Sunday, May 31, 2009

Types of Lies!

What is a lie? A lie is to say something that one knows to be false or that one has not reasonably ascertained to be true with the intention that it be taken for the truth by oneself or someone else.

Types of lies are:

A fabrication is a lie told when someone submits a statement as truth, without knowing for certain whether or not it actually is true. Although the statement may be possible or plausible, it is not based on fact. Rather, it is something made up, or it is a misrepresentation of the truth.

Lying by omission-
One lies by omission by omitting an important fact, deliberately leaving another person with a misconception. Lying by omission includes failures to correct pre-existing misconceptions.

Noble lie-
A noble lie is one which would normally cause discord if it were uncovered, but which offers some benefit to the liar and assists in an orderly society, therefore potentially beneficial to others. It is often told to maintain law, order and safety.
Bold-face lie-
A bold-faced often also referred to as bare-faced or bald-faced, although all three have slightly different meanings, lie is one which is told when it is obvious to all concerned that it is a lie.

Emergency lie-
An emergency lie is a strategic lie told when the truth may not be told because, for example, harm to a third party would result.

White lie-
A white lie would cause only relatively minor discord if it were uncovered, and typically offers some benefit to the hearer. White lies are often used to avoid offense, such as complimenting something one finds unattractive. In this case, the lie is told to avoid the harmful realistic implications of the truth. As a concept, it is largely defined by local custom and cannot be clearly separated from other lies with any authority.
To bluff is to pretend to have a capability or intention which one does not actually possess.Bluffing is an act of deception which is rarely seen as immoral, because it takes place in the context of a game where this kind of deception is consented to in advance by the players.

Occurs when the most fundamental aspects of a statement are true, but only to a certain degree. It is also seen as "stretching the truth" or making something appear more powerful, meaningful, or real than it actually is.

Lying in Trade-
The seller of a product or service may advertise untrue facts about the product or service in order to gain sales, especially by competitive advantage.
Is an exaggerated claim typically found in advertising and publicity announcements, such as "the highest quality at the lowest price," or "always votes in the best interest of all the people," or "even a jeweler cannot tell it from a genuine diamond."

Contextual lies-
One can state part of the truth out of context, knowing that without complete information, it gives a false impression.
statement is one where there is no outright lie, but still retains the purpose of getting someone to believe in an untruth. "Dissembling" likewise implies presenting facts in a way that is literally true, but intentionally misleading.

Jocose lies-
Jocose lies are those which are meant in jest, and are usually understood as such by all present parties. Teasing and sarcasms are examples.

often a platitude which may use euphemism, which is told to make an adult subject acceptable to children.

Is the act of lying or making verifiability false statements on a material matter under oath or affirmation in a court of law, or in any of various sworn statements in writing.

I have read this article via Wikipedia.
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Superb Looking Body!

Good news to all women out there who are desperate to look slimmer in minutes. You know there are just times that we wish we could turn back time when we used to be slimmer but it is not that easy. In past times it would actually take time to get your body back in shape. But now a new solution is here. Try Slim n lift Body Shaper. You will see the amazing results within minutes after you wear them. The main purpose for Slim n Lift Body shaper is to flatten your tummy, slenderize your hips, your thighs, and mold your buttocks into a perfect shape.

White Lie?

I just arrived from my night shift job and it was very interesting because one of my worker was caught lying to everyone. She was supposed to work with us for the night shift but then she called in around 4 o'clock in the afternoon telling our boss that she can't come to work because her sister was in the hospital due to some allergic reaction. Her reason was that she needs to watch her sister's children while her sister will be confine in the hospital.

My boss was kind of upset but he was considerate enough to tell her not to come because of the family emergency. Guess what happened? One of my co-worker's cousins who also work for us told her cousin Mr. C that Miss Y is with them and they are at the carnival.

Everyone was pissed because we have to cover her shift and we have to do double work because we don't have enough people to work for the evening shift. When our big boss found out that she lied to him then he was really upset and will give Miss Y a two week suspension from work.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mommy's Fashion Statement!

I am delighted to find out this website called Kiki's Fashion because they have the most amazing, cute, trendy, and peculiar maternity clothes of all times. Their clothes are not your typical maternity clothes because they offer the most unique and trendy designs which are mostly under $20. They offer maternity clothes that are very fashionable, hot and full of glam. Their prices are always low compared to other maternity boutiques out there. They always have new products often so all pregnant women can get the maternity clothes that they want.

