Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Choose The Right

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Laughing Out Loud

My husband's two nephews are here with us since yesterday and Amber is here, she is Justin's girlfriend. It is almost 12 here midnight but they are still up and doing crazy thing. Amber is waxing her legs and arms with wax strips and Joey ask her if she can put a strip on his stomach. So Amber put the strips on his stomach and its funny because Joey had a lot of hair on that part of his body so when Amber pull the strips he was all screaming to death, he sounded like he's gonna pass out or something. We are just laughing but he still wants more so I told my husband to cover his mouth so when he scream it will not be that loud. I don't want our neighbor to get mad or disturb them.

They ask me if I have hairs on my legs and arms or if I wax and I told them, No because I don't really have much hair on my legs or arms. It looks painful though, Joey's stomach turns red after they remove the strips. Now they are practicing Martial Arts with my husband.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Need Tactics?

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Merry Christmas To All!

I just wanna greet everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to come. Well, we just arrived from visiting my hubby's Step Dad but before we went there we spend time with his biological Dad as well. We have to divide our time so we both can spend time with his two Dad's.

We both have a great time with his family. I don't feel like eating again for the whole evening because I am stuff with the food that we eat the whole day. His Dad was cooking Menudo, Cranberries as a side dish as well as Smoke Ham. We stay there for like 2-3 hours and after that he gave us our presents. I received a set of pajama and then a set of towels and then my hubby received a brand new jacket and belt.

Then we went to my hubby's Step Dad's house and then we brought his gift. We gave him a long sleeve, and also the movie "Iron Man". He was also preparing food like Carnitas (made of meat with red pepper) Spanish Rice and then Beans with Ham. We stay there for 5 hours just talking and watching movie in the TV.

Set Yourself Free

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bargain Hunting!

We are going to the mall to check if we could find video games that are on sale. It's just that my hubby wants to buy games for his Xbox 360 as well as other games for his other game system. I am off today and and I am happy because I was able to do all the chores in the house, make egg rolls (lumpia) for our dinner tonight.

Tonight I will be meeting with my Filipina friend Ophelia and her husband because she is giving away half of her ham because it's too big for the two of them. Likewise, she is telling me that she is also giving me a basket full of canned- goods.

Tomorrow I still have to go to work in the morning and then on the 25th of December we will be close at my place of work so that is cool!

Monday, December 22, 2008

I Am A Rider

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I feel very happy today because I receive two Christmas gifts from my two co-workers. One is from Rae our assistant General Manager and the other one is from Annakaren one of our Team Leader. I thought at first that I did something wrong because they just ignore me the whole day and after awhile they call me because they want to talk to me at the office. When I arrive at the office they give me two Christmas gifts, the one from our assistant General Manager is a black long sleeves which is very good since its winter and the gift from Annakaren is a misty fragrance from Victoria's Secret "Berry Kiss". They thank me for being an excellent worker and I told Rae that I will be making her Eggroll (Lumpia) and Noodles(pancit) because she loves Filipino dish.

Best Thing About Gift Card Is..

Would you like to receive a gift card? For me personally, I would rather receive a gift card instead of other things this Christmas, although I will be very happy with whatever gift I will receive from my family and friends. Did you know that at Gift Card Mall website you can now design your own holiday gift card? I think that is very cool.

I think giving a gift card as a gift this Christmas is very practical in the sense that you can actually choose what you want to purchase using the gift card that you receive. Most likely, after Christmas you will still enjoy the big sales that you will see in the mall, and the gift card that you receive can be used for that purpose. Blackhawk Network is the creator of the Gift Card Mall.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Calendar Happenings of 2008

Today was a good time to remember all the things that happened to me for the year 2008. Ten more days and we will be welcoming year 2009, how cool is that?

This year I turned 26 years old, turned 1 year at my working place, turned 2 years of living in the United States of America and we also celebrated our 2 year Wedding Anniversary with my husband. I am looking forward for the year 2009 and I am hoping and praying that it will bring joy, happiness, love and respect for each other, good health for my family in the Philippines as well as my family here in Texas and we are looking forward to start our own family soon.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Blue Christmas!

I miss the spirit of Christmas in the Philippines. Christmas here in the US is totally different than what I am used too before. Christmas for me is the happiest occasion in the entire year especially if my family is complete. This will be my 3rd Christmas here in Texas since I got married with my husband. Although, I received nice and expensive gifts from family and friends here nothing beats the jolly Christmas in the Philippines.

I remember those days when we stay awake watching movies, talking with friends and families,dancing and singing. My mother and my grandma prepares a lot of food every Christmas. You can hear fireworks all the time, loud music and seeing happy people around you. We are hoping in the future to spend our holidays in the Philippines, it will be so nice.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bold and Sexy!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pillow Case Making!

I remember that my mother and my grandmother use to teach us on how to sew pillow cases, table covers, bed sheets, curtains and sew clothes that are torn.

Well, I mostly do sew clothes especially the once that are torn and I do that often for my husband and for myself. I was checking the cloth at Wal-mart today and I saw a lot of wonderful cloth that I can make into a pillow case, sofa cover and table covers. I am excited to begin my first project because the only thing that is lacking for me to create the first set of my project is the cloth. I told my husband that next week after I received my pay check at work I would like to purchase the cloth that I saw at Wal-mart as well other materials to make it more beautiful. It will be a great project to start on!

Only The Highest Quality Of Art

Have you heard about Mary Jane Goods? They were actually founded by the "Father of the Genetic Art". They are offering the best of high end quality items from the DNA genetic finger printing of Cannabis. Combining DNA genetic fingerprinting with a touch of an icon of pop culture. Their inspiration was based on the Grandmason's work with DNA that focuses on endangered species. You can actually count on them with the best collection of high quality art, the best designs for your clothes, where else can you get this kind of product? Also, they are creating original designs and products which are very peculiar that you can only find at the Mary Jane Goods website. Mary Jane Goods is the very first company to create custom genetic portraits of C. Sativa most popularly known as Cannabis. Their products includes clothes for men and women, Canvas art, and last but not the least is Block Art. If you want to know more about Mary Jane Goods then please click Mary Jane Show your class and inner beauty with Mary Jane Goods products.

