Friday, July 31, 2009

Former President Corazon "Cory" Aquino Passed Away!

Former President Cory Aquino has passed away at 3:18 early this morning, August 1, 2009. She was 76 years old. She has been diagnose with colon cancer since early of 2008. She was very famous for leading the revolt in 1986 that ousted a dictator named Ferdinand Marcos who ruled the Philippines for 20 long years. She was the widow of Senator Benigno Aquino Jr.

I will pray that you will find happiness in the kingdom of our Lord.

Shirt Printing

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Waking Up in Texas!

I wake up early today because of stomachache. I was looking for my efficascent oil so I can rub it on my tummy. I was wondering what I ate that trigger my stomach to react. Anyways, I am happy that I don't have to deal with the pain because efficascent oil helps get rid of any cramps, headache, stomachache, stiff neck, gas pain, insect bites and more. I am glad that we have Filipino store here in El Paso, Texas where I can purchase efficascent oil.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Military Gadgets

It is a MUST for military personnel to have contacts with their military subordinate especially when they are out in the field and during their military mission. There are different types of communication system that they use such as military microphone, lapel microphone, throat microphone, tactical headset and more.

The lapel microphone is a tiny microphone that is use for people who are engaging in public speaking. They are very handy and will allow a hands-free operation which exactly what military people needs during an operation. While the throat microphone picks up sound in a loud environment. They are usually worn by pilots during a covert military operation or military exercise.

Whitney's Back!

Wow, that's all I can say after hearing the first single in six years from Whitney Houston. She still has the same magical voice that I fell in love with when I was growing up. The song was written by another musician named R.Kelly and it really fits for Whitney Houston's comeback after a chaotic career for six long years. The album entitled "I Look to You" is also the set debut album. I really love the song. You can go to her official website for free downloads on her newest song. Enjoy everyone!

Online Money Makers!

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Breaking a Sweat!

My husband and I are getting ready to hit the gym today. Although I am not a fan of doing my workout routine but oh well we need it. My husband is so persistent when it comes to getting back in shape. I can see a little bit of form on my muscle and I can really tell that the gym routine helps me shed a few pounds. Anyways, I'll be back ladies and gentlemen later on today! Wishing you all a great day.


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Monday, July 27, 2009

Double Dose of Celebrity Splits!

Joe Jonas and actress Camilla Belle call it quits while reality star Kim Kardashian and New Orleans running back Reggie Bush call it quits as well. The two couples said that there is no third party involved and it is a mutual decision to part ways and remain good friends.

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Drinking Pickle Juice

I have learned that the secret of reducing cramps among athletes is to drink pickle juice. It is proven that pickle juice contains electrolytes compared to Gatorade drinks. Usually, pickle juice contains salt, vinegar and calcium chloride.

You can drink pickle juice if you are sore from your workout. Pickle juice can also be use to marinade meats, to use as flavor for salads and good for people with hangover.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

AC Parts!

Summer here in El Paso, Texas has always been hot. The temperature in the summer sometimes reaches as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit. You can imagine how terrible it would be if you don't have any air condition. The temperature and landscape in El Paso, Texas is so hot and desert-like, that it is comparable to that of Iraq and Afghanistan, which is one of the reasons why the military base close to here is often chosen for military personnel to train in before heading to the Middle East.

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Sleepless in Texas!

I am still wide awake and it's already 4:20 early Sunday morning here in El Paso, Texas. For some reason, I am not sleepy at all. I am just checking my emails and my mind is wandering around. I miss my family a lot. We are hoping that my husband and I will be able to get 3 weeks off from work later this year or early of next year so we can go back to the Philippines and spend time with my family.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Jolly Mardi Gras!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009


We went to the pet shop today and were just looking around to check if they have rabbits for sale. My husband's Step-Dad wants to purchase rabbits as a pet for awhile now. I was walking around the pet shop store when I saw what appears to be a gecko which is a type of lizard that can be found in warm climate like the Philippines.