The good news is that all they are giving away a 20% off if you use this coupon code "blogfriends" when you purchase your maternity clothes online. Click the link above and check their beautiful maternity clothes. Take note, use coupon code "blogfriends" when you're about to checkout.

Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili Saga Continues!

Dr. Hayden Kho and actress Katrina Halili both went to the Philippines Senate yesterday to testify about the scandalous videos that was accidentally release on the media. Dr. Hayden Kho claims that the actress Katrina Halili is the one to be blame for everything because apparently she was the one who introduce him to illegal drugs.

On the contrary Katrina Halili said that Dr. Kho was courting her and saying that he had a long-time crush on her and she have no idea that everytime they are doing their private moments that Hayden Kho is recording their sexual acts.

Both parties will undergo a series of drug test to determine if who are telling the truth.

Sassy and Hot Clothing

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Plus Size Fix website is helping plus size women to have more confident and high self-esteem, and to always feel beautiful. Their plus size clothing speaks for themselves. Every plus size women have the right to feel beautiful inside and out. You can purchase every high class styles and the hottest style for plus size women at Plus Size Fix website. They also help you bring out the best of you with their hottest plus size lingerie. They are bringing the hottest and the most elegant fashion style every week.

They also offer dresses for Prom for plus size teens, dresses for the Homecoming and dresses for Military balls and other formal occasions. They also have bridal dresses for the bridesmaid and for the beautiful bride.

I also included a picture of one of my favorite dressy tops. When you wear this kind of plaid dressy tops you will absolutely make a fashion statement.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thunder and Lightning

We are experiencing heavy rains at this moment. We also have strays of thunderstorm and lightning. I bet my husband's step mother is very happy because it rains. She likes it when it rains because she doesn't have to water her plants.

Hopefully, the rain will stop before my husband arrives from work. We are planning to go watch a movie tonight at the movie theater. I actually need to get ready but I am hook up on the computer. I am excited to watch the "Night at the Museum" Battle of the Smithsonian" with Ben Stiller.

Vision Perfect

Did you know that Optics Planet website has a wide range of night vision products? You will find thousands of night vision goggles, night vision scopes, night vision binoculars, night vision rifle scopes and much more. They offer the best price for night vision equipments. You can purchase branded night vision equipment at Optics Planet website such as ATN night vision, Bushnell Night Vision, ITT Night Vision, Morovision Night Vision and other brand names.

Optics Planet is among the military night vision supplier of US Made ITT Night Vision and US Night Vision across the globe. They are "Authorized US Online Resellers" for ITT Night Vision goggles and thermal imaging scopes.

Sense of Self- Worth

There are times that we might feel that we are worthless but always remember that we are all children of God and we are all worthy in His sight. When you are unhappy or depress there are things that will help you change your views. We can look beyond ourselves by:

1. Shifting your attention to others- Instead of dwelling on your weaknesses, look for the good in those around you. Point out those good things to them.

2. Listen to others- Listen to understand, not just so you can prepare a response.

3. Remember: the people around you are probably just as insecure as you are; they are all painfully aware of their weaknesses. So don’t, for a second, think that yours are necessarily worse than anyone else.

This is an article I read from one of my favorite church magazine the" Liahona".

Mosquito Free Summer

One of the many things I love about summer is that we can do cook-outs; we can just sit around or go swimming in the pool and much more. I love to invite my family and friends to visit us in the apartment and have some fun.

There is only one thing that can ruin our summer fun at that is the mosquitoes. I really hate mosquitoes because they are bringing diseases that will make you sick. A mosquito carries the West Nile Virus, Malaria and they can give you Dengue Fever. The good news is that, you can now put mosquito traps while you are outside. When you put the mosquito traps correctly outside your house, the mosquitoes will be drawn to the mosquito traps instead of biting you.

Check the link above and have a happy summer!

Look Slim With Your Summer Clothes

Start wearing colorful prints in the summer or you can choose knits with stretch so they smooth over curves instead of clinging them.

1. Look leaner and taller in mid-rise pants with slightly flared leg.

2. Slim down your face with a necklace that ends right below your chest, instead of a choker, to give you a longer neckline.

3. Slip on tank even if you have large chest. Just look for one with a built in bra.

4. Cinch your waist in a wrap top tied at the smallest part of your torso.

5. Give your height a boost by wearing sandals that have a slight heels and that match the color of your pants.

A friendly tip from All You Magazine.

No Limits!