Here are two of the products from Mary Jane Goods :

Art Stash Box

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Bringing Sexy Back!

Since I am off from work today, I had the chance to do my pedicure. I am happy with the finish result. I choose red nail polish because this is my favorite color. I have different nail polish from blue,green,pink,orange and many more. I do my pedicure mostly every two weeks. I color my nail by myself because it saves me money to go the nail salon. Anyways, I have a complete equipment to do it so why not? My friends usually ask me to do home service especially if I am not working with my full-time job. I am very hands on!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Free Yourself From Debt!

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Soup? Anyone?

Did you know that a single serving of some soups contain as many calories as a Big Mac and on top of the fat and calories – some brands contain half a day’s worth of sodium!

Please avoid these kind of soups at all cost:

1. Most canned soups. Many of them contain trans fats, more than half a day’s worth of sodium and even MSG. A lot of condensed soups are culprits – but they’re also the cheapest. So if someone’s on a budget, they may be ruining their diet. So look at the labels – and try to pick one with 200 calories or less per serving. There are plenty on store shelves that have that.

2. Powdered soups- Because of the artificial additives in powdered soup mixes, they’re often worse than canned soups. The calorie content may be low – but one serving of cream of vegetable has over 1,100 milligrams of sodium – and most people easily eat two servings. So there’s you’re entire day’s worth of sodium in one bowl. You may as well eat a Weinershnitzel Pastrami Dog and live it up a little if you’re going down that route.

3. Creamy soups- One restaurant chain’s popular Cream of Broccoli soup has as many fat grams as a 20 piece chicken McNuggets!

4. Resist the add-ons- Croutons, bacon bits, bread on the side – or even worse, a bread bowl! The bread bowl alone is 600 calories! Keep this in mind, a savory bowl of French onion with the cheese melted on top is 700 calories! For that amount, you could stuff your face with two servings of Panda Express Sweet & Sour Pork – and at least you’d be full!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

To Give Is Divine

Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry is a program that Sears has created in order to reach out to military families that are left behind as well as war veterans. Sears made this program just in time for the upcoming Christmas Holiday to help those who are in need, especially the military families and veterans that are waiting for their loved ones to come back from their military assignments.

You can help by donating any amount to the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry program, remember that it is not tax deductible and your donation will be used to purchase Sears Gift Cards that will be sent out to all registered families. You can also show your support and your help by posting your "thank you" message at the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry website for all the military personnel that are serving or have served our country. Also, you can show your support by forwarding this Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry page to all your friends in their email address as well as putting the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry badge on your website.

Many of the things that military families wish for include shoes for their kids, pajamas for their children, children sweaters, Boys pants, Boy and Girls Coat, dresses for their children and many more items. So I encourage each and everyone of us to help make their wishes come true by helping out with the
Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry program, your helps means so much for military families this Christmas.

I leave you this quote to keep in mind, "For it is in giving that we received". Happy Holidays everyone!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ice Cream Flavored Kisses

Today is quite cold and breezy here in my place but I have these urge to eat ice cream. My husband was even asking me are you sure you want to eat ice cream today? And I answer him, of course I want too. He even told me your such a brat Geraldine and don't blame me if you feel worse.

I am not feeling well because I am very stressed out with work lately but "Oh well I felt a little bit better after I eat the ice cream. I have a triple flavored ice cream it consist of vanilla,chocolate and strawberry. I am just happy I am off today at work so I am here at the house cleaning,decorating and organizing it. I can not actually stop working you know.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Am Grateful Because...........

1. God is with me all the time. I know and I have faith that He is there to help me get through to whatever trials and challenges that may come in my life as long as I will do my part to be a faithful follower in His teachings.

2. I know my family is there to love me unconditionally and to help me become a much better person.

3. I marry my eternal partner, the love of my life, the future father of my children, my best friend.

4. Becoming a much better person after all the challenges that I met through the course of my life. Praying to be always ready at all times.

5. For having a wonderful mother that I love so much, I am grateful for her sacrifices for our family and for her children, for her strength and her love.

"The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest".

Thank you very much Jazzie for giving me this TAG, it means so much to me. I would love to give this award to my fellow bloggers namely: Naomi, and Marly.

Here are the rules:

1. Write down 5 things you are grateful for and Tag at least 5 bloggers.
2.Also Add a quote about "gratitude".

Need Repair?

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Red Is My Favorite Color

Red is my favorite color. There's something in that color that drives me to love it more. While I was surfing the web yesterday I notice that they have a video about why Red makes one person turn their heads and follow the person who wear it. The answer is fantastic and it makes me smile.

It says the people may tend to get attracted with Red color in particular because its either part cultural or psychological. Men find women more attractive and more sexually desirable when they wear red clothes. Red means danger, fire, love or excitement, being passionate,fervid, active. Red is also associated with heat and blood.

My husband even loves to see me when I wear my red dress. Why not experiment it for yourself and see if it will work for you?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Lets Cruise!

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You can also check their cruisers motorcycle community online.

Decorating Our Christmas Tree

My sister-in-law give us a 7.5 inches of Christmas Tree together with its Christmas Ornaments. So right now, my husband and I are trying to put it together. I did not expect that it will take awhile for us to finish decorating. I will post pictures after we completely decorate the Christmas Tree, hopefully later on tonight.