It took me by surprise because the gecko lizard is expensive. I called my husband and told him that we have geckos all over our house in the Philippines especially at my grandmother's house. I told him if I have known that people here will purchase geckos I could have told my family to send me some from the Philippines (but of course, I was kidding about it).

Oh My Armani!

When you read or hear about Armani Exchange what do you usually have in mind? For me, every time I come across the brand name Armani Exchange I always have great description about this brand such as elegant, sophisticated, runways, Italy, trendy and fashionable.

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As an added bonus, Armani Exchange is having a contest called text A|X via SMS. You now have the opportunity to win a beautiful pair of denim jeans from Armani Exchange for the whole month of July; all you have to do is to text the word "DENIM2" to Armani (276264). Remember for those customers who buy any pair of denim at full price at Armani Exchange either in store or online from July 7 to July 19, will receive a gift card worth $20 off your next purchase of $100 or more at Armani Exchange which is redeemable from July the 30th until August 15th, 2009.

Lastly, I also included 3 screen shots of my 3 favorite denim jeans from Armani Exchange above. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and check the Armani Exchange website today.


Food Stamp!

I became acquainted with the word "Food Stamp" after we rented a room from a former friend a year ago. She is a mother of 4 children, two of her children are still living in the Philippines and the other two are living with her in America. She was recently divorce by her American Ex-husband and she was a homemaker before they got divorce. She was married for seven years and she is a 10 year Green Card Holder.

Another Filipina friend of my former roommate told her to apply for the Food Stamp Program from the government. The Food Stamp Program is very helpful because it will help families who don't make enough money to support their family. I can actually say that the US Government takes care of their citizens compared to where I come from.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Personal Home Spa!

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A Major Earthquake in NZ

I have received a bad news from one of my childhood friend who is now based in New Zealand. They recently have a massive earthquake last week that has moved the south of New Zealand closer to Australia.

She moved to New Zealand last year and is working as a registered nurse. She said that everything was just moving all over the place. I am just happy that she is doing well now. I am praying that there will be no major calamities coming in the future.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who Wants a Free Laptop?


My husband and I have been trying to save up some money to purchase a new laptop computer for myself. We only have one personal computer right now and we both need to switch places when one of us needs to use the computer to check emails, bank accounts, homework assignments, and other online activities. I feel that having another laptop computer will definitely help us since my husband is planning to take online classes to get his Masters Degree in History.

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All By Myself!

I am off from work today and I am just here cleaning and organizing our apartment. I am very happy about the good news that I receive from my family in the Philippines. I will be sharing the good news later on today after I chat with my sister online.

Right now, I am thawing some meat from the fridge and I am thinking of cooking meat with vegetables for our dinner tonight. Anyways, my husband will be coming home after an hour from now and he wanted to go to the mall to check something. In closing, I would like to greet everyone a pleasant day to all of you.

Affordable Stylish Eyeglasses!

I used to wear eyeglasses when I was still in the Philippines. It is funny because my former classmates used to tease me by saying that I look like a teacher when I wear my eyeglasses. I told them that I need to wear eyeglasses because I cannot see anything from a far distance. After I left the Philippines I stopped wearing my eyeglasses because I forgot to bring them with me. I have not worn eyeglasses for awhile now because I am trying to save money and I am hoping that I can purchase a new pair in the future.

I am very happy after I found out about Zenni Optical eyeglasses online. They have the most fashionable, trendy, affordable eyeglasses across the nation. I am thrilled because instead of buying one pair of eyeglasses; I now have the option to purchase more pairs of the cutest, most stylish eyeglasses from Zenni Optical online company.

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I have also uploaded a picture of one of the best pair of eyeglasses from Zenni Optical.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Most Fattening Carnival Food!

I always love to go to the carnival since I was a kid and even until now that I am a married woman. But did you know that most of the food you can see and eat at the carnival has the most fattening ingredients?

Funnel Cake
- A single serving has as many calories as a Whopper with cheese and more than half the fat you should have in an entire day.

