Monday, February 28, 2011

My Bake Lemon Marinade Chicken

Last night, I had finally baked the Lemon Marinade Chicken that I had set aside since last week. I was very impressed with the result because you can really taste the spices and the ingredients ones you started biting the cooked meat. The only thing that was lacking though is that I forgot to put some potato for side dish. I ended up cooking some sweet corn as side dish and string beans as well. Below is the photo of the Lemon Marinade Chicken that I bake last night.

I wish everyone a happy Monday; I can't believe it will be March already in 15 minutes!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Three months ago, there was a fire incident at my parent's house that almost burned the entire house where my family lives. It was very devastating because my parents work so hard to provide us with a good home. I am just happy that we were able to help my family financially so they can rebuild part of the house that was totally damage because of the fire.

On the other hand, my mother informed me that our kitchen area still needs some Home flooring before they can start using it. For those of you who are not really familiar with how we lived in the Philippines, we actually have two kitchen areas which use firewood for cooking and gas stove to cook as well. I am hoping that I can give them some money to do the rest of the flooring soon. Anyways, I already asked my Mama to send me  house pictures so I can see the new look of the house.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Heater for Your Patio

I recently visited one of my closest friends in Texas a few weeks ago. My Filipina friend and her husband made a lot of changes with her new house including adding a patio area. While chit chatting with her, she had mention out of nowhere that she is seeking for Patio Heaters which she can use next winter for their patio area. I told her that it sounds like a good idea especially that they both love to stay at their patio area of their house while drinking some hot chocolates.

On the other hand, the actual reason why I went and see her is because I wanted to congratulate her in person on her second pregnancy. I am thrilled because I know that she is very sensitive when she is pregnant and then she requested me to help her prepare the baby's room.  Mine you, it is really fun decorating the baby's room!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Surprise Dessert

The pictures shows how happy my husband was after I surprised him with chocolate covered strawberries as our dessert after dinner. I truly believe that "great food is the best way to a man's heart".

Sports Odds

We have to admit that technology really made a huge difference in our lives today. For instance, we now have the option to bet on sports via the internet 24/7 at the comfort of our own privacy. Well, I come across a website called Sports Betting Spots which offers various articles and information on how to attain success in online sports betting. Honestly, I find this article very helpful especially if you just barely started playing this betting game online.
By the way, the sport that is part of the betting games includes sport games such as hockey betting, soccer betting, football betting, basketball betting, tennis betting and so forth.  The Sports Betting Spots also introduce you to the top most rated sports betting books of all times in different order such as JustBet, 5Dimes, DSI SportsBook, Bodog, BetPhoenix, SportsBook, SportsBetting, BookMaker, BetUs and SportsInteraction.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Credit Card Discrepancy

While checking my credit card account online today, I've noticed that I was charge extra. I was not able to get a hold of their customer service representative to iron things out but I will surely inquire tomorrow. I haven't been using my credit card for awhile now and I am just bummed to found out this extra charge. I hope I can stay on track and pay this credit card off so I don't have to worry about a thing.

How's your evening so far folks?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Email Campaign

My husband always said that humans are creatures of habits which I truly believe. I have a routine that I usually do every day and that includes checking my email account regularly, updating my blogs, checking my school email and so forth. Guess what? I receive an email marketing campaign from one of my favorite online stores today. I mean this is my first time to receive such an invitation from this company and I am very excited to use the current offer.

You might be wondering why I check my email regularly but I do have my reasons why I do it. My family in the Philippines regularly emails me and that is the fastest form of communication that we did since I arrived here in Texas nearly five years ago. It is more convenient for them to write me an email instead of sending an airmail letter. Thank God for technology!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Children's Bedroom Accessories

I had the opportunity to visit my sister-in-law and her 7 year old son a couple of weeks ago. I found it kind of funny that my nephew had more toys than I could ever imagine, and unfortunately they seem to be strewn around my sister-in-laws house. I suggested to my sister-in-law that she purchase some childrens storage items so that they could have a more organized house and also my nephew would be able to access all of his toy collection much easier.

Well, after doing some research online, I happened to run across a website that sells various items for children’s room, in particular, they have a very large assortment of children’s storage units in many different colors and designs. One of the designs that I found the most interesting was a storage unit that looks like a washing machine and another that looks almost like a crib.