I need to wrap the gifts and Christmas presents for everybody and put it under the Christmas Tree, I bet it will look fantastic with its Christmas Lights on. This is one of my happiest season of the year!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Trip!


My husband and I have been planning to go on a trip for awhile now but we have not decided on where to take our vacation. We keep on changing the dates and the destination so we can relax and unwind and not worry about our jobs or our schoolwork. A friend of mine suggested that we visit the state of Missouri because she had visited Missouri before and felt that it would be the perfect place to visit to get away from it all for awhile. I am very excited because I happened to have two friends who reside there and I would like to visit my cousin as well whom I have not seen in many years since she left Philippines to pursue her career as a registered nurse.

I am very much interested to stay at one of two of the most prominent hotels in Branson, Missouri which is the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel and Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing. I found out that Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing is located in Lake Taneycomo, Missouri which is part of the Branson Landing shopping center and entertainment district. It's at the center of the Historic Downtown Branson just across the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel. Both of these hotels are just minutes away from outlet malls, the 49 theaters, golf courses, the famous Table Rock Lake, Silver Dollar City, Celebration City and plenty of other attractions.

Right now they are actually offering special packages for the holidays such as The Thanksgiving Package, It’s a Wonderful Life Package, Santa’s Coming to Town Package and the New Years’ Eve Package. Since Thanksgiving Day is over you can choose the other three packages that are available. I would prefer to choose the New Year's Eve Package since it would be a good place to visit before traveling to other places next year. Included in these theme packages are spa treatments, family style dinners, and a special visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus, which are offered by the two hotels mentioned above.

Both Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel and Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing offer the best amenities such as Indoor and Outdoor pools, Guest Rooms or Condos, and the famous Luxurious Guest accommodations, Reception area, Banquet area and a Ballroom area.

I am very excited and I am dying to see for myself the wonders and attractions that I will be experiencing in Branson, Missouri this coming New Year. So if you are planning to travel this holiday season don't forget to check out Branson, Missouri, the place where you should be this coming holiday.


Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday Shopper Please Slow Down!

A Wal-Mart worker was killed after shoppers knock him in the ground. The shoppers were eager to get the best bargain from Wal-Mart, they even broke down the doors so they can get it. The sad part is that the unknown worker come from a temporary agency where he was doing store maintenance at Wal-Mart Store in New York.

He was rushed to the hospital but at 6 a.m he was pronounced dead. Also a 28 year old pregnant woman was taken to the hospital for observation, four or five other people suffered minor injuries.

So too all holiday buyers please take it easy, don't rushed!

Vacuum On The Go

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If for some reason you want to change the shipping method of your order, all you need to do is call them within an hour after you place your order.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Thoughts Are With You

We went for a Thanksgiving get together at my in-laws house and were discussing about the terrorist attack in Mumbai India which is the business capital of India. I feel very bad for all the people that were taken hostage especially the ones that are killed and wounded. Supposedly, the group of terrorist attack seven places, they started attacking last Wednesday. They are targeting foreign nationals who are American, British and Canadians.

They killed at least 125 people all together and still counting and wounded 327. They have been attacking the Taj Mahal Hotel, Oberoi Hotel, Jewish Center, Cama Hospital, Chabad House, Cafe Leopold, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station.

I hope this chaos will stop and let peace prevail!

Great Quality Items Under $25

Click Here

If I had the means to shop overboard without a budget I would surely do so because it would be very nice. All I would have to do would be to pick the items that I would like to purchase and pay for it. BUT since I have a specific budget of how much I can spend for the holidays I am more concerned about how much each gift will cost for the people on my list. I've been mentioning on my posts all the time that I have a big family in the Philippines, I want to give them the best gifts that I can possibly purchase for them.

I am very happy that Kmart has 25,000 items for UNDER $25. These items range from very well-known brands like the Martha Stewart Everyday, Craftsman, Celebration by Radko and many more! This means that I can purchase the items on my wish list at Kmart.

I would definitely purchase a lot of clothes for my younger siblings at Kmart because they have Route 66 girls fashion hoodies and embellished jeans, both just $16.99 each. They also have a Martha Stewart Everyday tall nickel pillar candle holders for $14.99 each. Other items below $25 are the followings:

* Joe Boxers for men and women two and three piece cozy sleep sets from $12.99-$24.99
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* LeapFrog Leapster Learning Games, various titles priced at $24.99

You can also purchase your items for under $25 at and right now if you order over $49 worth of items ONLINE you will be given FREE SHIPPING, exclusions apply. You can also get two $5 Kmart coupons when you sign up for Kmart emails.

Remember that Kmart also has their layaway program and no payment; they also offer no interest for six months.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Excited For Thanksgiving Day!

My boss told us today that we will be close tomorrow so we can celebrate the Thanksgiving Day together with our family. I am very happy because we will have a get together dinner tomorrow with my husband's family.

I asked my Father-in-law if they need help and he was happy because he said that I am the first person who asked that question to him. I told him that we can help them prepare the food tomorrow since both me and my husband will be free tomorrow. This year will be my third time to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with my family here in the US. I will be taking pictures tomorrow for sure.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cruising Together Baby!

This is the right place for motorcycle lovers especially if you are looking for specific bike parts What ever style you have or want, they will be giving you the most unique bike parts that you are looking for. They have a wide selection of bike parts, and motorcycle gear and everything that you need for your motorcycle. You will definitely get the look that you want to project when riding your motorcycle.

They also offer a safe and secure shopping site which is protected by McAfee, the world leader in security, the best thing is that they offer free shipping options with no hassle returns and they give you the best customer service for a lifetime.