Corn dog- It’s not that bad as far as calories – the problem is the sodium content. One corn dog has nearly 1,200 milligrams of sodium – or half the recommended DAILY intake for an adult.

The deep-fried Twinkie - A single fried Twinkie is 420 calories and 32 grams of fat, and that’s before you add any toppings like powdered sugar or chocolate sauce.

The deep-fried Oreo- It’s made by dipping the Oreo in pancake mix, egg, milk and vegetable oil then deep-frying it. It turns a 50 calorie Oreo into a 157 calorie Oreo.

Cotton candy- It has absolutely no nutritional benefit – it’s just whipped sugar on a cone.

I got this article from Newsweek Magazine and from DJ Tesh. Always remember that when you eat food that are very fattening just make sure that you do some exercise to burn the calories that you intake.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Two of the Many Favorite Dish that my Husband Loves!

I actually had the opportunity to cook last Thursday and Friday. I cooked Beef with Pineapple for our dinner last Thursday and on Friday I cooked Roasted Turkey. I was very pleased with the result and I am glad hubby was there to help me prepare the side dishes. My husband prepared mash potato; biscuits, stuffing and he open a can of cranberry sauce.

I have attached photos of the two finished product. You will find the recipe at my other link called Kusina Inato.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Galco Holsters and Accessories

Galco holsters are perfect for people that are gun enthusiasts. My husband and myself own firearms; and my husband is actually planning to get a concealed handgun license in the future. After seeing some of the products that Galco Company offers my husband plans to purchase one of these Galco holsters for his snub-nosed revolver.

Actually there are many different types of holster that Galco Company produces such as Galco Paddle Holsters, Galco Inside the Pants Holsters, Galco Ankle Holsters, Galco Tie Down for Ammo/Holster Side and many more. Galco also offers slings for shotgun and rifles, range bags, and they offer purses for women who own firearms. So whether you own a pistol or revolver for sport, self-defense or target shooting Galco offers products for every gun owner.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Biometrics Appointment Done!

Yesterday I went to the Application Support Center here in El Paso, Texas to have my biometrics appointment. Everything went smoothly; I was called right away after a few minutes upon arrival. The staff was very helpful and friendly. They have to do my finger print all over again because my pinky didn't match my old finger print.

I am hoping and praying that I will receive my new Permanent Residence Card before the end of the year. The waiting begins now! Wish me luck folks.

Computer Access

I have lived here in the United States for awhile now, and I can honestly tell you that having my computer helps me communicate with my family & friends and exchange pictures, emails and so forth. But we cannot really foresee if we will be dealing with any computer driver problems with our personal computer. I feel awful when I can't find a solution to my problem.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wolverine is Awesome!

I saw the Wolverine movie this evening and I like it so much. The movie is not boring at all there's a lot of interesting scene that reminds me of the original X-men movie. Overall I can say that the movie was fantastic. I am looking forward for more X-men movie in the future.

NFL Games

One thing that I've noticed after living here in the United States of America close to 3 years now is that people are really into Football. During football season my boss and my co-workers always talked about football every day. But did you know that you can now order your nfl sunday ticket with Direct TV? Direct TV gives you the nfl sunday ticket schedule so that you will have a list of the time when they show the NFL games.

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Simple Trick, You May Try This at Home!

Did you know that there’s a trick that can help stop ants from climbing up a picnic table and ruining your outdoor meal?

Try this: Place each leg of the table in a small plastic container – or an empty tuna can – filled three-quarters of the way with water. This will create a makeshift “moat” that prevents the ant parade from climbing up your picnic table.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


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Beach Alert

I come from a beautiful island in the Philippines called Bohol and we are known for our white sand beaches. I am very interested to share this tips that I've read from Planet Discovery on how to protect our beaches.