If you love politics then you have come to the right place. You can now give your own opinion and discuss them publicly with other members of the forum. The website Argue with Everyone is open to any topics about politics. This is a free speech website and you can give your honest opinion to every topic that you want to discuss. Come and click the link above and give your blunt opinion.

I Am Now PR 3!

I am very excited after I found out last night that the Page Rank of this blog went up to PR 3. I have started from zero page rank and now I can see that my hard work pays off. Thank you to all my friends online who continue to visit this link and give their comments, I truly appreciate your kindness. I am now looking forward to maintain my other two blog links and continue to nurture them until they will acquire their own page rank like this main link. Have a blessed day everyone!

Making a Statement!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

10 Simple Ways to Cut Down Your Bills

Try these cost- saving tips:

1. Make your own ice pop out of fruit juice.

2. Shop your pantry: Before going to the store, take stock of groceries you already have and you'll buy less.

3. Dust furniture with used dryer sheets.

4. Buy food, condiments and supplies in bulk.

5. Cut dryer sheets in half- they work just well.

6. Turn down the thermostat, especially while you are sleeping. Keep cool air in by closing doors and vents in rooms you are not using.

7. Freshen carpets with half and half mixture of baking soda and cornstarch. Just sprinkle it on and vacuum it up for clean, fresh smelling rug.

8. Empty and reuse your vacuum bags.

9. Add a cup of vinegar to a cheaper laundry detergent when you are doing cold water wash- it actually get rids of dirt and brightens the clothes.

10. Use baking soda for cleaning sinks, faucets, and any other place you'd use scrubbing powder.

This is an article from All You magazines. This tips actually works and save money in the long run.


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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Heartburn is a burning sensation that’s usually located behind the breastbone. The pain often rises in your chest and may radiate to your neck or throat. When food or liquid enters your stomach, a band of muscle at the end of your esophagus (called the lower esophageal sphincter or LES) closes off the esophagus. If this muscle fails to close tightly enough, stomach contents can back up (reflux) into the esophagus. This partially digested material is usually acidic and can irritate the esophagus, causing heartburn and other symptoms.

Avoiding Heartburn by:

1. Avoiding Alcohol
2. Avoiding caffeine carbonated beverages
3. Avoiding chocolates
4. Avoiding citrus fruits and juices
5. Avoiding tomatoes and tomato juice
6. Avoiding spicy or fatty acids
7. Avoiding spearmint or peppermint

An article I read from Health line.

Happy Birthday Janine!

My younger sister Janine is celebrating her 13th birthday today. She is the 9th child among 12 children. Janine is a good dancer, a great singer, a smart student and a wonderful younger sister. She is actually taller than me now. I still remember those days when I used to take care of you when you were still a baby. I am thankful that you are one of my younger sisters.

I pray and wish that you will always continue to excel on your studies and continue to be a good example for our family. I am very proud of your achievements and I wish I am there to celebrate your birthday together with our whole family. WE LOVE YOU Jan!

Unique Handicrafts

Crystal Singing Bowls is good for healing, meditation and music. The Crystal Singing Bowls are one of the finest collections of Tibetan Singing Bowls. Each Crystal Singing Bowls has its own unique recorded sound. The Crystal Singing Bowls are actually the newest product of Silver Sky Imports website which specializes in the finest and most elegant collections of Tibetan Singing Bowls which are from the Himalayas. The Crystal Singing Bowls are imported from Tibet and Nepal.

Silver Sky Imports also has other products such as Stunning Ethnic Silver Jewelries, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Hand Carved Wood Mask, Gong Symbols and much more. They are also providing next day shipping to all customers all over the world.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gloomy Day!

Wow I have only had the time to check my email and my blogs this evening because we were so busy since Thursday evening after we took off from El Paso, Texas. We are currently staying in Grants, New Mexico and will return home on Sunday . The trip was worth it although we had to spend the night in Las Cruces, New Mexico on Thursday since there was heavy rain and my husband had a hard time seeing the lanes on the road, it was quite dangerous. We spent the night with his older sister Carleen on continued our trip the following morning after waking up very early. We drove for 5 hours to Grants, New Mexico and we arrived here at 12:30 pm on Friday.

Our nephew's graduation was fun and we really had a great time after the ceremony. Today we had a party with plenty of visitors. We cooked and ate hamburgers, hot dogs, chili stew, chili beans, salads and much more.