Careful During Holiday Rush

Fasten your seatbelt when you are driving on the free-way because this is the most dangerous time of the year to be driving, especially that Thanksgiving Day is coming. Make sure to have plenty of time to go home and drive back and forth from where you come from so you will not be driving fast beyond the speed limit. There was heavy traffic today especially on the free way. We went to the North East side of El Paso, Texas and Oh boy we have to drive like 30 minutes on the free way so we can arrived at our destination. Many people at this time are preparing to cook Thanksgiving dinners, and complete their Christmas shopping this weekend, so many people are quite busy and often times their driving reflects that. People are in a rush to get to their destinations and often times become a little more careless. To make matters worse, many people will be drinking alcoholic beverages during Thanksgiving, and sadly, many of these people do not look for a designated driver or call a taxi.

Make Their Wishes Come True With Your Help!

As I was reading the story of the many families whose husbands, sons, brothers, sisters, fathers, friends and relatives are serving as military personnel, I was thinking of how hard it must be to be far away from their families especially since the holidays are fast approaching. Even for me, I miss my family a lot because I cannot be with them this coming Christmas, I can only imagine how much more difficult it must be for those who are serving and protecting our country. Like us they also have their wish list for this coming Holiday. To help make their wishes come true, Sears has a program called Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry. With Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry you can now help make their wishes come true by donating any amount to the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry or you can drop by any local Sears store. You can also show your support by putting a badge on your website that supports the Heroes and Home program. If you can't afford to help them financially then you can still make a difference by sending them a Thank you message or encouragement for all military men and women at Sears Heroes at Home Wish or by simply telling a friend about the program and forwarding the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry page to their email addresses.

I love this quote concerning helping other people, it says and I quote: "Only by giving are you
able to receive more than you already have." So act now by making their wishes come true!


Another Award For Me " Cute Blogger Award"

I feel very happy that I received this award from a good friend of mine in the world of blogging. A million thanks to Rechie. I am very cute in many ways for instance my hubby always compliment me because he loves my cute smile! Well, I know that my hubby loves me a lot that's why he showered me with lots of compliment and love. I would also like to give this award to the following friends online namely: Gags, Marly, Naomi, Cecille, Merl.

The rules are:

- Each blogger must post these rules.
- Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
- Bloggers that are tagged need to write ten facts about themselves.
- You need to choose at least 5-10 people to tag and list their names.
- Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and also to read your blog.

Interesting facts about me:

1. I am the oldest child among 12 children.
2. I have a Bachelors Degree in Banking and Finance
3. My mother and I have the same birthdays and that makes us 20 years apart from each other
4. I got my two names from my two grandmother's on both side
5. I love purses and fragrances more than anything else
6. I love to organized the house and make sure that they look neat
7. I love Chicken (any dish will do as long as its chicken)
8. I enjoy going to the church
9. I am married to my wonderful and loving husband Antonio "Tony" De La Cruz
10. I love my family so much


I can't believed that until now I have not received the item that I've been waiting to arrived in the mail. It's been two weeks already and I am started to get worried, I thought I will have them sooner but I am very much disappointed. I dunno if they sent it to the wrong address but I did make sure that I give them the correct address and my full name. I just want to have it right now so I can used it...It is a very elegant purse that I order online. I have a mini collection of purses although, not all of them are well known brand but they are cute, in-great colors, well made,and I pick them from thousands of items online. I've been contacting the seller about it but I have not received any explanation or any agreement on what to do next.

I am still hopeful I will eventually received the item this week! I am crossing my fingers!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Celebrate Your Thanksgiving With Sears!

Today was very stressful because I was cleaning the house. I was supposed to relax because I'm off from work but I can't help myself but do something or I'll go crazy. I was cleaning the house because my sister-in-laws will be here for Thanksgiving Day and they might be staying in our house. I forgot to tell my husband yesterday to borrow the vacuum cleaner from his Dad because we don't have our own vacuum cleaner anymore since we left it at our old apartment. As I was browsing the web I noticed that there is a Sears Pre-Thanksgiving Sale. I checked to see if they have any sales for a vacuum cleaner and I said to myself, Oh wow! They have some. It is a Kenmore brand vacuum cleaner that comes with a Bagless upright with Inteli-Clean system for only $229.99 on which you can save $120 if you buy it during the Sears Pre-Thanksgiving Sale.

I am very happy because we will be getting our new Kenmore Vacuum cleaner which means that we don't have to borrow from my Father-in-laws anymore, after we purchase our own. It also means that we will be saving money if we purchase this item during the Sears Pre-Thanksgiving Sale.


Does Your Child Wet On Their Bed?

Causes of bed-wetting?

Children don't wet the bed on purpose. Most likely, a child wets the bed for one or more reasons, such as:

  • Delayed growth. Children whose nervous system is still forming may not be able to know when their bladder is full.
  • A small bladder. Some children may have a bladder that gets full quickly.
  • Too little antidiuretic hormone. The body makes this hormone, which rises at night to tell the kidneys to release less water. Some children may not have enough of this hormone.
  • Deep sleeping. Many children who wet the bed sleep so deeply that they don't wake up to use the bathroom. They probably will wet the bed less often as they get older and their sleep pattern changes.
  • Emotional or social factors. Children may be more likely to wet the bed if they have some stress. For example, a child may have a new brother or sister.

Children who wet the bed after having had dry nights for 6 or more months may have a medical problem, such as a bladder infection. Or stress may be causing them to wet the bed.

Here are some other tips that may help your child:

  • Give your child most of his or her fluids in the morning and afternoon.
  • Limit caffeine from chocolate or colas, especially at night.
  • Have your child use the toilet before he or she goes to bed.
  • Let your child help solve the problem, if your child is older than 4. He or she can help decide which treatments to try.
  • Offer your child disposable nighttime underpants. Don't force your child to wear them, but they are fine if your child is comfortable using them.
  • Praise your child for dry nights.

For Golf Fanatic!

