Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Labor Day is coming!

I went to the mall with my husband since Friday night and then we went back again last Saturday and then yesterday which is Monday. Everywhere you turned you can find a lot of sale items that are discounted up to 75% discount.

My husband needs to buy clothes that he can wear for school,clothes to wear when he do work at the school district.It was a good deal you know. We rarely go to the mall because the prices are really way to expensive but for the first time my husband bought clothes like in bulk.

If not because of the on-going discount sales, in preparation for the labor day week we would never buy that many clothes. He bought good pair of Levi's jeans and black pants and then long sleeves shirts. He bought me 2 pairs of dresses that I can use when we go to church services and then some blouses then a good pair of Levi's jean for me also.

I am still looking for a good pair of working shoes,hopefully I can find one. But over all we saved a lot of our money. I bet if they don't have those kind of sales we will never bought that many clothes in the mall at one time, we would have to buy them one at a time.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Raw Fish Recipe

I used to remember way back when I was still living in the Philippines that every time we go on family outing on the beach, my mom or dad will usually buy some fresh fish from the boat. They buy the swordfish and I help them clean and prepare the fish. The first thing we do is take off the skin and then afterward slice the fish into medium size.We slice it into a square or rectangle shape. Then we set aside the fish in a small pan. Then we will get ginger, a medium size garlic,cane vinegar, stalks of green onion,scallion,medium size tomatoes chop,salt and pepper. You can either put coconut vinegar instead of the cane vinegar for more flavor.

The steps are here:

1. Marinate the raw fish with the coconut vinegar or cane vinegar for 30 minutes or if you want to soak the fish you can put it longer until 1 hour.
2. Drain, the marinade fish and combine all the ingredients in a big pan.
3. Let stand refrigerated for another 30 minutes.
4. Served it together with your favorite drinks.

This recipe would be a great, and its very simple and easy to make. It is very delicious and it would be nice to try new dish especially for people who likes to taste unique dishes that are new to them. You can make this kind of dish whether just staying at home or going to the beach with family and friends.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Sun City

I lived in El Paso, Texas which is called "Sun City" for being super hot in the summer time. The temperature usually goes up to 100-102 F. It is quite crazy during the summer. This is my second summer season in El Paso and its not my favorite season at all, maybe just a little.

My husband and I usually go swimming during this time and take note they don't have any beach here in El Paso. The closest beach that I know of is located at Corpus Christi, Texas. I don't like the heat so much because it will make you feel very tired,uneasy and you are always thirsty, you just want to stay in the water everyday during this season.

We don't usually get rain, maybe once in awhile.Its a miracle if its rains.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Life For Rent

Our lives are like a candle in the wind agree or disagree? I've always heard peoples comment that our life here on earth is a borrowed life. We don't really know the exact date,time or when we will expire from our life here on earth.

Its like we are renting our life also. We need to make sure that we eat healthy food, do our regular exercise and refrain from using harmful drugs or alcoholic drinks. We don't have control of how long our life here but we can make sure to prolong our life by doing things that is good for us.

A life without cause is a life without effect.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Touch of Tan

I love different colors of nail polish. I am always attracted to bright colors, dark colors and contemporary colors. I first started having my nails colored when I was 19 years old.Of course I was not living with my parents around that time or else my mother will be mad at me for doing that.

I was living with my Uncle as a caregiver for my first degree cousin. My Aunt usually have her own beautician to visit her every weekend and do her pedicure and manicure. So my Aunt told me to tell the beautician to do my nails and she will be the one to pay for her services. I was very happy and excited.So from that time on I had my nails done with the same beautician, but after I leave my Uncle's house and returned home I had to go to a parlor who does the same thing with my former beautician. I want a painless process that's why I am very careful who will do my pedicure and manicure.

Then one day I decided to buy all the instruments and the materials that were needed so I can start doing my pedicure and manicure. Wow, indeed it paid off I was able to try it by myself, just the same thing as the people in the beauty salon did before. I did my own pedicure and manicure and I even did my mom's and sisters nails.