Eventhough we have had a great time, I miss home already and we are ready to go home tomorrow. To all my friends online, I'll be talking to you all tomorrow night. Have a wonderful evening.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

June Brides

The month of June is when a lot of couples plan to have their wedding day. It would be best if you could find your wedding gowns, and bridesmaid dresses at a much earlier time than your wedding date. It will give you more options to change your wedding gowns or bridesmaid dress if you do not like the style.

When you click the link above you will find different styles of bridesmaid dresses that will fit your wedding theme. You will find the finest designers for wedding apparel such as Jovani Bridesmaid dresses, Forever Yours Bridesmaid, Eden Bridesmaid dresses and many more.

Hurry and order your wedding apparel today!

Grants, NM Here We Come!

I'm packing our clothes and other things that we need to bring with us for our 6 hour drive to Grants, NM. We will be spending our weekend there with my sister-in-law Pilla and her family. We are very excited to spend time with them. My husband and me will be working tomorrow and after we got out from work we will be heading right away to Grants, NM.

Hopefully, we will have arrived there safely. Talk to you later folks when I come home from my mini vacation!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beauty Trend

If you are looking for a world class cosmetic surgery then Dr. Kimball M. Crofts of Utah plastic surgeon is here to serve you. There are many things that will change as we grow older. We might see a lot of imperfection but hey there is always a solution to every problem. Dr. Kimball M. Crofts is a famous Utah plastic surgeon. He is known for being a very skilled plastic surgeon in the beautiful state of Utah. He is willing to help you in every cosmetic surgery you will need to undergo to achieve that amazing look that you always wanted. He offers cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, full body lift and many more.

Got a Headache!

I woke up this morning with a bad headache. I have no choice but to drink medicine for my headache so I will be able to do my job well at work. I can't call in sick because I have been away from work this past two weeks. Hopefully, I will be able to recuperate later tonight.

Finest Footwear

If you are looking for reliable and durable work boot ; then you have to the right place. Work Boot USA is offering the finest quality of work boot products. They are bringing the best footwear product in the market at a very affordable price. They have the most highly experience team that will satisfy your footwear needs. They are selling top brand work boots such as Converse boots, Wolverine Boots, Belleville Boots, Bate Boots, Rocky Boots, Magnum Boots and many more.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Do You Shop at The Dollar Store?

Things You Should Buy at the Dollar Store are:

1. Shampoo- The good news about shampoos and conditioners is that there is no difference in quality between the cheap ones and pricier versions.

2. Spices-The article mentioned that a jar of paprika costs almost $4.50 at the supermarket, but at a dollar store, you could get the same amount of paprika for only 99 cents – it was just a different brand. If you’re worried about buying non-name-brand spices, know this: ALL single-ingredient items "must" follow strict government regulations.

Things You Should Not Buy at the Dollar Store:

Batteries- Many dollar-store batteries are the carbon-zinc variety, which drain more quickly and are more sensitive to heat and cold than traditional alkaline batteries.

Vinyl lunchboxes and jewelry- They’ve been recalled from dollar stores as dangerous sources of lead. Even though there are new regulations in place, it’s best to be cautious and buy them elsewhere.

3. Electrical products-They may not be wired to handle the current they receive. Some also have shoddy insulation around the wiring, which can pose a fire risk.

4. Toothpaste- In 2007, the Food and Drug Administration warned consumers that many brands of toothpaste found at dollar stores carried a poisonous chemical found in antifreeze! Although recalls were issued, some of these products could still be on shelves. So, it's probably best to steer clear.

This is an article I read at MSN Money.

Capturing Great Memories

One of the many things you can preserved good memories with your love ones is through pictures. If you live in the beautiful state of New Jersey this is your chance to capture great memories by having a New Jersey Beach Portraits with your family or with your friends. If you click the link above you will be directed to their website and get a $50 off coupon. The good news about Beach Portrait website is that there are "No Sitting Fee". This is actually a fee that is charge before any pictures are taken. The usual sitting fee runs from $250- $350 or it could be even more. If you decide to get a beach portrait then this is your chance to save around $400.

I Am Bless To Have A Wonderful In-Laws

My sister-in-law and her family was driving back to Grants, NM yesterday. We are actually getting ready for a 6 hour drive from El Paso, TX to Grants, NM this coming Thursday after I worked. We will be staying there until Sunday. My husband's nephew Joey will graduate from high school this coming May 22nd at 7 P.m.

Since I arrived here in El Paso and got married with my husband we always visit his older sister Pilla and family in Grants, NM. Her and my husband are very close and they really treat us good when we get together. We are very excited to spend the weekend with them to go shooting, horse back riding, do some cook-out and shopping.