Golfakademi is the biggest Golf Shop in Germany. This is great for people who love golf because they offer classes for children and adults. You can take golf courses together with other participants and learn the basic fundamental contents and techniques of the golf haven. They will also give you free repetition during the practical play examination.

You can locate the Golf club on Gut Ising which is the biggest center for Golf lessons in Bavaria. The golf course in San Lorenzo has been called one of the best places in Europe. The Bermuda grass on the golf course makes it more fabulous. It has 18 play courses with seawater lagoons that gives more difficulty for golfers and gives them the challenge they want during their games. This place looks like a number 8 and you will see the most impressive club houses and the most amazing restaurants in the midst of the golf course.

If you are planning to have your vacation in another country in the future and would like to play golf at the same time then I would like you to know that this is in fact possible. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. Now here is your chance to visit Dubai, Andalusien which is located in the southern most part of Spain, as well as Kurfo, Greece.

You can also order your personal custom fitting racket set which will help you to have the right momentum and angle when you play golf. If you are looking for the perfect shoes to wear when you are playing Golf then check out their website, they have shoes for women, men and children. They also offer proper clothing for you to wear during Golf tournaments or practices. Likewise, you can also purchase your own duffel bag and golf rackets or even your own golf ball with your signature or name printed on the ball.

Making Your Marriage Works!

Make your marriage the priority-

Between kids and work, it’s easy to get so busy that you put your marriage on hold - but it should be the center of everything you do. When it suffers, so does everything else. Spending time with your spouse is the most important job you have to do each day.

Try new things as a couple-

Remember when you were getting to know each other and everything was new? Get that feeling back! You don’t have to take up sky-diving. Try cooking a meal you’ve never cooked before. As long as it’s new, and you’re doing it together, you’ll be giving your marriage what it needs to thrive.

Hang onto something from your single life-

Many marriages run into trouble because people believe they have to do EVERYTHING as a couple. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in each other that you drop off the office softball team or miss movie night with your single friends. But eventually, that breeds resentment. So keep doing the things you love to do on your own.

Ask your spouse for advice-

If you find yourself with problems you don’t feel you can share with your partner - you’re in trouble. Being able to talk things out is the foundation of a great marriage. And this is especially true for men. The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT predictor of marital success is a husband’s willingness to listen to his wife.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ultime Favorite!


I am not a parent but I love to play video games with my hubby especially if the game is fun. If you are familiar with the movie entitled the Princess Bride, then surely you will love the Princess Bride Game. You will be reunited with Princess Buttercup and Westley, their life on the farm, you will be helping them defeat the villains on the game, your survival skills on the game will be tested, last but not the least you will help them defeat the evil prince, these are the steps you must take so that Princess Buttercup and Westley will live a happy ever after.

To all parents out there, this is a friendly reminder for you that the Princess Bride Game is one of the top PC games for children. Parents and children can both play this game through their Linux system, Mac system or Windows system PC. The Princess Bride Game comes with 5 games in 1. You can download the Princess Bride Game now or buy them for $19.99.

You can also enjoy the Printable pictures and Wallpapers that you will find at Princess Bride You can also click on the free demos of the game to familiarize yourself with the whole game before purchasing it.

This is indeed, a perfect gift for your little ones.


Keeping Your Skin Healthy and Hydrated

• Moisturize for soft skin-

For a deeply moisturizing treatment, gently rub your skin with calendula oil twice a day. To bring relief from tight and itchy skin, mix in ten drops of Tonic Oil (wintergreen, eucalyptus, and menthol) with fresh aloe gel; apply liberally and frequently.

• Hydrate yourself-

Dryness, in general, is a condition caused by depleted internal fluids. Keep hydrated and drink plenty of water, at least 60 ounces per day. Avoid spicy foods, alcohol, and coffee.

• Valuable vitamins for skin-

A fluid deficiency can result in skin dryness. One suggestion is to be sure that you are getting your proper vitamin intake; vitamins A, B-Complex, and E support healthy skin. Vitamin E can also be applied directly to the skin at elbows, knees, or anywhere that is especially dry.

• Shorten shower time-

Long hot baths and showers remove oils from your skin. Keep your bath or shower time to under 15 minutes, and use warm, rather than hot, water. After washing, gently pat yourself dry with a towel to keep some moisture on your skin. Then moisturize. Also, keep in mind that harsh deodorant and antibacterial soaps are damaging to your skin, stripping it of lipids and moisture. If you have dry skin, it's best to use mild soaps with added oil and moisturizer. After cleansing, your skin should never feel tight or dry.

• Dress for dry weather-

Keep covered up to avoid excessive exposure to sun and wind. Be kind to your skin and choose natural fiber fabrics, such as cotton or silk, that let your skin breath. Also, use gentle laundry detergents to wash your clothes, the ones with no dyes or perfumes, both of which may irritate your skin.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

They Lay Your Way!

Click Here

The holidays are coming and of course that means that we will be shopping for gifts for our loved ones. I was worried for awhile because I don't have enough cash to buy all of the gifts that I wanted to purchase for my family back in the Philippines. Thank God because Kmart answered my prayers. Kmart makes this possible by bringing back their Kmart Layaway for the Holidays.

The first thing that you need to do is select the items that you want to buy such as jewelry, clothes, fitness equipment, health and beauty products, these are just a few example of things that you can get through their Kmart Layaway for the Holidays. Secondly, is to bring your item to the Layaway counter and make a minimum down payment of $5 for all new Layaway contracts but keep in mind that there is a $10 cancellation fee for all layaway contracts that are canceled. Layaway works great for me because I get paid bi-weekly, just in time for my next payment. Bear in mind that you cannot miss a payment date because your items will be returned to stock seven days after you miss a payment. Lastly, after the full amount has been paid, you can now take your items with you, indeed this is sweet!