If you have children and would like them to have a more organized room then visit Vertbaudet online store today!


I am very happy today because I was able to go to one of the best Mexican restaurants that we have here in Texas, called Chi'hua. Chi'hua happens to have some of the best tacos in town, such as Tacos al Pastor, Carne Asada, Tripitas and much more. For many of you who are not familiar with tacos, al Pastor, is a pork meat taco which is usually served with pineapple and cilantro and is quite delicious. Carne Asada tacos are made of marinated steak and Tripitas are actually made of pork intestines. I know many of you must be thinking to yourselves, "that doesn't sound good", but once you try then you will love them. Today I ordered the tacos made with tripitas while my husband ordered the carne asada, and our meals also had delicious beans and a baked potato topped with cheese. Of course no taco is complete without hot sauce, and Chi'hua serves tacos with a red chile hot sauce, Chipotle sauce, and pico de gallo, my personal favorite is pico de gallo while my husbands favorite is Chipotle.

Summer Camp Israel

I have always found traveling very exciting especially when it comes to traveling to foreign destinations. Although my husband and I have no children yet, I found it very interesting that there is website where you can arrange for your child to travel to Israel for the summer. At eCamp4u dot com you can arrange to send your child to a summer camp in israel where they will have fun using technology, learning about the culture, and having fun outdoor activities as well. 

Although there may be other summer camps in israel, ecamp in Israel is an English speaking camp, where students do more than just outdoor activities and learn about culture, at ecamp in israel, children will also become acquainted with technology. Some of the activities involving technology include creating 3D animation, making music, digital photography, game designing, and even building their own robots! Some of the physical activities that are offered include basketball, soccer, and even swimming. 

So if you are looking for a great program to send your children for the summer, then click any of the three links above!

Miracle Do Exist!

After what happen yesterday, I praised God for giving me another chance in this world. I realized that I was not ready after all and I immediately called my family in the Philippines and let them know how much I cared and loved them. Thank God for a second chance!

**Photo courtesy of Google Image**

Slots Online

I have to admit that I have always been a huge fan of online games since I usually spend most of my time at home since my husband works a lot during the day. I just recently found a great website where you can play slots online for a chance to win cash prizes. At Quicksilver Games dot com they have a huge assortment of slots that you can play, all of which are all very exciting especially if you often find yourself bored at home. Some of the games that they have to play include Top Banana, Swamp Rat, Mayan Treasure, and many more. Of course it is possible to win large cash prizes when playing slots at Quicksilver Games dot com, and if you visit the website you can see who the top prize winners are.  So if you enjoy playing online slots then look no further than Quicksilver Games dot com, you will be glad you did.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Firing My 20 Gauge Shot Gun

Wohoo, my husband and I are finally able to go to the firing range earlier today. I am very happy because I was able to fire my 20 gauge shot gun for the first time. It was cool and happy that it wasn't that bad at all. Hubby bought the 20 gauge shot gun as a birthday gift last year! Other than the 20 gauge shot gun that I fired today, I also fired the AR-15 rifle and a handgun.  Here are some pictures below!

Venetian Blinds

After years of waiting and saving his money my husband's step father is ready to take another step by renovating his house into a much modern looking one. I feel really happy upon hearing this good news because I know in my heart that my husband's step father is trying to hold on to those old memories he shared with my mother in law who has been decease for nearly six years now.

Well, my husband step father had mention earlier this week to my husband that he is looking for Cheap wooden venetian blinds that he can use after his old house is renovated. I know that other items for the house was mention as well and the contractor is planning to refurbished some items from the old house. Anyways, one thing that stands out though is that he still wants to stick as to what my mother in law had planned before such as the color of the paint for the wall and so forth.

We are looking forward on the big reveal day when everything is back in order.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wine and Dine

Earlier today, my father in law called my husband on the phone and confided with him that he will need our help next week. Dad in law said that he will pay us 50 bucks each if we help him clean his garage and one of his bedroom that is full of different items from electronic gadgets to little knickknack.

He also told my husband that he is looking for one particular bottle of wine that for some reason he can't find it on his wine rack. I have mention before that my dad in law loves to collect wines. Supposedly, if he can't find that wine sooner he has no other option but to check some wine online later this week or so.

My husband and I are looking forward to help him next week and who knows we might find that wine for him. Hubby even told his dad that we will him for free.