Premium Stainless Steel Sink

If you are looking to purchase a new stainless steel sink for your kitchen or bathroom then you have come to the right store. Did you know that you can now purchase the highest quality of stainless steel sink at MR Direct International store? The best thing about them is that they are direct sellers of the finest quality of stainless steel sink. You can make your order online by clicking the link above or you can order it by phone. Their products such as the stainless steel sink and faucets have a lifetime warranty. Remember that you will have a better deal when you purchase your stainless steel sink at MR Direct International because they will give you the warehouse price for your item. Your item will be shipped the same day.

Congratulations Tony, We Are Very Proud Of You!

Last Saturday was the graduation ceremony of my husband Tony at the University of Texas at El Paso. We had to wake up extra early because the commencement started at 9:00 in the morning. We are very grateful for his family and friends for attending the ceremony and we had a blast after the graduation ceremony was finished. We went to one of his favorite Italian Restaurant here in El Paso for lunch and then we went to the movies to watch Angels and Demons with Tom Hanks.

I know that my husband's mother would be very proud of her son's accomplishment. She passed away almost four years now because of cancer. To all my friends online thank you for the greetings!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Investing Your Money In the Bank

Do you the know current CD Rates? Did you know that Certificate of Deposit is one of the many ways you can invest your money in the bank. The longer your Certificate of Deposit stay in the bank the more money you will earn in the future. But you have to remember that if for some reason you will decide to withdraw the money before the term ends then you will loose the interest you have earned during that period of time.

Friday, May 15, 2009

When To Throw Out Your Makeup

Be careful! Most beauty products don't have an expiration date, but they do go bad. Periodically purge your medicine cabinet, your bag or wherever else you have makeup tucked away. Here's when to can it:


Can it after 3-6 months

It's especially important to change mascara often (even if you have some left). Air can push bacteria into the tube and cause an eye infection.


Can it after 6 months

Even if you sharpen your eyeliner every week to keep it fresh, bacteria can still grow around the tip. You'll know it's there when the pencil starts to crumble as you're sharpening it.


Can it after 6 months

Water-based formulas last a few weeks longer than oil-based ones.

Eye Shadow

Can it after 9-12 months

Old shadows get chalky and difficult to apply.


Can it after 1-2 years

If your blush breaks, throw it out right away -- and don't salvage the chunks -- they'll be difficult to blend and will look caked on.

Lip Color

Can it after 2 years

Replace lipsticks earlier if you notice oil beads on the side or the color looks different when you apply.

This is an article I read from All You Magazine.

Are You Ready to Go Swimming?

Did you know that at Sun Wave Sports website you can now purchase any types of swimwear? Yes they are selling professionals and athletes swimwear. Summer is almost here and this is the right time to purchase any swimwear. It will be more fun if you get Swimp3; this is actually a Surf waterproof MP3 and this is highly recommended for people who love music.

Sun Wave Sports sells the finest quality of swimwear. They sell different kinds of swimwear such as men swimwear, women swimwear, kid's swimwear, life guard swimsuits, sun protective swimwear, swim accessories and many more.

Hurry, click the link above and see for yourself.

All Natural Spa- Treatment at Home

Give Your Skin a Healthy Glow-
Combine 1/4 cup sugar, two tablespoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon honey in a large bowl and stir well. Apply the mixture to clean, damp skin. Using circular motions massage your legs, arms, elbows and other areas where dry skin is a problem. Rinse well with water and pat your skin dry.

Deep Condition Your Hair-
Try using Olive oil instead of conditioner. Apply two tablespoons, concentrating it on the ends. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and then shampoo and condition as usual.

Look Younger-
Split one large or two green or purple grapes, remove pits and massage the grapes over your face and neck. The grapes contains linoleic acid and polyphenols, which have anti-aging properties.

An article from All You Magazine.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Facts About Hernia

I was talking to my co-worker today and she was telling me that her baby who is only 9 months old have hernia. The baby have to undergo a surgery to remove and repair the location of the hernia. I feel really bad because of the pain that the baby will experience during and after the surgery. So I decided to research about Hernia and this what I found out.

Hernia- is the protrusion of organs, such as intestines, through a weakened section of the abdominal wall. If left untreated, the split in the muscle widens and greater amounts of tissue or organs are pushed through the opening, forming a sac. This visible lump or bulge is one of the key characteristics of a hernia.