These are items or goods that you cannot put on Layaway:

• Beer, wine, and cigarettes
• Flammable products and fuel
• Food and other perishable merchandise
• Live plants and horticulture
• Oil and chemical based products
• Photo Finishing and Portrait Studio pictures
• Chemicals
• Gas additives
• Magazines
• Paint thinner
• Prescription drugs
• Pool chemicals
• Cellular phones and beepers
• Personal Computers

So go to Kmart Store now and don't forget to bring your list of items that you want to put on a Kmart Layaway for the Holidays.


Crazy Weather

My husband had fever,cold and sore throat at the same time. I really feel bad for him, because he was all exhausted from work. Last night, after we took a nap for 3 hours or should I say we sleep for 3 hours long, we went to the grocery store to buy some stew meat and other food to last for two weeks. We also purchase medicine for him and after that we went home right away.

And today, I was just doing my laundry while waiting for my hubby to arrived from work. He doesn't want to call in sick because he said, he can still managed to work for today. This cold weather also contributes why its easy for us to get sick.

I am praying for his fast recovery. One thing I don't like is that when one of us get sick or any of my love ones get sick. Its not easy!

Yes Sir!

This is a great site especially for Military personnel, security professionals, police officers or even to the general public who are looking for a specific gear or Tactical products that they want and need. For instance, Tactical series is the superior creator of products that enhance the safety, accuracy, speed and performance of law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals. The Tactical series product are made with materials that are durable, with the highest quality and a great value.

The number one stock dealer of Tactical series products is the LA Police If you buy two of the 5.11 Tactical series clothing, you will get free shipping, or you can avail their free shipping return and you can also get their free hats.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Wonders of Home Remedies

Here are four doctor-recommended natural home remedies to cure everything from a nagging cough to bad breath.

1. First, for that cough: Try two squares of dark chocolate, or two teaspoons of honey. Researchers found compounds in chocolate that are more effective at suppressing coughs than codeine – a common ingredient in allergy relief medicine. Plus, the natural sweetness in chocolate won’t leave you feeling drowsy or constipated – like codeine can. Meanwhile, honey contains antioxidants which naturally boost your immune system and recent studies found that honey works better at suppressing coughs in children than any over-the-counter cough medicine.

2. Next, to stifle hiccups: Swallow a teaspoon of sugar. Experts say any substance with course, dry granules will soothe the irritated nerves that cause your diaphragm to spasm. However, a teaspoon of sugar tastes a lot better than a teaspoon of salt.

3. For Chapped Lips- Rub olive oil on your mouth two or three times a day. Olive oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe, soften and lubricate your lips – making them feel better immediately. You’ll need to apply it for several days before the chapping fully heals. There’s a bonus benefit: New research shows that applying extra virgin olive oil to your skin after being out in the sun may help prevent skin cancer.

4. Remedy for Bad Breath-Gargle a cup of lemon juice. Lemons contain a natural acid which kills the odor causing bacteria in your mouth. If you follow your gargling with a spoonful of plain yogurt, you’ll neutralize the odor completely! That’s because yogurt contains beneficial bacteria called probiotics and those have been found to neutralize stinky mouth microbes for up to 24 hours.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Needs Massage?

I always asked my husband to massage me most of the time after work because I get so tired of standing and just walking around my working place. After all having a full time job will wear you out.

For your information, Takemi Select Wholesale Outlet is the nation's leading importers and distributors of massage chairs, massage beds, foot spas, air purifiers and other health and wellness products. There goal is to always bring the greatest product to all of their customers. Takemi Select Wholesale Outlet was founded in 2006, thus bringing over a decade worth of experiences.

Takemi Select Wholesale Outlet is located in Melbourne,Florida and they are working together with the world's top manufacturer of health and wellness products. They promise to bring wonders on their product to all their customers and bringing you the relaxation you have been looking for with their products and services. Get one for yourself and you will see the difference.

How To Stop Swearing?

Offensive language, like other bad habits, isn’t easy to overcome. But you can conquer it when your desire is strong enough. Here are some tips to help you make your language fair instead of foul.

1. Be Aware- Swearing is wrong. It’s not cool or original. Besides, others may develop a false image of what you stand for if you use bad language.

2. Desire a Change- Before you will change, you have to want to change. Nobody can do it for you; you must do it yourself.

3. Seek Help- Talk to your parents, priest or bishop, good friends, and to those who have overcome the problem. They can offer specific advice.

4. Make a Commitment- Set a goal. Research indicates it takes 21 days to overcome a habit, so why not avoid swearing for 21 days?

5. Change Behavior- If anger triggers searing, work on controlling your temper. If bad friends, music, movies, or environment contribute to the problem, find new ones.

6. Get Reinforcement- Tell someone you trust that you’re trying to change. Check in periodically to let them know how you’re doing.

7. Be Persistent- Change may not come overnight. But continued effort will lead to success.

Make Your Dream A Reality!

I love visiting new places especially if I can travel without spending too much money. Here's the good news, Larry the Travel Guy is giving away two round trip tickets for a free trip to New Zealand. The two round trip flights are from Los Angeles, California to Auckland, New Zealand. The cost of the trip will be shouldered with Air New Zealand.

My husband and I have been wanting to travel to New Zealand to visit his friend there who's wife is from the Philippines also. It would be nice to reunite with them and meet them in person and visit new places as well. Also, I wanted to see my childhood friend again who is now living in New Zealand too.
Oh you may wonder who is Larry the Travel Guy? Larry is a traveller,an adventurer, he is also an explorer who likes to discover things around the world. He likes to visit new places and experience different cultures and he loves to share his experiences with all people within the online community.

What to expect when you travel to Auckland, New Zealand? People in Auckland, New Zealand are friendly and they love to play Rugby. You can also try new things there such as bungee jumping or you can also visit their finest wineries as well being able to lodge at the famous Hotel Du Vin that offers high end accommodations.

