
And from that day forward
I knew I was alive
For you have moved me in ways
That I thought
I would never know
And that is why
I love you like I do
As the years pass by my love
Remember that my feelings
Will remain the same
For I have always loved you
And my heart will never change

Happy Happy Birthday My Love!

with much love,

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Visit Bohol, My Home Sweet Home

Bohol island is located in the Central Visayas which is South from Manila and southeast from Cebu. The capital of Bohol is Tagbilaran City. There are 47 municapality in Bohol. The language or dialects spoken in Bohol is Boholano (Visayan) , Tagalog, English and Chinese.

Bohol is famous for its white sand beaches, the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier, the smallest primate in the world. Surrounded by beautiful beaches and corral reefs, Bohol is a travel destination for tourist & travelers who love nature. The Chocolate Hills is nominated as one of the "New 7 Wonders of Nature". Needless to say, water sports is very popular in Bohol. Aside from the beaches, another attraction of Bohol are its numerous caves there are more than 1,400 to explore. Most famous of which is the Hinagdanan Cave on Panglao island. The cave directs to an underground pond with many stalactites & stalagmites.

Bohol is also famous with their historic and old churches that were built during the Spaniards colonial domain here in the Philippines. Every small town in Bohol has their own Churches.You can also visit Pamilacan Island in Bohol to dolphin and whale watching. You can also check the historic site of the Blood Compact where the Chief of Bohol Datu Sikatuna signified the friendship and acceptance of the Spanish Leader Legaspi. Make a side trip to Loboc River Cruise a scenic ride on a large bamboo raft while having lunch on the Loboc River. A relaxing and enjoyable way to spend the day.And don't forget to visit the Tarsier Trail. A sanctuary for the Tarsiers where these tiny primates are at home with people. Visitors can actually touch and hold the Tarsiers. The Tarsiers are nocturnal, they hunt & eat insects at night.And likewise don't miss to check out Panglao Islands. Just a short boat ride away, Panglao offers an array of beaches, resorts and dive camps to choose from and offers different accommodations for different tastes & budgets. Lastly but not the least Punta Cruz Watchtower. A high point in Bohol with an impressive view the Cebu Strait (the strait between Bohol & Cebu).

There are two ways to get to Bohol island (Tagbilaran). From Manila, you have a choice of going by air or by boat. By air you have a choice of airlines to fly: Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific.

I hope on your next vacation don't forget to visit my island where I used to lived.I know that you will never regret visiting my wonderful place.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Going to the gym is a torture for me!

I guess I am just lazy to go to the gym most of the time. I always make excuses not to go and my husband already knew it. Usually my excuse will be , Oh hon, I am very tired right now, can we go to the gym tomorrow instead? and then tomorrow comes and if still don't have the vibes to go to the gym I'll make another excuses like, can we go tomorrow for 1 hour I promise I will do the thread mill and the bike its quite funny but true. This is the usual little things that we don't agree most of the time.

But I know to be physically fit is very important. My husband always told me that he wanted to be in shape all the time because he also works as a Martial Arts instructor and he doesn't want his students to think that he is telling them to do things and on his part his not doing it.

Its easy to gain weight compared to losing the weight off. But I know, I need to do it by myself because its my health that we are talking here. And if we love ourselves we should do things that will be of good for our own body.

Make A Side Trip

Explore More Now! while vacationing along the Georgia Coast. Don't miss to attend the 4th Annual Brunswick Stewbilee. Put on your platform shoes and break-out the polyester for the Downtown Disco version of the Brunswick Rockin' Stewbilee. The event will be held at the Mary Ross Waterfront Park, Brunswick, Georgia on October 17 and 18.

There will be a 5K Disco Race and Hustle contest on the second day of the event. You have many choices to do , like attending the Classic Car Show, or checking the Food and Arts & Crafts. Or if you like challenges join the Stew Tasting Contest and last but not the least will be the Jr Stewbie Disco Central.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Protein Shake Recipe

Drink this before and after work out exercise. This will give you more proteins that your body needs before and after your daily exercise.

You need:

2 scoop of Chocolate or Vanilla Protein Powder
1 piece of Banana
2 scoop peanut butter
1 scoop whip cream
5 ice cubes

All you need to do is combine all ingredients and blend. Then serve.

My friend from the Philippines was the one who told me and we tried it and it taste very good.Easy and a great deal to boost your energy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I wanna scream!

Some people doesn't really care if what they do affects other people. For instance, our neighbor upstairs can't even try to keep their voice low during sleeping hours. I don't even know if they read the apartment policy which clearly states to minimize the noise from 9 in the evening until 6 in the morning.

We always have sleepless night with my husband because they always argue and you can hear them screaming, banging things and throwing things on the floor or there's even one time that we know that they wrestle each other, I even thought that the floor will eventually collapse.

