Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Colored Stones!

While visiting Tucson, Arizona about two weeks ago I was able to purchase this beautiful stones that can be used as potpourri or it can be use as a beautiful display in your center table. I really love the different color and was thinking of sharing the picture here. Enjoy guys!


I had been working for the same company close to three years now and I am very happy to work with amazing people who make my working time out there a lot easier. Anyways, we are introducing new products to our avid customers and the owner of the company where I work decided to use banner stand so the new products will stand out every time a customer visit the store.

I am very excited to go to work tomorrow because my boss is baking a birthday cake for me. I even pick the ingredients for the cake and I choose a chocolate and strawberry frosting on it. I bet tomorrow will be awesome. This coming Friday will be the last day for me to work a 12 hour shift which is great because I had been so stressed lately for having longer hours at work.

I will have plenty of visitors coming to our little apartment tomorrow because my husband's older sisters and her family will be visiting from out of town. We are ready to welcome them here!

Easter Sunday 2010

Yesterday was a long day for me because I went to work extra early. I thought that I will not last long because I did not sleep well the night before that. Anyways, as I was getting the orders from the customers I had heard somebody talking about satelite internet. That was my first time to hear about it but I did not bother to ask any information regarding the internet.

Well, yesterday was really busy at my working place especially that there's only one Friday left before everyone around the world celebrates Easter Sunday. Everybody at work was talking about Easter egg hunting with their family and friends this coming Saturday.

I then realized how I missed the presence of my brothers and my sisters during this time. I remember that I used to help my mother prepare the eggs and hide them so the kids at the church will have a great time looking for them and finding the eggs one by one. Well, I wish everyone a happy Easter Sunday!

Monday, March 29, 2010

First Honor!

My mother was so proud to tell me that my youngest sister Eunice Dawn was awarded as first honor student in her whole class. We are very blessed to have her and I cannot believed that she is now a big girl. I still remember that I was the one who took care of her when my mother gave birth to her last June 25, 2005. I am so proud of you Eunice and keep on sailing baby girl!

New Mail Box!

While checking the mail box today, I have noticed that the apartment office where I reside have a new wall mount mailbox attached outside their office. Actually, the apartment management has been renovating our apartment complex for quite some time now and they are posting announcements everywhere that they will be having new mail boxes in the weeks to come and other new cool stuffs to add.

Earlier of last week, the manager have spoke to my husband and told him that we can either pick a wall mount mail boxes, single-unit mailboxes, regular mailboxes, column mailboxes, Multi-unit mailboxes, post mount mailboxes and more. As I was searching the web today I have stumble upon the Mailbox Ixchange website that offers the largest preference for any type of commercial mailboxes and residential mailboxes.

I was wondering if I can suggest this wonderful website to the apartment management so they can check this out before ordering the brand new mailboxes who knows they might consider this. Anyways, if any of you out there are interested in replacing your old mailboxes then please check the Mailbox Ixchange website by clicking any of the links above.

Arizona Trip!

My husband and I went to Tucson, Arizona last weekend to attend a Martial Arts Seminar with Professor Sauer. My husband was happy that we were able to travel and attend the said Seminar.
Well, after the seminar was over my husband and I decided to check the Reid Park, Zoo, dine at Claim Jumper and Joe's Crab Shack and just driving around Tucson.

Above are some of the pictures that I took while visiting the Grand Canyon state of Arizona. Good evening everyone!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quest for a Bride!

One of the many friends of my husband was asking him if how to succeed with online dating? He said that he is getting tired of women who used him to get any type of benefits from him and he is ready to settle down. My husband told him about our love story and how we met online and how our love was nurtured and so forth.

My husband advice him to consider joining any online dating site and maybe from there he can start building friendship to all the ladies he will get acquainted with. But first he had to be fully committed in finding the woman who is ready to receive his love and to get to know the women before meeting them in person. My husband was telling him based on his experienced between us.

My husband's friend consider the ups and down of online dating and is very excited to find the lady of his dream to be his future bride. Time will tell if he succeed on his quest.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Special Fried Rice

My co-workers requested me to prepare fried rice, noodles and egg rolls for them last Friday and I am very happy to comply with it. As much as possible, I always like to showcase and introduce to my office-mates our different Filipino dish so they can try new cuisines besides the food that they usually eat every day. I am extremely glad because they all love the food that I made for them. My boss was amazed with our food that he even told me that on his next birthday he will pay for me to cook Filipino food for his family and friends.

I have included a picture of the special fried rice that I cooked for my office-mates last Friday above. Happy Sabbath Day folks!

Sparkly and Shiny!