This a chance of a life time so do your part now by visiting Larry the Travel for more information.


Aromas That Can Alter Your Mood

One of the most direct routes to your brain is through your NOSE. So what you smell can influence your mood. Think about it - one whiff of apple pie or chocolate chip cookies can make you long for mom’s kitchen and other scents can influence your mood just as easily. That’s because SMELLS feed directly into the emotional centers of the brain. In other words, you can often alter your state of mind simply by exposing yourself to a specific aroma. So right now, we’re going to touch on two specific mood shifts. Here’s what to sniff when you want to raise your energy level, and on the flip side, when you need to calm down.

1. Calming Your Nerves- It’s all about VANILLA. For starters, it’s the one scent shown to be universally liked in all cultures – and it’s especially calming. Why? Because it subconsciously reminds us of a mother’s breast milk. So if you’re anxious about a first date or a big presentation, keep some vanilla scented lotion handy, or a vanilla candle. Either of those will help stabilize your nerves.

2. Energy Boost- It’s 4PM and you’re in a brain fog. You’ve already had way too much caffeine, but you still have 2 more hours of the workday to get through. The solution? Grab a peppermint hard candy, some spearmint tea, or even a tiny tic tac - anything with MINT. Sniffing mint stimulates the nerve endings in your nose, which send impulses to the part of the brain that makes you feel wide awake and alert. In fact, in one study, athletes who inhaled peppermint were able to do more push-ups and run a 400-meter dash faster than those inhaling other odors. The minty aroma has also been shown to raise your tolerance to pain, another benefit if you’re trying to get energized for a workout.

Do All That You Can To Save Your Marriage

It is not really new to us to hear couples getting divorce nowadays. It makes me sad to know that their marriage didn't last. I myself doesn't want to get through with all the hassles of getting divorce, God forbid you know. My husband and I agreed that we will always do our best to make our marriage last forever and to make sure that we will always do our part as a couple and a partner in life.

For people who have a marriage problem right now, I want you to know that you are not alone on your battle. If you want to fight back to save your marriage to last then the National Institute of Marriage is there to help you. They are actually designed for couples who are struggling with their union.

The most popular marriage counseling program at National Institute of Marriage is "The Couples Intensive" program. They uses a structure which is the most powerful format in helping couples who feel that they cannot achieved their dream marriage. It actually consist of five couples and two of the National Institute of Marriage counselors that works together for a four day period. The five couples will spend their 30 hours of time with two of the National Institute of Marriage counselors, the couples will experience luxury accommodations, all meals are included and you will be given a manual for all participants and other follow up services.

This is only one of the many programs they offered at National Institute of Marriage. For more information or if interested in saving your marriage here is your chance to check at National Institute of or you also read their Press Release below.

Press Release:

With the national divorce rate around 50%, there is no doubt that many marriages run into communication problems at some point. There is a communication epidemic. The National Institute of Marriage has created marriage counseling programs and resources utilizing a structure that is the most powerful format they have found for helping couples who feel stuck and hopeless. They have designed several programs to help couples move past the barriers and experience the marriage of their dreams.
NIM's Intensive Marriage Counseling Programs are unique from weekly marriage counseling in three distinctive ways:

· Intensive Marriage Counseling Format: Committing to an extended amount of concentrated time like the 2 or 4 day Marriage Intensive allows people to get to the root of the problem and stick with it in order to work through it. If you’ve been in traditional marriage counseling before, you may have experienced how you spend the first half catching up from the week before, the second half getting into the real issues, and then the time is gone. The Intensive format is designed so that people have the chance to go deeper without many of the other distractions of daily life and have enough discuss to consider solutions.

· Efficiency: One of the first steps in the process is an extensive assessment with some questionnaires. This allows the therapists to gather background information and can get an idea of the best strategy to proceed before you arrive for your session.

· Marriage Counselors: The counselors at the National Institute of Marriage are specialists in this area. One analogy we like to use is that of the Mayo Clinic: people go to their regular physician but may be sent to a specialist to work with specific areas. The NIM marriage therapists have been trained in this format to maximize its effectiveness. Also, the NIM marriage counseling programs provide the perspectives and insight of two professionals rather than one.
If you are considering divorce, you must try the National Institute of Marriage before giving up. They have developed a continuum of care that meets couples wherever they may be in their relationship. Regardless of the health of their marriage they have a service that can help couples improve their marital satisfaction. Visit their website at Read the incredible testimonies from the couples that saved their marriages by attending a Marriage Intensive at the National Institute of Marriage.

Ways To Take If You Lose Your Job

1. Grieve...Then Move On- Spend a day or two getting all of your resentful feelings out of your system. If you hang onto your emotional baggage, it’ll only slow down your search for a new job. So after a couple of days, you’ve got to move forward and DON’T burn bridges by calling your boss or coworkers to “give them a piece of your mind.” You never know when someone from your former job might help you find a future job

2. Get Your Resume Together- Start by putting together a list of everything you accomplished at your last job, but don’t just regurgitate your job description. Your accomplishments should highlight things like numbers, percents, and dollars saved because studies show that specific, measurable experience registers with hiring managers and applicant screeners. So instead of saying you had “shipping duties,” say something like “helped introduce a new shipping system that cut costs by $100 a month.” However, don’t LIE on your resume. If an employer finds out you lied, you won’t get the job. Period....

3. Let People Know That You Are Currently Looking for A Job- Go through your collection of business cards and start reconnecting with former associates. DON’T just talk to people who know you well, talk to the guy you always wave to at the gym. Or the parents of the other kids on your daughter’s soccer team. Studies show that 80 percent of all jobs come through networking and you never know who may have a lead.