The symptoms of a hernia can vary depending on the location and severity, but may include:
  • A visible lump or a swollen area
  • A heavy or uncomfortable feeling in the gut, particularly when bending over
  • Pain or aching, particularly on exertion (such as lifting or carrying heavy objects)
  • Digestive upsets, such as constipation
  • The lump disappears when the person is lying down
  • The lump enlarges upon coughing, straining or standing up.
Different types of hernias include:
  • Inguinal – occurring in the groin. This is the most common form, accounting for more than nine out of 10 hernias. A loop of intestine pushes against the small ring of muscle in the groin, eventually splitting the muscle fibres apart. Inguinal hernias affect more men than women and are particularly common in middle age.
  • Femoral – occurring high on the thigh, where the leg joins the body. Similar to the events that cause an inguinal hernia, intestines force their way through the weak muscle ring at the femoral canal until they protrude. This herniated section of bowel is at risk of strangulation, which is a serious complication requiring urgent medical attention. Femoral hernias are more common in women.
  • Umbilical – a portion of the gut pushes through a muscular weakness near the navel, or belly button. This type of hernia is more common in newborns. Overweight women, or those who have had several pregnancies, are also at increased risk.
  • Incisional – after abdominal surgery, the site of repair will always be structurally weaker. Sometimes, the intestines can push through the closed incision, causing a hernia.

Get Your Dream Vacation Now

Kissimmee in Central Florida is the best place to take your summer adventure with your family or with family friends. It is located in the middle of Central Florida and within minutes from South Orlando Florida. Summer is the best time to visit Kissimmee in Central Florida because you can do a lot of things while on vacation. If I have the chance to visit Kissimmee in Central Florida this coming Summer I will bring along my husband, my father-in-law and one of my sister-in-law. I know that my father-in-law needs a break from just staying in his house and my sister-in-law Pilla needs a break from working as a teacher.

While visiting Kissimmee in Central Florida I will definitely go to the east coast beach which is an hour drive from Kissimmee. This is a perfect place for deep sea fishing or surfing. I would also like to visit the Kennedy Space Center in Florida which is an hour drive from Kissimmee. I am really excited to check the actual space capsules that they use to travel while exploring the planet earth. Silver Spring in Ocala is another great place to visit while vacationing in Kissimee in Central Florida. You will be amaze with its natural beauty; it is also the home of many wildlife animals.

Enter the Kissimmee sweepstakes now for a chance of winning the 3 weekend getaways; this is good for 3 days and 2 nights for two people. They are also giving away a two weeks long vacation for 4 people. Drawing of the lucky winners will be held this coming June 1, 2009. Click the link above and enter the Kissimmee sweepstakes; you might be the lucky winner for this Summer Getaway.


Use Vinegar to Make Your Hair Silky and Shiny

This is an article I read online on how to achieved that silky and shiny looking hair. You can find this product in your kitchen. Vinegar can be use in a lot of things such as cooking, cleaning and making your hair healthy, shiny and silky. Here are the steps:

1. Mix white vinegar with water.

2. Apply the white vinegar and water into your hair.

3. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes in your hair.

4. Rinse your hair thoroughly. You can rinse your hair under a shower or you can use a bowl.

5. Dry your hair.

I've tried it already and it works.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Greatest Gift of All

Mother's Day had passed but you can still give the most wonderful and unique gift you could possibly give to all the mothers out there or all of the mothers to be. Did you know that Cryo-Cell U-Cord has been helping thousands of families across the globe by preserving their newborn baby's umbilical cord blood since 1992? It has been proven that newborn baby's umbilical cord can be used to prevent many kind of diseases. Cryo-Cell Blood Banking is also a pioneer in research for the sole purpose of preserving newborn baby's umbilical cord.

It has been proven that a newborn baby's umbilical cord can cure up to 75 kinds of diseases. Likewise, the newborn baby's umbilical cord has been used in up to 10, 000 transplants across the continent. They are continuing to look for more potential uses of the stem cells from the newborn baby's umbilical cord for future use.

When I become a mother, I would definitely consider preserving my newborn baby's umbilical cord so I can have it for future use. You can always count on Cryo-Cell Blood Banking because they are a well established Family Cord Blood across the world. Click the link above to read the detailed facts about preserving your newborn baby's umbilical cord. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so act now and get the facts.


Check Greg Pritchard of Britain's Got Talent

I was shock after I hear Greg Pritchard singing Nessum Dorma at Britain's Got Talent. He has the voice of a male soprano. He really possessed a very high pitch tone when he sang. I was stunned because I wasn't expecting that his voice will be like that. His talent is very surreal I could not even believe it until now. Simon always says that they are looking for the most unique talent across the globe I bet this is one of the many craziest talents they ever had.