Growing up in a big family is always merry and at the same time very challenging. I remember that my grandmother use to tell my mother to buy gold whenever she can afford to purchase one. She said that is also important just like the value of any money that all of us to purchase any product that we need in everyday life.

The advantage about having a lot of gold is that their value always increases; you can always rely on gold if ever any form of emergency will happen in the future. What are you waiting folks? Check the Gold Line website today for complete information about purchasing gold.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's 2010

Girly Comments & Graphics

My husband and I are invited to attend a St. Patrick's Party tomorrow. I am not too sure if we will go because we already have our own plan. Anyways, Happy advance St. Patrick's Day blogger land!


Did you know that having a car is like having a child? In my own point of view a car by itself needs a lot of attention; for instance your car needs oil change or needs a tune up every now and then. I have noticed that my father-in-law had been having problems with his Acura Integra for awhile now. His car had been in and out the mechanic shop.

Anyways, when you visit the Repair Pal today you will definitely save tons of money by just reading helpful information about any type of problems that you are having with your car. They also have the most complete lists of auto shop across America; they also give approximate price for any cost of auto repair from their certified list of mechanics.

So if you happen to lived in the Houston area please check the Houston auto repair today! What are you waiting for? Check this out!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Addicted with Pistachio

My husband and I finished the big whole bag of pistachio nuts for a day. Its super delicious and I am just waiting for my hubby to come home tonight so we can go to Wal-mart and purchase another bag of pistachio. The pistachio is good to snack on but it also contains vitamin E that fights certain types of cancer.

Happy evening folks!


Summer is around the corner and I bet you everyone had already something in mind to do this coming warm season. Just like everyone else my husband and I are planning to get the best seat in town by purchasing our Houston Rodeo Tickets from A Cheap Set online store. A Cheap Set online store provides different tickets for all their clients across America such as the American Idiot Tickets, Reliant Stadium Tickets and more.

Right now they are offering different dates for the Houston Rodeo Tickets from March 16, 2010 until March 20, 2010. Likewise, the famous Reliant Stadium is already selling tickets for different set of class such as Broadway shows, Dog shows, Comedy shows, Children events, Circus events, Matches, Tournaments, Concerts, Family events, Dancing events and many more. They are also popular for hosting NFL Football, Basketball games, MLB Baseball, WWE Wrestling events and Boxing matches.

Hurry and check this out folks!

Eric's Allergy Attack!

When my brother Eric started having this attack that made him unconscious my mother thought at first that it was just an ordinary fainting cause by not eating or dehydration. It was confirmed yesterday that my eighteen year old brother is suffering from anaphylaxis allergy. The last attacked happened a week ago while my mother and Eric went to the bank to withdraw some cash. He told my mom that he may have his attack at that moment since he can feel that his body reacts by producing huge hives. My mom right away let him drink the anti-allergy medicine that the previous doctor prescribes for him. But then he was unconscious after a few minutes on the street so my mom was screaming for help with the people who are passing. One teenager help my mom to lift my brother so they can rode a tricycle to go to the hospital. On their way to the hospital my brother woke up and told my mom for them not to go to the hospital because he is doing fine.

After my mom informed me about the incident I decided to send them money so they can go to a specialist because I want to know the diagnosis about my brother's situation. The following day my mother and my brother went to see a doctor and the doctor diagnose him with a severe allergy attack that it can be fatal if not treated. The doctor then explained to my brother it is not an ordinary allergy that he is having but it a serious one. The physician prescribes him with another type of anti-allergy medicine and also an insulin capsule for him to take every time he feels that he will have another attack. My brother Eric was also brief to always bring some sort of identification card that will show what medicine he is taking and his allergies.

I am just relieved that my mother was able to sleep after five sleepless nights. The whole family is being brief on what to do if ever Eric will have his allergy attack. Everyone is committed to help Eric about his health.

I have faith that God will help Eric get well. I ask everyone on the blogger land to say a little prayer for my brother's health. Thank you everyone!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


When I check our mail box today I was surprised to see a bunch of different address labels sheet that are printed on my husband's name as well as my name. I don't remember ordering them online or in person but I was actually thrilled to see my name in a beautiful piece of art. Well, for curiosity sake I read the letter that goes along with the address labels and I found out that they are actually send out from various charity organization that are asking for any amount to be donated in helping find a cure for patients with cancer, for war veterans, protecting animals and so forth.

I was overwhelmed after I read the letter and I started counting all the blessings that my husband and I have enjoyed though we may not have much money but we surely enjoy being healthy. I told my husband right away about the letter and he told me that we will send our donation in the mail this week.