It helps you know because when I arrived here in the US,the manicure and pedicure are so expensive. I eventually bought my apparatus so I can do it by myself again. When I don't do anything I usually call my filipina friends and do their nails as my sideline job.

My favorite nail polish is The "touch of tan" its a gorgeous color.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Dark Knight (Batman) Review

For me it is a good movie but I can totally say that it is not for everyone especially the kids.My husband says that it is more of a graphic novel than a comic book because it is darker and more serious than the previous Batman movies,despite this you will be amazed with the performance of the Joker starring Heath Ledger and of course Bruce(Batman) starring Christian Bale.

The gadgets are pretty impressive and over all the movie is very exciting.You will be stunned on every scene that you will see. There's a lot of violence in this movie that's why I can say that it is not good for young viewers, parental advice is needed. So to all viewers don't forget to smile or The Joker will asked you this question: Why so serious?

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hi I was born on April 1, 1982 and it says that i am under the zodiac sign name ARIES. Aries is the first zodiac sign. My element is a fire sign and it means that an Aries person can be impulsive, generous and passionate.

The mythological symbol of Aries is the RAM and the astrological credo is: I AM. Aries ruling planet is Mars. The color that resonates to an Aries sign is cardinal red which happened to be my favorite color. My gemstones is Diamond (woman's best friend ) and my flower is Aster close enough to my first name Ester.

The funny part is that on what I read it says that Aries men and women are feisty (no kidding), hardworking (which is in fact true) and ambitious ( totally agree). At most times, we can be also be pushy and short-tempered.

Even though Aries maybe impulsive about most things, when it comes to money you seem to have a voice of caution whispering in your ear.Aries men and women maybe willing to take the occasional risk, but for the most part you are content to make the money while letting a professional invest it for you. Take note, for Aries men and women it is very hard for us to surrender our personal checking account when you get married. On my own experience, I strongly believe it is very important for both parties in marriage to have their own money.

Aries are known for their family and friends to be very generous. Ram is the symbol for the zodiac sign Aries and for that Aries men and women are extremely ambitious. You want to further your education to be always on top of the game. Rams seek out dangerous professions such as police work, firefighting, construction or even in the military. Aries people tends to do good in hospitality sector such as working as a customer service professional, hotel manager or caterer.

Aries men and women are natural leader and your friends look up to you as a result. You enjoy surrounding yourself with people from different and unique walks of life. It is almost a mission of yours to learn about life from your friends. Aries people will gladly listen to their stories then regale them with tales of their own adventures.Aries men and women act in the role of teacher or mentor to their pals. Aries people have a strong competitive nature.

Wow, the good thing is that Aries men and women are one of the most energetic signs of the Zodiac. It says and I quote: You thrive on exercise and hard work ( honestly, I have a hard time going to the gym almost every other day). Rams are also known to be so creative and stylish with their home and family. Aries people are somewhat old-fashioned in the way you look at family life. You are most likely to be concerned parent, a loving son or daughter and a caring sibling. You love being part of a large family (very true since I come from a big family).

I somewhat agree to some areas that they are talking or explaining for being born in the zodiac sign of ARIES. But we are the only one who shape our own destiny and mold it to perfection.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Self Confess TV addict

I just loved most of the TV show that I watched at USA Channel. They rock you know, they are amazingly good. I love watching Law and Order:Special Victims Unit (SVU), Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Plain Sight. This is usually the show that I watched after arriving from work. While I am cooking in the kitchen or doing something , I have to put the volume on high so at least I will be able to hear it. I started watching them since I arrived here in the US almost 2 years ago. It's very neat because you will not be bored, because they always have new episodes everyday.

The other channel that I liked to watched most is Tru Tv former Court TV before. Then I also watched Food Network Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel. Well, I can learned something from this TV shows.