Bed Sets

My husband's nephew is trying to get rid of his bedroom sets  because he is moving to Paris, France this summer for good. I am flabbergasted after hearing this news because I never thought that he will ever leave us and moved to another country. But every member in my husband's side of the family are very happy about it and is very supportive about his decision especially my sister in law Pilla.

Anyways, I am actually interested to get my nephew's bedroom set because we badly need one. Our old bedroom set is still working but is definitely on its last leg. Hopefully, my nephew Joey will agreed to what I am going to offer for the whole set. I know for a fact that Joey is very excited to move to another place and we are hoping that he will do well.

Lastly, I pray that Joey's plan will be push-through this summer!

Restaurants Across America

My husband and I love to eat at many different local restaurants here in Texas, especially since so many new restaurants open up where we live. It just so happens that there are many Mexican restaurants where we live in Texas, and me and my husband always try to find the best Mexican restaurants available. To find these new restaurants I usually refer to which has lists of local restaurants, regardless of where you may live.

It is also quite easy to find the place that you want to eat at when using, simply type in the city that you live in, and then use a key word, such as Mexican food, and you will see a list of local Mexican restaurants in your area. has lists of other businesses as well, and has everything that you would find in a phone book.

So if you are looking for great restaurants, or other business, then look no further than you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweet and Sour Fish for Dinner

Hubby surprises me when he brought me some fresh water fish from the Asian store here in our area. I made some sweet and sour fish and voila I am pigging out to the max. I can't resist when it comes to sea foods, they are my favorites!

Bags for Your Laptop

Guess what? My professor told everyone in the classroom today that we are free to bring our own laptop to class anytime we want. Here's the catch though, I don't own any laptop messenger bag which I really need if ever I want to bring my laptop with me. I have been telling my husband that I needed a laptop bag since last year but  for some reason he always forget to purchase one for me.

Well, I decided to surf the net today and I feel lucky to have visited this interesting website called Rick Shaw Bags that offers and sells various products such as backpack, sleeve for ipad, commuter bag, classic folio, smart phone folio, surfer wallet, zero messenger backpack and much more. What I found very interesting about Rick Shaw Bags online store is that you can personalize any of their products so it will suit your taste and style. For instance, you can pick the color, the size or the product and just add to cart. 

What are you waiting folks? Visit Rick Shaw Bags today!

Just Go With It Movie Review

I really have a great time watching the movie "Just Go with It" with Alexia one of my best pal from Texas last Saturday. I was able to hang out with her since my dear husband was working that day.  

The movie started when Adam Sandler ask Jennifer Aniston to act as his soon to be ex-wife because he lied to his dream girl played by Brooklyn Decker the most beautiful woman Adam Sandler ever meet. Soon after, he created more lies to keep Brooklyn Decker in his life.

Well, the movie is really good and great for couples to watch.

Monday, February 14, 2011


If you happen to lived in a wonderful place like Australia and is looking for custom stands to be used for company meetings, gatherings or business conference then I would like to invite you folks to visit Morgan Expo today. Morgan Expo is an online company that provides a wide range of exhibition stands, shell scheme stands, stand upgrade packages, furniture collections, and display stands Australia, audio visual equipment, power and lighting solutions and much more. On the other hand, Morgan Expo also offers furniture and display rental such as chairs, tables, display counters, stools and island bar tables and many more.

Actually, Morgan Expo has been helping clients for over thirty years in the beautiful country of Australia. They offer top notch service to their customers and they are known for having the most awards. Morgan Expo handles conferences and exhibits over the major cities in Australia such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Canberra and Adelaide.

Hit the links above for more detailed information!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-Valentine's Day Celebration

My husband and I decided to have our Valentine's Day celebration in advance last Friday because I have school tomorrow night plus we both know that it will be incredibly busy tomorrow at our favorite restaurant. We picked Red Lobster this year and as usual the food is phenomenal. After dinner we went to watch a movie and then after that we headed directly to our apartment.  

Guess what? My handsome hubby surprised me with a cute stuff toy and a brand new Coach Purse.  I am very happy because I wasn't expecting anything this year since we are going for a mini vacation during spring break! Anyways, I have a gift waiting for hubby tomorrow!
                                           My husband and I

                                            Purple Coach Purse

                                                My Little Red Stuff Toy

                                             Lava Cake

Fast Forward and December is almost Here!

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