There was one time that both of us were sleeping around 2 or 3 in the morning and then our neighbor upstairs started yelling and cussing each other. I woke up first before my husband, I was just listening to their arguments, then after awhile my husband woke up too and asked me, Am I just dreaming that they are arguing right now? or are they really arguing? And I said yes, they are arguing again.

We understand that couples do argue sometimes, but this one is just really crazy. I feel bad for their kids. The funny thing is that after the night they have arguments, we saw them as if nothing happens during the day time. They look very sweet but the wife always have bruises on her faces though.

Take your UK Holidays in the Isle of Wight

If you plan to visit the United Kingdom during the holidays make your reservations at the St.Maur Isle of Wight Hotel. It is situated in Ventnor, one of the prettiest areas on the Island. This place is ideal for walking during the holidays. It is also close to Ventnor Park and the beautiful Botanical Gardens. The hotel offers short breaks or main holidays and bed and breakfast accommodation. They only serve a hearty full English breakfast to set you up for the day and in the evening they offer a six course evening menu which is changed daily. They also cater for special diets and are pleased to accommodate your requirements. Fresh vegetables are mostly used according to season.

The St Maur is part of “Wight Merit”, a group of independent hotels on the Isle of Wight offering a high standard of accommodation. They are also voted as the best hotel by the Isle of Wight Tourism Industry Association in 2003.

The Isle of Wight lies in the south coast of England, you will see for yourself that indeed is it a beauty to behold.The sandy beaches, traditional English countryside and quaint thatched villages has been attracting tourists since Victorian times.

Check Ventnor it had the best reputation to have the safest beaches,and it has an ideal bathing facilities and natural beauty. Ventnor is the ideal holiday resort for the young and old alike especially for families. A variety of entertainment and idyllic surrounding countryside offer diversion to suit every mood.St Maur prides itself on being a friendly, family run hotel, offering you good food, friendly service and comfort.

All rooms are en-suite with color TV, tea & coffee making facilities, clock radios, complimentary toiletries and hair dryer. All rooms are non-smoking.First floor superior rooms have balcony or sun terrace. Second floor superior rooms have Juliet windows with sea views.They have two standard en-suite rooms on the first floor available at a discount of £5 per person per night based on two people sharing.

You can make your inquiry online and booking online using your credit or debit card securely.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Surprised Birthday Party for my Husband Tony

Well, two days ago my father-in-law told me that Tony's sisters are planning to give him a surprised birthday party this coming weekend. Although his birthday falls on September 22 which is the following week from now, they want to have the party by this weekend because they are free from work.They live in another state and I was very happy to know that they don't actually forget their only brother's birthday. So now, I am trying to lure my husband that his Saturday will be free also from work and everything.

My father-in-law called earlier this evening and he told me that his gifts are ready as well as my sister-in-laws gifts for my hubby. Well, I already order his birthday gift from me online so I hope he will be very happy. He will be turning 27 this coming September 22. We are both excited!

Meet the Hotel Executive

Mr.Hector Kabande is an expert in Mexican cuisine and also He is a specialist in the use of hot peppers.

He also serves as a hotel executive and serves as a member of the directors of Grupo Lucerna. Grupo Lucerna is a family business and Hector Kabande’s mother, Maria Teresa C. De Kabande serves as president of the company and of course they worked together.Mr. Hector Kabande's duties include the areas of hotel development and operations for all Lucerna Hotels. He had residences in both the US and Mexico.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Badminton is our new game!

Tony and I went to the park earlier this evening to try the badminton set and the volleyball set that we bought at Sears last weekend. It was the first time for Tony to play badminton and for me it was one of the many times I had played it with my family back in the Philippines.

We had a good time, it was fun. Its part of our plan to get back in shape and do physical activities. We usually do bowling every Monday or Thursday night at least with our friends, go to the gym usually every other day or practice martial arts.

We actually promised each other to be physically healthy and always do our best to eat healthy and nutritious food. Its hard but we have to make it a priority everyday. Its also part of making our relationship stronger. We just loved to hang out with each other most of the time if we are not working.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Strawberry Milk Shake

Of all the shakes I've ever tasted, strawberry shake is the best flavor I loved so much. Every now and then we usually get strawberry shake from Carl's Jr or Whataburger or Chick-Fil-A. The hand scoops strawberry shakes are the best.

Well, aside from strawberry milk shakes I also love chocolate milk shakes.They are very yummy! Well, two days ago we also tried the Banana Cream Pie Milk Shakes...wow delicious!

Need Covers?

Are you planning to buy new Hot tub supplies.This is the best site to inquire about Hot Tub Covers and Spa Cover Lifter.If you are looking for the best spa cover lifter and hot tub cover now here is your chance.