1. Maintaining your septic system.
2. Don't throw your garbage down storm drains.
3. Use all-natural pesticides and fertilizers.
4. Don't litter. The litter can find its way into a storm drain and off to the sea it goes.
5. Don't leave your trash at the beach.
6. Use trails paths and walkovers at the beach whenever possible. Your footsteps can erode sensitive dunes.
7. Don't use the beach as a toilet. The same goes for your pet.
8. Cut up the plastic rings from your six-pack.
9. Leave wildlife undisturbed.
10. Take part in a beach clean-up.

UK Fashion Taste

I am very excited to teach again at the School District next month. After I got out from my whole day of orientation at the School District I went home and check my closet to find out if my wardrobes are still wearable or not. Actually, some of my working clothes are faded and I was actually thinking of purchasing new cardigans and dresses later this week.

I am very happy that I can now easily find my size at Every Style online store. It is very easy to use just click the Fashion Search Engine box and put your size. You can find thousands of beautiful cheap dresses, cheap t-shirts, sale jeans, playsuits and more.

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Are You Producing Strange Odor?

One thing that I don't like about summer is that you always sweat. I am very particular when it comes about maintaining good hygiene. There are times though that you meet people that smell awful. But did you know that there are four reasons why you smell bad? Here is the following reasons:

1. You stopped washing your hair to avoid dandruff- A common misconception is that dandruff is caused by a dry scalp, and that makes people wash their hair less. Dandruff happens when your hair is too oily – and that makes your hair a bacteria feeding ground and can cause odor.

2. You love stinky food- All those good-for-you spices can seep out of your pores. Things like curry and garlic. They produce sulfur containing gases that are absorbed into your blood stream and released through your lungs and pores.

3. You wanted to lose weight so you went on an all-protein diet- When you do that, you start burning your fat stores for energy. That releases ketones into your bloodstream – which can make your breath smell like a combo of overripe pineapple and nail polish.

4. You toweled off too fast after your shower- When moisture gets trapped in your crevices, like under your love handles or between your toes, no air can get in there that means bacteria and fungi can multiply, mix with your sweat, and cause odor and irritation.

I have read this wonderful article from the Prevention Magazine and I heard this from DJ Tesh.

Monday, July 13, 2009

PC Drivers

My husband and I are doing our best to stay on our allotted budget everyday so we will not encounter problems with our finances. But there are just times when emergencies or important things happen when you least expect it. For instance, have you had any problem with your computer drivers lately? Honestly speaking, it's quite frustrating when you don't have any idea how to fix it.

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I'm Back!

I have not been blogging for two days in a row. I was busy with work plus we got plenty of visitors from out of town. My husband and I are very happy that we are able to spend time with his family last weekend.

I am lucky because I received two wonderful purses from my sister-in-law Jolleen. My other sister-in-law Pilla gave me a bunch of clothes and shoes. Tomorrow, I will not be working with my other job because I have to attend an orientation at the School District. The students will go back to school by the 24th of August. I am looking forward to meet and teach new students for this year.

Swipe Your Visa

Did you know that you can now create your own Visa Gift Card? You can create a one of a kind design such as using your favorite family picture, company logo, favorite sports team and more. The Gift Card Lab Visa Gift Cards is the most peculiar gift you can ever give during special occasion such as birthdays, Christmas, and graduation.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Minimum Wage is Going Up

I am happy to hear that the minimum wage will go up by July the 24th. While many of us are hopeful, other people realize that the cost of everyday items such as groceries will most likely increase. We are thankful that our rent has stayed the same, and that the price of gasoline is beginning to drop.

I am happy that I will be working again at the School District when the classes starts again by late August.

Gear Up

Did you know that North Face gear is having their big sale for online winter outfit today? They have the best winter outfits anywhere. It is easy to shop at the Break Gear online store, all you have to do is click the link above and you can shop by category.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

One of the Many First!