Furniture Design

I always love rustic furniture because it reminds me of childhood memories in the Philippines. I remember that most of our furniture before and even until now is made of wood. All rustic furniture has its own unique design which is carefully carved to achieve that amazing look. One of my favorite rustic furniture is a 6 foot living room sofa. I attach a picture above so you will see the detailed design and craftsmanship. When you click the link above you will able to choose any fabric that matches your taste. Remember each design is individually hand crafted. You can choose many of the upholstery design that they offer.

Man Eater Fish

I was watching the show River Monster at Discovery Channel last night and I was quite disturbed by the picture they show of a Catfish called "Piraiba" who ate a full- grown fisherman. Piraiba is the largest catfish in the Amazon River and known to be a man eater. The maximum weight of a Piraiba can reached up to 500 pounds and its length is up to 9 and 1/2 feet. They are known for biting off more than it can actually chew or swallow.

You can see the host of River Monster Jeremy Wade holding a fresh caught Piraiba of the Amazon River.

Hawaii Here We Come


My husband's whole family is inviting us to join them for their upcoming vacation in Hawaii this summer. I am very thrilled because I have never been to Hawaii but my hubby's family has been there a couple of times. When I think about Hawaii I always imagine the white sandy beaches where you can walk bare footed, the beautiful weather, the exotic food and many more.

Ka'anapali Beach Resort is part of the Maui Resort in the beautiful state of Hawaii. Ka' anapali Beach Resort hotel is known for its world class amenities. After taking a virtual tour on their website I am very excited to tell and recommend to my husband's family to take our vacation at Ka'anapali Beach Resort in the island of Maui in Hawaii. I know that we will have the most breathtaking experience if we spend our vacation in Ka'anapali Beach resort. There first class amenities include two restaurants where you can eat the many delicious food at a reasonable price and you can also pamper yourself by going to the Spa Salon. I would like to try to do snorkeling and surfing while in Hawaii.

You can also have your perfect Maui Weddings in the beautiful island of Maui and have your dream wedding honeymoon at Ka'anapali Beach Resort. Maybe in the future I will have my wedding vows renew in these romantic island of Maui.


Reducing Clutter In Your Home

1. The first rule is actually a reality check-..If you can't find what you need within 5 minutes, no matter what you think, yes, your house is cluttered.

2. Get everyone in your family on the declutter, organization bandwagon. Have everybody in the house pick 5 personal items that can be thrown away or given to charity.

3. If the counter top or table surface isn't visible, take action ASAP.

4. Establish a specific place for the things you use every day especially in the entryway or kitchen--hooks for keys, a basket for the mail, hooks for coats, a basket for shoes left by the door.

5. Always give the living room a quick pickup before bedtime. Be relentless in tossing out papers, newspapers, magazines, and junk mail.

6. The sixth rule for reducing clutter: Every time you bring something new into the house, try to make sure something old goes out.

7. And the final rule: If you aren't using it--or haven't used it in a year, get rid of it.

This is a friendly reminder from DJ Tesh of KSII-FM 93.1 FM El Paso, Texas

Saturday Night Out

My husband's nephew Justin and his girlfriend Amber came in to town to visit us. We went to Apple Bees for our dinner last Saturday and Justin paid our dinner. We also went to the Oasis Bowling Alley to play pool and we finished around two o'clock in the morning. He will be back next week to attend my husband's graduation day.

Pretty much my weekend was very good. Good night everyone.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Joy Ride

Did you know that there are many great advantages to installing turbo in your car? It actually improves your car's horsepower, torque and many more. Your car will also benefit from having a much sleeker modern look after the turbo has been installed.

Click on the link found above and you will find the finest quality of turbo available at the best prices available, and with an incredibly wide selection of turbo and turbo related products. All the turbo, turbo chargers, super charges and nose covers are all covered by an excellent warranty and are in stock, and ready for shipment.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What is ATM Skimming?

ATM's - a skimmer is basically a card reader but it’s hard-to-spot. Then, as you swipe your card, the skimmer steals your information off your card’s magnetic strip. Crooks can also use hidden cameras to record victims typing in their PIN codes. Or place devices on top of the keypad that transmit a person’s PIN to a nearby laptop. Obviously, once a crook has this information, they can drain your bank account.