There are things you need to consider before buying spa cover lifter and hot tub covers. First and foremost is the Foam Thickness-
Most of the spa cover lifter these days are tapered so that the rain, snow and ice will run off much like the roof of your house.The difference in the thickness of the foam is not only size but also load capacity, and that is the most important part of the thickness. The thicker the foam the heavier the load that the cover can withstand.

The second thing that you need to consider before buying a spa cover lifter or hot tub cover is Foam density-
Foam density plays a vital role in your insulation value and again the load capacity that your cover can endure. There are 3 levels of Foam density being used today these are: 1lbs., 1.5lbs., and 2lbs. The foam density is measured in pound per square inch. The lower the foam poundage the more open the cells of the foam are. This results in lower R-value, lower weight capacity and higher saturation points. These three points are important for the performance of your spa cover lifter. The density of your foam will enviably determine the years of service your hot tub cover will provide. The higher the density the longer it will take for the cover to become waterlogged. The higher the density of foam is, the lower your operational cost will be, but be careful of weight.

The third attribute to consider will be the Vinyl-
The vinyl used in today's high end spa cover lifter is 32 oz. and is treated with UV and mildew inhibitors which allows for more hours in direct sunlight and keeps mildew from building on your cover. Always look for covers with marine grade vinyl. With the new treatments available on marine grade vinyl fading is minimal and you can choose the darker colors to accent your yard.

The fourth one is Scrim-

The Scrim is the material used on the underside of your spa cover lifter. The primary function of the scrim is to protect the foam core from moisture. There are many different types of scrim available ranging from cheap mesh to the latest and greatest reflective full backing. We recommend only full scrim for the underside and protection of your foam cores. There are different types of full scrims as well. Some are water repellent and some are not. The best scrim out there is the reflective scrim which deflects the radiant heat from your spa back into the spa reducing your heating cost, but more importantly this material is water repellent saving your foam core and adding years of service to your cover.

The fifth is Poly wrap-

Poly wrap is a moisture barrier around the foam core. Most poly wraps are 3 mil. and are vacuum and heat sealed. The first thing to look at is the thickness of the poly wrap do not accept anything less than 3 mil and if you can upgrade to 6 mil or a double vapor seal, it is well advised to make the investment. Look out for poly wraps that are taped, these will not stand up to the moisture in your spa and cause your hot tub top to become waterlogged.

The sixth is Locks-

This is very important as there have been increased reports of accidental drowning among small children in spas. There are options available 2 locks or 4, we highly recommend 4 locks, 1 in each corner for as stated safety, and as well to keep your spa top in place due to wind. Remember to always insure that new hardware is installed for your locks as the plastic will wear over years of use. Try to replace your locks in a different location from where they were originally as the original location will be worn.

The seventh attribute will be Reinforcement-

All spa covers should have a reinforcing c-channel either aluminum or galvanized steel. Either one is fine with the galvanized steel being slightly stronger but a little heavier. This is a minor trade off and either is sufficient.

Indeed, this site is very helpful for people who are first time buyers for a Hot Tub Cover and a Spa Cover Lifter.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Worst Headache Ever

I never had experience this bad headache ever in my life. Twas really that bad, I felt like I'm gonna passed out anytime soon. It started last Thursday while I am about to be done with my shift at work. I thought at first that it was like a normal headache.But then, it was too different than the normal headache that I had before.

When I arrived at our house, I was totally in pain and I had to take some kind of a pain reliever, the one that I used to take when I had a headache. Well, ones the medicine took effect I was alright for a few hours and then It went back again. So I have to take two tablets after 6 or 8 hours or so. I had a restless night, I was complaining to my husband that the medicine that we had is not helping my headache in anyway.

Then I noticed that the light from the sun had a weird effect on me.I had a hard time staring directly to the light, I used my sunglasses so I can at least be comfortable with the lights around me. It was totally weird, I felt uncomfortable with the situation.Every time I took off the sunglasses my head just hurts really bad and I got dizzy you know.

Saturday morning comes, and my situation is getting worse. My husband decided that we will go to the doctor so we will at least be informed on what is actually going on with me. The doctor said that with the symptoms that I have, I am actually having a mild migraine. They gave me an over the counter medicine for migraine.

I tried to call in sick at my working place but nobody is available to take my shift so even if I'm sick I am still needed to work. I was very furious but I can't complained you know.Anyways, I had to take that medicine before I start working. The effect was crazy than what I was expected to happened. My headache was gone but then I felt that the medicine had a different effect on me.I felt that my nerves inside my body is just chilling or something. Its a weird feeling, I have to moved, my hands were shaking it was the weirdest thing that happened to me.

Later, today we will be going to the doctor again to see if he can gave me another medicine that is less stronger than what he had given me earlier yesterday. Even my husband was worried and he picked me up at work.

Its not fun to have a migraine.

Fast Forward and December is almost Here!

It feels so good to be back on my blog. I haven't really had the time to update my blogs since January because I have been quite busy. T...