Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Wish My Best Friend to Be Happy Again

I feel horrible right now after I found out that my best friend since high school up to now is having a lot of problem with her marriage. Mr. V and her had been married for seven years now and have one kid who was about a year old when I migrated here in the United States. Well, every marriage has ups and down and every day is a challenge. I am not saying that I don't have any misunderstanding with my dear hubby once in awhile but we do work hard that we will straighten or solve whatever problems we will encounter on our journey.

They have been separated for over a month now and both parties don't want to talk amicably. Their son is living with the father and my best friend wants to work abroad. I still have hoped that they will realize how much they loved each other.

Tiles for the Bathroom

My husband’s grandparents are looking forward to renovate their old house because they want to move in into a smaller house that my father in law purchase for them. I am very thrilled about their plan of moving into a smaller house because that means that they will be living not too far from where my husband and I lived now.
Anyways, my father in law is busy looking for a particular Bathroom Tile  that his mother was asking him to buy for her because she was really fascinated with how it was design and the color was awesome as well. Other than that, they also are looking for other materials that they can use for the complete renovation of the house.  They are hoping that they can resell the house immediately after its renovation because my husband’s grandparent also wants to travel abroad. I hope that their plans for the future will come true.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hot Chocolate and Susan Boyle's Music

I am enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with my man while listening to the wonderful music of Susan Boyle. I really love this lady the moment I heard her sing the song "I Dream a Dream". Every time I hear her music it always gives me goose bumps and her voice is very soothing. I downloaded all her songs on my Ipod. I hope that she will continue to inspire people and continue to produce great quality of songs!

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Choose Straight Talk 2 Now

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.
Are you one of the many people who are tired of having incredibly high phone bills? Well, like many people out there, I think that it is time to get a new cell phone plan. Just recently I was about to find a cell phone company called Straight Talk 2 which gives you all of the same features that the big cell phone companies offer at a fraction of the cost. One of great things about Straight Talk is that they have an unlimited monthly service which is only $45 and includes unlimited calls, texts, picture messaging and web service as well. When I first heard about this deal, it was like hook, line and sinker, I knew I had found a great deal. Lastly, I must mention that Straight Talk uses only the most trusted phone brands including LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung. This is everything you need to have for great phone service, and best of all, you are also getting incredibly low rates, what more could you ask for? Also, check out the mom knows best video on Youtube regarding Straight Talk for more proof that this deal really is awesome. So why not check out what Straight Talk can offer you and make sure to call a friend and tell them about this awesome deal, trust me, you will be glad you did.

Hotels in London

My husband and I really want to have a vacation in Europe because we have not been able to travel for a very long time and we would like to visit some place that is new and exciting. My husband has really wanted to visit England in particular, especially London, since it really is a one of a kind place with lots of history. Some of my husband’s former classmates were able to visit London during High School, but my husband was not able to go, but now that we are older, he has told me that London is one of his dream vacations. One of the things that we need to find out about first before we make our trip is to see how much hotels are in London, and that is why we were able to find a website called Hotels London Hotel dot com where you can go to in order to find cheap London hotels that are also very nice to stay at. What I really like about Hotels London Hotel dot com is that you can search for hotels by price from highest to lowest, or lowest to highest, and also by areas that London is divided into. Some of the areas of this city include the West End, South London, Paddington, Marble Arch, etc. and of course west end hotels, South London hotels, Paddington hotels, Marble Arch hotels for those particular areas. Of course one has to wonder, what do these hotels look like on the inside? Well you are in luck, because at Hotels London Hotel dot com you will be able to preview what your hotel will look like on the inside and what amenities are available as well. I was really surprised at how these hotels look and I think that I would be able to really enjoy my stay when I travel there in the future. Lastly, if you are like me, and are new to vacationing in London, when you visit Hotels London Hotel dot com you will be able to find out about nearby tourist attractions so that you can know which hotel will be right for you. So why not see what great hotels and attractions London has to offer you, you will be glad you did. 

My Friend Submitted Her Resignation Letter

My colleague at my place of work who was responsible for starting the rumor or gossip last Monday finally gave her two weeks’ notice with our company. I was sad and disappointed because she is a hard worker and she is a good person. I don't have any clue why she did that but who am I judge her actions? My boss was flabbergasted because she didn't even want to give her a write up about what happen but I guess she was very embarrassed for what she did and needed a fresh start with another company.

I wish her the best in her pursuit of a better career and hopefully she will continue to keep in touch with the rest of the crew.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Keith Owen's Martial Arts School in Idaho

One of the best things that people can do for themselves and their loved ones is to have them learn how to defend themselves in case they ever need to. In this day in age it can be quite difficult to find a good martial arts school because there are so many schools around the country. If you happen to live in Idaho and have done a search for Brazilain Jiu Jitsu Boise or Karate for Kids Meridian, no doubt you have come across Keith Owen’s Martial Arts school which is called Ultimate Karate and Jiu Jitsu. Keith Owen is one of the best Jiu Jitsu instructors in the country and is the instructor to do for Jiu Jitsu Boise. Just by visiting his website, you will be able to find lots of invaluable information including what to look for in a martial arts school. I was able to read this article and I have to say I found a lot of useful information that I didn’t know about when it came to self defense schools, such as cleanliness and hygiene in martial arts schools. So if you want to learn great self-defense, or more about martial arts, why not visit Keith Owen’s website and then decide if his school is right for you, you will be glad you checked it out.

Insidious Movie Review

Last week, we have seen the movie Insidious which is about a family who found out that their new home is hunted. After one of their sons has an accident, he ends up in a coma. As the movie continues, they find out that there is a correlation between the haunting of their home and their sons coma. Soon after the family decides to move, only to find out that not much has changed, and they must find a way to get rid of those things that are haunting this family and also to help their son awaken from his coma. The movie overall was incredibly scary, and I would have to say it is one of the top 5 scariest movies I have ever seen.

Well, if you are into horror movie then you should rent this as soon as possible! Enjoy being scared!

Realtors in Hawaii

My husband and I are thinking of moving from where we are at, and we thought to ourselves why not move to Hawaii? My husband and I had always thought about moving to another state, and after doing some research, I think that Hawaii would be a great state to move to. So first off, we would need to find a job, and then we would need to find Hawaii Realtors who are reliable. Well fortunately we were able to find a website with Lida Morgado who is a real estate agent for American Dream Realty which is a real estate company located on Oahu. I was really amazed at all of the great houses that they have in Hawaii, and I was surprised that not all of them were as expensive as I would have originally thought. So why not visit Zillow dot com and find out more about these great homes in Hawaii.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Smell of Rain

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It is raining outside and everyone loves it because we have been waiting this for so long. We have been praying to rain because our place is just so dry and our plants need to be watered. Well, I am happy that our prayers was heard but on the other hand I am worried that we will have so much rained that it will start flooding again like what happen a few years back.

I will be working for five days again with the new schedule that I have and I thank my boss for giving me Sunday as part of my day off because that is my time to renew my faith and attend church services with my dear hubby. How's the new week treating you folks?

Fast Forward and December is almost Here!

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