Saturday, August 25, 2012

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Reviews

Last week my husband and I finally had the opportunity to see The Dark Knight Rises, which was just as good as I had thought it would. The movie takes place 8 years after the events in the Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne/Batman has basically retired. Of course, it turns out that a new villain, known as Bane is creating a plan that will wreck havoc on Gotham City and with this, Batman comes out of retirement. The movie was great, and is filled with surprises and with suspense. I have to say that this was my favorite movie that I have seen so far. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie Reviews

While vacationing at my sister-in-laws house in New Mexico, I was able to watch the Hunger Games on DVD. Well, the movie was very good; it is set in the future in a nation known as Panem, which is divided into 12 districts. Every year, one contestant from each district must compete in a death match known as the Hunger Games. One of the girls whose name is Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take the place of her younger sister named Primrose. Well the movie basically shows how Katniss must use every skill and tactic that she can muster in order to survive and return home. The movie was filled with action and drama, and overall, I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great movie. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Induction Motor

Are you one of the many people out there in the aerospace field who are looking for a three phase induction motor? Well you are not alone, as you may already know, the AC Induction motor is a very high quality motor that is known for being very well built, durable, and reliable. These motors are known for using a 400 HZ induction motor and can be purchased in either a single phase or three phases. These motors have a frequency that is 6 times that of the 60 HZ motors. Currently, one of the top providers of these motors is actually ARC Systems Inc. which has been in the aerospace business since 1967, and stand by their products. One of the other great features about ARC systems is that all of their products are actually made in the USA, so you know that you are getting high quality in their products. So why not check out what ARC Systems Inc. has to offer, you will be glad that you checked them out.

New Domain and School

I am so excited because I recently acquire a free domain from one of my blogger friends online. Though, I haven't had the chance to add the new domain to my cPanel but I am looking forward to start posting new articles soon.

On the contrary, I will be going back to school next week which also means that my schedule will be hectic due to the fact that I also work full time. But I guess challenges are already part of our lives and we must continue to strive hard to reach our goals in life. I wish everyone a happy weekend ahead and God bless everyone!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beautiful and Affordable Frames

Are you one of the many people out there who are in need of new glasses but are short on cash? Well, I know from experience that purchasing affordable frames is very difficult because most frames are quite expensive. Well fortunately, I just found a place on the internet called Zenni Optical where people just like you and me can go to in order to purchase frames that are totally inexpensive! You might be wondering how inexpensive these glasses are, well they have frames starting as low as $6.95 and shipping as low as $4.99. Keep in mind that all glasses purchased from Zenni Optical come with a free anti -scratch coating, full UV protection, a protective case, and even a microfiber cleaning cloth! So if you are looking for a new pair of glasses, don’t waste a lot of money, go with Zenni Optical and get a new pair of glasses and save money in the process, you will be glad that you did.

The Bourne Legacy Movie Review

Well, the other day, my husband and I had a wonderful day off together and we went shopping, to the movies, and had a great dinner. The movie that we had seen was the Bourne Legacy, which was very good, although Matt Damon is no longer in the series. The story follows another agent, Aaron Cross, played by Jeremy Renner who, along with a doctor played by Rachel Weisz, must both run away from government agents being led by Eric Byer, who is played by Edward Norton. Both of them end up traveling to the city of Manila in the Philippines and run, hide, and fight their way out of various situations. I felt that the movie was really good, it was action-packed, it had a good story, and it was nice to see the Philippines, which is actually where I am from, in a big-screen movie. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves action movies and especially those who love this series.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Search Engine Marketing Trends

Are you one of the many people out there who are looking for middle eastern ppc management or are you looking for a middle eastern search optimization firm that fits your needs? Well you are not alone, and I am sure that you may already know that it can be quite difficult to find a Middle Eastern search optimization firm that can provide you with the best service possible. Well fortunately, there is a company called Levant Digital that can help you with search engine optimization, especially if you or your company is in the Middle East. Levant Digital Inc. is actually based in Lebanon and they have been in the search engine optimization business for several years and are quite experienced when it comes to SEO. Levant Digital has a great number of clients that utilize their awesome service, so why not check it out for yourself? You will definitely be glad that you did.

Dine and Movie Date

I am so happy today because I got a decent check and I'm going to take my DH to one of our favorite restaurants and watch the movie "The Bourne Legacy". We are both not working today which rarely happen but we are so thankful we got today off from our places of work. Well, I wish everyone a great week ahead and keep in touch.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Beautiful Bathroom

I really love to upgrade my house as much as I can and in particular I really like my bathroom to look as good as possible. Having a bathroom or bathrooms that look fantastic is very important because a person’s bathroom is one of the most visited areas of a person’s home, and it is nice when you are a guest and someone has a great looking bathroom. If you are like me and want your bathroom to look fantastic, I highly suggest that you check out a great website called Waterworks. Waterworks has amazing products that will make your bathroom look absolutely fantastic and will leave a lasting impression on friends and relatives who visit your home. Waterworks has furnishings, hardware, textiles, lighting, furniture, and much more, that will make your bathroom look truly amazing. So why not check out all of the great products that Waterworks has to offer, you will definitely find something that you like.

Cheers to My Bank Account Provider

Last week, I received a new debit card from my bank provider. I was really surprised because my old debit card is still good for another year. I finally got an answer today after I checked my mailbox and found another letter from my bank provider explaining to me what was happening. According to the letter "it says that my bank provider suspected that my debit card have been affected by a security breach by a third party company hired by merchants/retailers to process their debit transactions". They also further explained that due to the matter they decided to close my debit card account immediately to stop fraudulent activity that may occur in the future.

