Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Domain Renewal Promo Codes for Godaddy

Having your own website is very important in order to have a business that will thrive. One of the facts about websites is that most people look up businesses online rather than a traditional phone book. For this reason having a domain is a must. One of the best things I found out recently was that Godaddy dot com actually has promo codes to help you get a domain that will work for you. You can actually get a Godaddy .Com domain renewal promo code or a Godaddy .Net renewal promo code that will save you lots of money when it comes to renewing a domain or registering a domain. There is also a Godaddy .Co renewal promo code, and .Org promo codes that will save you money. So why not check out how you can get these promo codes, you will definitely be glad that you did.


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A Job Well Done to my Brother Eric

Yesterday, my brother Eric arrived from serving his full-time mission after two years for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Mama of course was there to meet him in the airport and the whole family was there to welcome him back.  Eric made us so proud to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because he served his full time mission with honor. I can't wait to visit my family again sometime next year with my Honey so we can catch up with the latest news in person. I love and miss my family so much!

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In this day in age having a website or domain that works for you is very important so that many people will be able to visit your website.  One of the things that you should do in order to get a website is to find domain promo codes and discounts on registration. Right now, it turns out that there are Godaddy reseller promo codes are available at fair prices and will help you with .Com registration, .Com domain renewals, .Org registration, .Net registration, and many more. Getting a Godaddy reseller coupon code is quite helpful because you can actually save a lot of money. Keep in mind that there are also wildwest domains reseller plans which are also good because some of these promo codes can actually save you up to 20% off when using the code. The great thing about promo codes is that they have quite a few offers that can save you up to 90% when it comes to domaining, so this really is not just a good deal, but a great deal. So why not check out Domain Promo Codes dot com today; you will be glad that you did after you have saved money using their Godaddy coupons.

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FREE Mini-Candle at Bath and Body Works

Even the simplest things makes me happy. For example, I received two free coupons for a mini-candle for Bath and Body Works for being a loyal fan on their Facebook fan page. Actually, 1 coupon for myself and 1 for my husband. Since the coupon is good for a limited time only, my husband and I went to the mall right away to claim our freebie. The free mini-candle smells so good and I can't get enough of it. Take a look at the photo below and let me know if you got your share!

Renewal Code for Godaddy

Are you one of the many people out there who can benefit from having a domain promo code? Well, if you are, there is good news out there, with you can get a godaddy .com renewal promo code  for a variety of things that you are sure to love. Some of these include a .Com Godaddy renewal coupon  for domains, as well as .Net registrations, .Org domains and a variety of other Godaddy renewal promo codes and transfer codes as well. This is really a good thing to make sure that you have a website that everyone can find quickly and easily and help a great deal with your business. I like the fact that many of these codes can save you so much on particular domains; one of these for example, can save you up to 35% off on web hosting and also 15% off on domains. If you like what you are reading, I also highly suggest that you check out their website for more information on these great deals, and if you have any questions, keep in mind that you can actually get answers to many of your questions online. So why not check them out, you will definitely be glad that you did.


Happy Halloween 2012

It is weird not to work on a Wednesday night because I had been working the same days for the past several months since the start of the fall semester 2012. But I am happy that I am off today because my husband and me we're able to try out one of the Argentinean Restaurants on the west side area. I will tell you what I think of the restaurant on my next article. For now, dear husband and I are planning to go out again and watch a movie later this evening.

Plus, the neighborhood kids are already knocking the door for trick and treat. Enjoy and be safe everyone, Happy Halloween again!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Product Review on ION Actif Top from Active Wear USA

I’ve been trying so hard to get back in shape for the past several months now and I am delighted to share with everyone something great, I actually received an amazing ION Actif top from Active Wear USA last month. I have always been picky when it comes to my gym attire. As much as possible I look for exercise attire that will support whatever exercise regimen I will undergo when I am at the gym with my husband. 

Well, I am so happy that I was able to try a product from Active Wear USA because it is by far the best online store I’ve ever encountered. The ION Actif top fits me so well and the material is amazing. I also received a lot of compliments from my friends at the gym. I would totally recommend Active Wear USA to my friends and family because this store rocks. 

By the way, if you and your family want more information about Active Wear USA then I highly encourage you guys to like their page on Facebook. Don’t forget to check them out today!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pre-Halloween Party 2012

Honey and I were having so much fun last night while attending the party hosted by my older sister Susie (not blood related) last night. Though I work from 9AM until 4PM I still have a little energy left to attend the said event. Honey and I dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Devil. I was fortunate enough to receive a free Halloween product in exchange for an honest review. I am very proud that picked his costume without me to help him. He did great with his choice and we received a lot of compliments from my friends and acquaintances from the Pre-Halloween party last night. Check out the pictures below!

Golf Putters and More

Are you one of the many people out there who really enjoys the game of golf? Well it turns out that golf is an excellent game to play because it is fun, challenging, and it is also a great game to play outdoors. If you are looking for quality golf clubs, such as golf drivers and golf putters there are a few stores that you can go to, but ultimately the best place to shop for clubs is online. One of the best online shops out there is Cleveland Golf which can be found at Cleveland Golf dot com because they have a huge assortment of golf clubs, including golf wedges and hybrid golf clubs that are very high quality and can be purchased at a great price as well. Cleveland Golf also has more than just golf clubs; they also have a huge assortment of accessories including bags, head wear, clothing, gloves, and much more. So why not check out Cleveland Golf today, you will definitely find something that you love.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tire, Work and So Forth

Today was such a long day and I am glad it's over. I don't have any class today but as usual I get up early. I was about to drive our car when I noticed that one of the tires were flat. DH and I ended up going to a tire company and asked them to look at it.

Obviously, the tire needs air but we were shock to find out that a nail got stuck there. We were waiting for an hour while they are fixing the tire. The guy who checked out our car told us that we needed to purchase new tires for our car. It will cost us about $320 including the warranty and the tire rotation. I told my husband, that we will do that as soon as I get my pay check from my place work. 

After that, we met up with Ango (my husband's Step Dad) for lunch and we head home right away. I took a nap for 20 minutes and I got up to work. I barely arrived from my place of work not too long ago and I am so tired right now. Though my husband wanted to watch the midnight screening of Silent Hill, I told him that I can't since all I really want to do is to get some rest and sleep. I still have to close tomorrow night and open Saturday morning at my place of work. I can't wait for Sunday to come because that's only my day off plus my husband and I can be feed spiritually.

I wish everyone to have a safe and happy weekend! Good night and God Bless You All.

Monday, October 22, 2012

We Love Perky Jerky

My husband and I were so delighted to receive product samples from Perky Jerky which included their famous beef jerky and turkey jerky. I was so happy because we both love to eat jerky especially when we go camping, fishing, road trip or hiking. I really love Perky Jerky products because they are so delicious and very nutritious. Plus, the product itself is made of all natural ingredients and premium meats. 

Perky Jerky Ultra Premium Beef Jerky is my favorite and my husband’s favorite of the two is the Perky Jerky Ultra Premium Turkey Jerky. Perky Jerky is far the best jerky I’ve ever tasted since I have been living in the United States. I would totally recommend this for anyone out there. Trust me; you will be coming for more once you have tasted these delicious products from Perky Jerky! 

By the way, don’t forget to like Perky Jerky on Facebook.

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