4. Search for Full-Time Job- This means eight hours a day of solid work. Whether it’s calling potential employers, surfing job websites, attending job fairs, or reading about the career you’re interested in. Being a “professional job seeker” may not be the job title you want, but if you take it seriously, it won’t be your job title for long.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Save and Shop Till You Drop

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Click Here

I have been so lucky most of the time on getting a great deal on items that I have wanted to buy. Right now my main concern is to buy a new sweater, since the weather has been cold lately here where I live. I feel relieved after I found out that has a great deal on their Women's Kimono Wrap Sweater. You have to purchase it online at to get that Extra 10% off; the search ID number of the Women's Kimono Wrap Sweater is (70198911). You can also purchase a 1/4ct tw Diamond 5-Stone Journey Pendant and Earring Set in 10K Yellow Gold at to get the Extra 10% off with its search ID number (89270115. Oh and take note, the sale price is shown in the cart and not on the product page.

Mark your calendar for the month of December because at they will be offering an additional 10% online ONLY on the following categories:

-Women's Plus Sleepwear
-Women's Attention Brand
-Girls Tops
-ALL Juniors
-Boys Tops
-Men's Shirts and Bottoms
-Big Men's Shirts and Bottoms
-Infant and Toddlers Bedding

The items mentioned above will have online discounts through November 26th ONLY. You can also find special codes for more extra savings if you purchase ornaments every week until Christmas at

Shop online now and save more at


Food That Helps Boost Your Immune System!

This list of foods will protect you from common colds and flu.

1. Green Tea- It does not only fights against colds and flu – it’s also packed with antioxidants and anti-cancer agents, and makes it harder for viruses to replicate inside your body. So, you’re less likely to get sick.

2. Yogurt- he type with live bacteria cultures lines your intestines, and helps fight off infections, and attacks by harmful bacteria.

3. Turmeric- the spice found in yellow curry. It’s packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, and has strong cold and flu-fighting properties. In Chinese and Indian medicine, it has been used as an antiseptic for cuts, burns and bruises.

4. Garlic- It’s packed with immunity-boosting sulfur compounds – the stuff that makes garlic stink. It fights against all kinds of infections, including bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic. Garlic also enhances your immune system, slows tumor growth, and helps guard your cells from everyday wear and tear.

5. Red Bell Peppers- They’re packed with nutrients and immunity-boosting phytochemicals, and have twice the vitamin C of oranges. Studies show that eating vitamin C-rich foods can shorten the length of your cold, and reduce the severity of your symptoms.

6. Oregano- A staple in spaghetti sauce, oregano is a disinfectant. It is also packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, and can protect you against colds, flu, fevers, indigestion and infections.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Too Hot To Handle!

I am very excited after I heard about the Flat Belly Diet as well as I am very curious to know what this is all about. The Flat Belly Diet was created by an editor of the famous Prevention Magazine. The most amazing thing about it is that we can actually eat healthy fats mostly known as the Monounsaturated Fatty Acids or MUFAs for short. These MUFAs or Monounsaturated Fatty Acids, are fats that are heart friendly,they fight disease and are considered to be "good" fat that can be found in foods such as almonds, peanut butter, olive oil, avocado and even chocolate.

The Monounsaturated Fatty Acids or MUFAs are not saturated fats and they are totally different from the unhealthy saturated and trans fat that we always hear or read on the news. A new research has been made and they found that MUFAs or the Monounsaturated Fatty Acids can make help you to lose weight particularly in the middle part of your body where your belly is located.

I admit that I always wanted to have a flat belly. But I just get frustrated because its really hard to manage your weight. You have to be consistent with the food that you intake and with your exercise. One thing I like about Flat Belly Diet is that you can still achieve the flat belly you badly want to have without going to the gym.

To all the women out there who desperately want to have an ultimate flat belly now is your chance to embrace the Flat Belly Diet for free. All eligible participants will receive the following items:

1. Free copy of the Flat Belly Diet book
2. Free 1 year membership to the Flat Belly Diet website
3. Exclusive membership to their Success Story Club
4. Your chance to blog about your Flat Belly Diet on their website
5. And you have the first look of the exclusive Flat Belly Diet videos

Interested about Flat Belly Diet? check their website to see it first hand.



Bills Are Infinite

We just check our mailbox and I was already expecting bills for our electric service, gas service,water service, cable/phone/internet. But you know, it always overwhelmed me because the cost of living here in the states are really high. I guess I have less problem before when I was in the Philippines because I was living with my parents and younger siblings and I don't really have to pay for anything unless my Mom asked help from me.

Having my own family and being married had been a tremendous change for me. I am quite mature to have my own decision and to take consideration on my husband's advice and so forth. Although, sometimes we clash with our decisions and outlook on a particular topic but we are able to compromise every now and then.

Just A Click Away introduces their Sears2Go program, the mobile commerce website for the holiday shopper on the go. With Sears2Go you can now select and search on thousands of products that is listed on through your mobile phone. is the first US retailer to have this kind of program that gives customers the option of ordering their specific item through their mobile phone.

This is very convenient for customers who do not have time to shop or buy the product online. We all know that shopping can be so tiring and since the holiday season is fast approaching we are indeed lucky that launch their Sears2Go program. My husband and I both work and we don't have the same days off at work. And most of the time we do our best to make sure that we both have the same time off at work so we can go shopping together.

Remember after purchasing your product at Sears2Go using your mobile phone, you now then received a text message confirming that your purchase item at Sears2Go is now ready for pickup. So try now TEXT SHOP at 73277 or you can still visit Sears2Go. Also you can try the other features at Sears2Go such as the shopping and cart check out, the product search and browsing,gifts, product reviews, oh and especially the store locator as well as special offers through your email address or text alert offer through your cellphone. So start shopping now!


Fast Forward and December is almost Here!

It feels so good to be back on my blog. I haven't really had the time to update my blogs since January because I have been quite busy. T...