This are the following tips to protect your ATM card:

1. Be aware of your surroundings- Be extra careful of machines in dark areas or in places that don’t look well guarded and monitored.

2. Cover your hand as you type in your PIN- This will make it harder for a hidden camera to record your PIN number.

3. Be careful when you type in your PIN code- If it’s difficult to punch the keys or you feel resistance, it could mean a device was placed on top of the ATM’s keypad.

4. Pay attention to the FRONT of machines- If it looks different from others in the area, use a different machine. Also, be careful if the ATM has sticky residue on it – this could be a sign there’s a device attached to it.

This is an article from ABCnews website.

Run or Walk For a Cause

Being healthy is one of the many important things you can do to have a longer life. I have a lot of challenges maintaining a healthy and fit body. I haven't been running for awhile now due to the fact that I am busy with work and other things. One of my weaknesses is that I really love junk food. It is very hard to resist the urge to eat especially if the food looks tasty and delicious. I always tend to over eat when I am hungry and when I don't eat on time. I also do not like to go to the gym to exercise or walk very far distances.

But I am ready to make changes in my health lifestyle. My husband and I agreed to get back in shape again to prevent health issues in the future. BeeWell Miles is a program where you can ask questions to a live coach on what approach you wish to undergo in order to live a healthy life. You can also sign in at Bee Well Miles website and make an account in order to keep track of how many miles you walk or run every day and how many calories you intake each time you eat. It is very important for all members to log in at Bee Well Miles because every mile you walk or run is worth 15 cents to help support the Breast Cancer Network of Strength.

I am excited to share this with my family and friends because my mother-in-law died of cancer almost four years ago. You will also be eligible to win one of 15, 000 prizes every time you logged in your miles or game codes at Bee Well Miles website.


I Went Swimming Yesterday

Yesterday we went to the Parks and Recreation Center here in El Paso, Texas. We went there to go swimming since the swimming pool here in our apartment is still close. My husband and I have a great time swimming together; it was very nice because it is an indoor pool and I don't have to worry about getting sunburn. The entrance was only $2 per person so it wasn't too bad. We stay there for an hour and after that we came home, took a shower and went to a Mexican Grill Restaurant. Although both of us are busy with work and school but we make sure that we still have time for each other.

Ebony and Ivory

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What are you waiting for? Click the link above and start your search today, this might be your lucky day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy 54th Birthday Papa!

My father turns 54 years old today. I am very happy and bless to have a wonderful and loving father who I can consider my friend also. I always remember when I was a little kid that every time he arrived from work, he will always have pasalubong (gifts) for us. He loved all of his children and we are thankful that he is our father. We love you Pa I hope you will always remember that and we wish you more birthdays to come and good health.

Beautiful Back Splash Tiles

You can now avail the most peculiar Backsplash tile that will give a beautiful edge in your kitchen wall or in your bathroom wall. The good thing about back splash tile is that, it is hand painted since 1922. The back splash tiles were carefully hand painted with unique style and was made in their studio in Jerusalem. They are great for home interior and exterior decorating project.

When you click the link above you will find peculiar design such as elegant peacocks, tree of life back splash tile, birds of paradise, palm trees, vine tree with birds and many more. I also included a picture of the Palm Tree mural.

Welcome Back My Page Rank

My page rank is back and I am very happy, I guess it was just a technical problem that trigger that I will be out of page rank for awhile. I have never been this excited to write more postings today after I work. To all my friends thank you very much for the encouragement and for your kind words. Anyways, I'll better get going I still have to go to work in a few minutes.

Punk Heroes

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Goodbye Page Rank

I was very surprise today after I found out that I lost my page rank. I've been so busy lately that I never took time to visit other blog site that much. I drop entre cards but not as much as I use to do before. The funny thing is that when I check my page rank on the Google checker it says that I still have PR 2; but when I go to triple P it says that I have zero PR. Anyways, I guess I have to be back in the game again. Hopefully, I'll be able to have it again.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another Victory for Manny Pacquiao

In the very first round Manny Pacquiao sent the Brit down twice with stinging hooks, first with a left and then with a right. The victory makes Manny Pacquiao a six-time world champ in five weight divisions and keeps him as the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

Manny Pacquiao knocked out Ricky Hatton with a left hook in the second round of their bout to grab the the IBO light welterweight title at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday which is Sunday in the Philippines.

Fast Forward and December is almost Here!

It feels so good to be back on my blog. I haven't really had the time to update my blogs since January because I have been quite busy. T...