My husband and I will attempt to cook roasted turkey for our dinner. We just both arrived from work and my hubby is calling his Dad asking if how long it would take for a turkey to be cook. I am crossing my fingers that our first attempt to cook a roasted turkey will be successful. Anyways, to all my blogger friends let's party tonight!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Finest Home Security System

It is not really new to most of us to hear of home owners complaining that they have been a victim of burglary. This phenomenon is actually happening across the world, in some places more than others. But did you know that there is one way to stop this from occurring? You can now purchase house alarms for your home today. This is the safest way to make sure that you will not become a victim of theft and burglary. You may think that home security systems are not important but bear in mind that you will not always be at home to watch over your house.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chill Out!

Since both of us have a day off today we will go swimming, go to the movies tonight and have dinner at home since we purchased Chinese food for our lunch. I am just waiting for the clothes to dry before we go to the swimming pool. While making this post my husband is also playing his Xbox in our bedroom.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Certificate of Deposits

If you are looking forward to investing your money into a bank CDs (Certificate of Deposit) then you have come to the right place. Did you know that you can now compare different bank CD rates across the United States of America with this amazing website? The Select CD rates website is created to help you choose the best CD rates in town.

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Public Enemies Movie Analysis

Hello everyone, today I would like to tell you about what I felt about the new movie, Public Enemies, with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. The movie is about the life of the notorious bank robber, John Dillinger, played by Johnny Depp. Most of the movie is about the FBI, led by J. Edgar Hoover, and their hunt for John Dillinger. The person leading the FBI's task force is Special Agent Melvin Purvis, played by Christian Bale. The movie was somewhat of a disappointment for me, mostly because there was a lack of action, and the movie was extremely straightforward and predictable, and it only shows the final years of John Dillinger's life, and very brief scenes of his relationship with his girlfriend, Billie Frechette, played by Marion Cotillard. The visuals of the movie was probably the only thing I liked, you really felt like you were in 1933, with that said, I am glad that I live in 2009, ha ha. The costumes were very true to life, at least to that era, the backgrounds were nice as well. Overall, I felt that there was something that was missing from this movie, so I can not recommend it, at least not until it comes out on video.

Termites Are Also Known as White Ants

Did you know that termite usually feed on dead plants, a piece of wood, soil and even animal dung? Termite lives in colonies just like ants do. Termites can cause structural damage to your house.

Termites can be classified through their eating habits. Termites can be group as subterranean termites, soil feeding termites, dry wood feeding termites, damp wood feeding termites and lastly the grass-eating termites.

I also included a picture above of a subterranean type of termites which is common across America.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Use Vodka to Treat Poison Ivy

Poison ivy contains oil called urushiol. When this oil touches the skin, many people develop an allergic reaction that causes a rash. There is an easy way to treat the itch that poison ivy cause. All you have to do is pour the vodka right away on the skin that has come in contact with poison ivy. The alcohol from the vodka washes away the itchy oil that causes poison ivy called urushiol oil.

I've read this article from the Daily Green website.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lavvy Hubby

My husband volunteered to cook our dinner this evening and I was very amazed because my husband can cook really well. He cooked a Fillet Mignon, sweet potato and steamed rice. It is really delicious and I felt very lucky to have him. I just love my married life ever.

Clear Smooth Skin

Are you one of the many people who are suffering from Acne? I know it can be very embarrassing especially among your peers. Have you ever tried any acne treatments that have failed? Why not try an Acne Treatment that is very effective against acne inflammation.

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I Wish I Had More Patience

I am disappointed after I found out today that my original schedule of my biometrics has been canceled due to some errors from the USCIS. We are advised to wait for another 2-4 weeks for a new schedule for the Biometrics. I already asked for a day off for that day and instead I have to request again for another day off.

News Comes First

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Keeping My Sanity at All Times

Today it feels like I don't have enough time to do a lot of things. After I got out from work I went directly to the bank to cash my check, get money orders to pay the rent and utilities and right now I am about to prepare our dinner.

I am really stressed out lately and I have so many things that I need to keep up. I am glad I still keep my sanity. Good evening people!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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Fast Forward and December is almost Here!

It feels so good to be back on my blog. I haven't really had the time to update my blogs since January because I have been quite busy. T...