Well, I immediately check my account online after reading their explanation and I am thankful that everything looks good and the little money I have is still there. I commend my bank provider for the immediate action that they took to protect my personal information and the money I have in my account.

Does anyone online have any experience about fraudulent activity in their bank accounts? What did your bank provider do to protect you? Share your thoughts.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Loans Now for Bad Credit

In these difficult economic times having money when you need it most is something that is very important. Unfortunately, there are times when we do not have the money that we need when our bills are due. Fortunately however, you can actually get loans now for bad credit or no credit and you can actually apply for loans loan online! One of the best places that you can go to for a loan is with First Amerigo, which is actually one of the top places to go to for loan consulting. Some of the things that make First Amerigo so good is that you can apply online in two simple steps, and receive approval within minutes. If you are approved, you can actually get money deposited in your bank account the next day. So why not check out First Amerigo today, you will definitely be glad that you checked them out.

Swimming and Relaxation

Today is my second day off from my place of work and I am enjoying every bit of it because I am going back to work again tomorrow. DH and I decided to go swimming and then we went to Subway to get some sandwiches. After eating our lunch at Subway we then stop by at one of the many Dollar General here in our area to get some laundry soap and dish soap. I don't have any stocks of laundry detergent or dish soap because I sent some to my family in the Philippines; plus I also shared some for my family and friends here in Texas.

Well, I am getting ready to take a nap before DH head to work later on. I hope everyone is having a good day. Thank you for visiting my website, talk to you later guys!

Social Brand Intelligence

Are you one of the many people out there who are in need of software services? Well, I found a great place called Think Passenger dot com that offers a large amount of services that can help you configure online communities by using multiple access points. Several of these services include research, product development, and of course marketing. Of these services I really believe that research and product development is very important, but I would have to say that the voice of the consumer, which is a part of marketing, is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. I believe this to be true because in order for a product to sell, you have to know what the customer wants. Regardless of whether you need help with research, product development, marketing, or all three of these areas, Think Passenger can help you with your goals, so why not check them today, you will definitely be glad that you did.

Prometheus Movie Review

Yesterday I was so happy because my husband didn't have to work until 8 PM, which meant that me and him would have the whole day to ourselves. Well we ended up going to the movie and we saw Prometheus. The movie was very good even though I am not a huge science fiction fan. It starts off with scientists, researchers, workers, etc. traveling on a spaceship called Prometheus to a planet far away from earth. It turns out that there are actually other beings on this planet and what first starts off as a voyage that seems promising quickly turning into a nightmare. Overall the movie is quite good, although it starts off slow, halfway through the movie it is quite suspenseful, mysterious, and scary as well, and I have to say that I recommend this movie.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Floral Wedge Shoes for the Summer

I have to say that, like most girls, I really love shoes! Shoes are great, and it is a must to have a different pair of shoe for every occasion. I really like styles that are different and unique and that are in fashion. There are some shoes that I had seen online that are very difficult to find in store that really look amazing. One of the best places that I found for trendy shoes online is actually found at Infinity shoes has a huge selection of shoes including flat shoes, pump shoes, sneakers, wedge shoes, sandals, outdoor shoes, boots and much more. All of these shoes are very high quality and incredibly fashionable. One of the other great things about Infinity Shoes is that they also have men’s shoes, which are just as great, and they also have bags and accessories. So why not check out all of the great things that Infinity Shoes has to offer, you will definitely find something that you like!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ruby's Car Runs Out of Gas!

Early morning everyone, DH and I just came back from helping a friend who was stranded outside our apartment. Her car did not want to start because she runs out of gas. According to her, when the engine runs out of gas her car battery also die. I felt really bad because I didn't know that she was still there outside my apartment. She dropped me off from our place of work because DH borrowed my car.

I am glad that she was alright and that DH and I were able to help her jump start her car. She finally drove about 30 minutes ago. Hopefully, her car won't mess up anymore.

Back to School BOGO by Famous Footwear

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It is time again to go back to school and that means that your kids will  need supplies, clothing, and especially shoes. As we may already know, a new pair of shoes is a necessity for back to school because your kids will be doing quite a bit of walking. Right now, one of the best places to go to is Famous Footwear because they have a great deal right now which is the BOGO + 15% off Famous Footwear Coupon deal.  This deal is great because you can buy one pair of shoes and then get the second pair of shoes half off along with 15% off the regular prices of these shoes as well, which is an incredible deal that will make back to school shopping very easy. Famous Footwear is also great because their stores are small, organized, and will ensure that you will be in and out in a very short amount of time. Famous Footwear also has a reward program where you will receive 1 point for every dollar that you spend, and with enough points you can earn certificates up to $100 per year! Of course when you sign up for the rewards program you will receive a discounting just for starting up along with many other benefits. So why not check out Famous Footwear today and make sure to print the BOGO coupon today and redeem by the 18th of August, you and all of your family will definitely be glad that you chose Famous Footwear.


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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hamburger Steak Ala Mexicana

On my previous posts I have shared with you guys that I have been working more hours than usual. It also means that DH and I weren't able to visit his Step Dad for over a week. Yesterday, DH and I decided to meet up with Ango (Step Dad) at one of our favorites Mexican Restaurant here in Texas before I went to work. As usual, DH got his favorite Mexican plate which consists of tamales, enchilada, rice and beans and tacos. On the contrary, Step Dad Ango and I got some hamburger steak ala Mexicana and rice. Take a look at the picture within this post!

By the way, it was all worth it not to take my afternoon nap just to spend time with the greatest Step Dad on earth. We cared for him dearly.

Fast Forward and December is almost Here!

It feels so good to be back on my blog. I haven't really had the time to update my blogs since January because I have been quite busy. T...