Wishing everyone a fruitful week ahead!

Yummy Bake Fish

I had the chance to cook our lunch yesterday since I was working late last night. Since my husband purchase two packed of fish fillets last week, I decided to bake some of the fish fillets. I am very happy with the results because my husband ate most of the fish that I baked. The recipe is so simple all I did was putting any available spices that we have in our pantry including oregano, paprika, black pepper, salt, ginger and butter.

I have included a picture of the finished dish above.

Are You Ready to Move Out?

We have been a happy renter for three long years. Let me tell you what makes us decide to rent an apartment instead of renting a house or even owning one. When I first came to the United States of America last October 2006 my husband and I used to rent a room from his Step-Dad's house for about six months. At first the relationship between his Step-Dad towards us was great but a little misunderstanding here and then made the relationship became distant. I told my husband that it is better to moved out while we still have mutual respect with his Step-Dad. On the other hand, we also want to have our own privacy.

Out of respect we then told his Step-Dad that we will be moving out and that we are just looking for apartments for rent around the neighborhood. It took us two to three weeks before we decided which apartment complex to move in. We have to consider a lot of things before moving out at my husband's Step-Dad's house including the amount that we are going to pay each month for the apartment rental, the size of the apartment room, the people around the neighborhood, the distance from the apartment to my husband's work and so forth.

I am glad that one of my friends encourages us to check the number one provider of real estate via online called Move, INC. Looking for apartments anywhere across the United States of America became super easy with the easy tools that Move, INC provides for their future clients online.

My husband and I have no regrets moving out from his Step-Dad's house for the last three years and moving out was one of our best decisions we had made so far as a couple. If you are a newlywed couple or if you are looking for a fresh start then please don't hesitate to check Move, INC website by clicking the link above.

No Cellular Allowed While Driving!

We got a new law in El Paso, Texas that will be enforce this coming April 1 that prohibits anyone to use their cellular phones while driving unless they will be using any hands-free device such as headsets or speaker phone. My husband and I don't really have any complain about the new law since we hardly answer our cellular phone especially when my husband is driving our vehicle.

If you are caught using your cellular phone while driving then expects to receive a whopping $500 ticket fine. I will definitely be vigilant about this new law and make sure that I will follow the new rule or suffer the consequence.

Hello PA!

I was able to get in contact with our former neighbor in the Philippines yesterday who happen to be living in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. I haven't heard from her family for a couple of years now and I am glad that we finally talked on the phone. We mostly talked about our past experienced and life way back when we were still living in the Philippines. It was indeed a happy ending for her family because they were able to immigrate in the United States of America at the same time.

I also told her that we were able to visit my family in the Philippines late December of last year until early of January this year and we exchange pictures via online. She was very excited to tell me that they are going back in the Philippines this coming May to attend the city fiesta and to visit their relatives and friends.

Before we said our goodbyes on the phone, she also told me that she is currently enjoying the cheap auto insurance in PA. I even told her that it might be a great idea to move there so I can likewise enjoy it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do You Like to Eat Garlic?

Some people that I know at work cannot stand the smell of garlic. On the contrary, my husband's step-dad likes to eat garlic even if it is raw. I was very amazed how garlic actually helps fights cancer, helps get rid of athlete's foot and it will also prevent colds. Here are the steps that you need to do in order for the garlic to be effective.

  • Make sure to boil several garlic cloves. Be sure that the water is cool before pouring it into a large bowl and lastly soak your feet. It is also better if you boil the garlic in whole instead of cloves because it will not leave a smell in your foot.
  • Garlic contains a cancer-fighting sulfur compounds that helps fight cancer. Take note, it is better to mince your garlic before cooking because it will retained one third of its cancer-fighting sulfur compound compared to the one that are not mince.
  • If you already are experiencing cold symptoms such as sneezing remember to microwave two cloves of unpeeled garlic for 25 seconds and be sure to peel the skin and eat them. The sulfur component of the garlic will stop any colds or other types of infection.
By the way, I have read this article from the Health Magazine and DJ Tesh. Have a wonderful evening everyone!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Print Me!

There are many things that I am looking forward to accomplish this coming April such as celebrating my 28th birthday, a mini vacation trip with my husband's family and finally, I am already qualified to apply for my Naturalization process to become a full-pledge American citizen. Right now, my husband and I are expecting to be using a lot of Dell Ink Cartridges for our printer because we will be printing a lot of important documents that we will need to submit together with my Naturalization application with the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Anyways, I've been gathering important documents since 2006 after we got married and I don't really have anything to worry, we just need to take extra time to start printing the papers and filling them up. Hopefully, the process will be as smooth just like the other process that we have been through for the last couple of years.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Forever Grateful for Having a Wonderful Husband

I am very blessed to have the sweetest husband in the whole world. I thank the Lord for all the blessings that he bestowed upon me everyday especially for answering all my prayers. Last Friday, after a 12 hour shift at work, I was really tired and I usually get cranky but I was so surprised after I get inside our car and my wonderful husband handed me a dozen of red roses and say I hope this will make you happy my love. I hug him and kiss him and tell him how thankful I am for him for being so thoughtful and understanding.

I upload some pictures above. Good evening blogger land!

It's Never Too Late to Plan Your Next Trip!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hiltons of Branson. All opinions are 100% mine.

My husband and I both like to travel anywhere whenever we can. The first thing that we consider before traveling is if we have any means to do so such as money, time and most importantly the place to visit. Right now, we are trying to save money for our future vacation or travels but we have not decided yet on where to go.

After searching the web today, I found a very interesting place to visit in the future; the place is in Branson, Missouri. This place is a perfect getaway for our upcoming fourth wedding anniversary later this year. Anyways, Branson, Missouri had a lot to offer for people like me who are looking for a place to relax. This can also be one of the most memorable moments in the future since Branson, Missouri is hailed to be the "live music show capital of the world".

I am making a guide list of things to do while visiting the famous Branson, Missouri such as:
  • Visiting the iconic Titanic Museum
  • Checking the Silver Dollar City theme park
  • Attending the World Fest Celebration and many more.

When you visit Branson, Missouri today or in the future please don't forget to check-in at the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing or the Hilton Branson Convention Center. Both of these hotels are the best hotels in town. What are you waiting folks? Reserved your next trip today!

Visit my sponsor: Reclaim your Vacations!!!

Sandra Bullock and Mo'Nique Emerge Victorious!

I was thrilled that one of my favorite actresses won the Best Actress award for the movie "The Blind Side". She really deserved the award and I am happy for her. I love how she portrayed the adoptive mother of the said movie. Way to go Sandra!

On the other hand, I was so amazed how well Mo'Nique did her part on the movie "Precious". I watched a lot of her movies and she is a great comedienne. A perfect example that comedienne can do well on other movie genre besides comedy. Hands down Mo'Nique!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Work Ethic!

I am glad that I marry a man who likes to cook, clean and organize the house. Yesterday while I was at work my husband decided to clean and organize the living room and the bedroom. Anyways, hubby started to assemble the book shelf drawer that we purchased last week and he did a pretty good job. Finally, hubby were able to put all his Martial arts books, gun magazines, history books and my cook books in the shelf.

When I came home from work hubby was very excited to show me how organize the house was and he even prepared a wonderful dinner. Though work was very exhausting but I am very proud of my man for doing a great a job.

Hopefully, on my next pay check I will be able to purchase a flat iron case because I really need one. I am hoping that this coming week will be a very good one. Happy Sabbath Day everyone!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bloody Nose!

While I am browsing the web I felt something coming out of my nose I thought it was just natural because I have a runny nose so I just tried to wipe it. But it didn't really stop not until I check my hand and saw that it was blood. I freak out and call my husband so he can bring me a tissue in the living room and I went as fast as I can in the bathroom. It took forever to stop it but I am glad it finally came to an end.

I guess the hot weather in El Paso is starting to pick up! Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My grandmother who will turn seventy-five years old this year rarely use her eye wear when she sew clothes or when she watched the television. But recently, my mother has been telling me that my grandmother might need a new one because she has the same specs for over ten years now. My grandma never really complain about her eyeglass that's why my family were shock after they found out that her eyesight is starting to fade because of old age or probably because the specs doesn't really work on her eye sight problem anymore.

I had a serious talked with my other sister last night and I told her that I will be able to pay half of the expense and she agreed to pay the other half. I then asked my mother to rely the message to my grandmother and she was very happy hear about the good news.

I will be posting a picture of my grandma when she gets that new pair of eyeglass. Missing my grandma terribly!

A Glimpse of My Second Home

I was very happy to capture this image before heading to Barnes and Noble yesterday. The weather is starting to get warm by day but still cooler at night. I can't wait for Spring break so we can make a little road trip to Arizona.

Today is another warm day and I am relieved after taking my midterm exam in my Statistic class in Psychology. I just need to wait for another week or two to get the result and I am hoping that I wrote the correct answer.

Have a wonderful day folks!

Fast Forward and December is almost Here!

It feels so good to be back on my blog. I haven't really had the time to update my blogs since January because I have been quite busy. T...