But don't worry, I still have time doing the chores that I need to do at the house.I know how to budget my time.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Missing Home-Family and Friends

I lived most of my life in the Philippines together with my family. It was very hard to be separated with my family, we have such a very close relationship. They are my over all inspiration, my happiness, my best friends , I cannot asked for more but only them. Families are forever and I am happy I will always be a part of them whenever I go or where ever I am today.

Things that I missed doing together with-in my family:

1. Family Home Evening every Monday night- We enjoy a lot because its full of fun, activities, delicious food and full of spiritual teaching. This is the time when we discuss family matters or concerns, achievements at school, who needs what and just about almost everything. During this time we also share what we learned at church, school , what we do good and the plan for the whole week. We always share our talents, we laugh together or we watch Church movies.

2. Going to church every Sunday- I really missed this part so much. Now its only Tony and Me who go to the church every Sunday. I missed the noise, the laughter before and after we attend our sacrament services at church. I missed sitting together in the mini-bus (multi cab)and squeezing together to fit in the chair. Sitting with my family in the church beams me with pride and joy. Its a good feeling to be with your family and to grow together with them.

3. Family Celebrations -Graduations, Birthdays, Christmas, New Year and almost everything. I never have the chance to attend my brother's graduation in high school, my sisters graduation in college and elementary, I never had the chance to attend my little brother's recognition and my other sisters recognition at school. It sucks you know, I felt left out for everything that they are doing right now with school and not to see them grow up. I really felt empty without them around me. I missed celebrating Christmas with them, its been 2 years that I never had celebrated Christmas nor New Years with them and for my birthdays also.

4. Communicating with my family-although we chat almost every other day online on the internet but still its not the same effect as we talked in person. The impact is not the same but its a good thing there's internet or if I had the chance I call them on the phone. My sisters and my mother usually writes email for me and I also received snail letters from them once in awhile. I miss being with my sisters and brother I just loved to be around them but I won't lie that there are times that they can be noisy and brats but its part of why I loved them a lot. I miss those times when me and my sisters particularly Emerald and Elaiza will go and treat ourselves with yummy food like Jollibee and other fast food places in the Philippines.

5. I missed my Mother's cook- she is really a good chef, nobody can beats her I promised. I love everything that she cook, she can make the food taste really good you know. I wish I can be as good as she is when it comes to making food.

6. My Father's joke- My Dad is very good in rendering jokes and he is a good singer. He can be a brat sometimes with things but he is still a good father to us no matter what. I miss his voice when he sings you know. He is the second best cook besides my Mother. He take cares of my youngest sister Eunice and my little brother Ephraim. He is a good father over all.

7. Grandma's mouth- I missed her lecture (especially in the morning, she's the alarm clock when we used to lived together before). She is a good cook as well, she might be strict but she will love you a lot. You just need to listened to her and have a lot of patience. She can be bossy too but you just need to stay focus and not loose your temper.

8. Big Brother/Uncle Harold- Although he is not really my brother because he is my Uncle, I still look up to him and give respect to him. He sets a good example for us and his niece. I consider him as a positive influence for us especially that we are mostly girls in the family. I missed our heart to heart talk.

9. My Emerald- I fondly called her Bada but her nickname in the family is N-day. She is my second sister and my twin ( size and everything, oh its a joke okay) I considered her a very strong woman in her principles in life, I admire her for being diligent and for being who she is today. I love her a lot.She is my best friend and my beloved sister. I am bless to be her sister.

10. Eunice and Joseph Ephraim- I missed this two little kids. They are my little brother and our youngest sister in the family. I was there when they are just newly born and I was with them when they turn 1 year old. Its hard to be away from them I missed them a lot. I am happy to see them grow and everyday they just turn to a very intelligent, cute and smart children. I am very proud with Jpoy for his achievements at school and for Eunice for being so talkative and she sings well.

It breaks my heart when I think of my family because I always wish that they are with me right now. I know that life will not be easy, but as far as I have them with me, I know everything will just turn out fine. But time will come that we will indeed stay together in one place in the future and I know that my greatest dream come true. From now on I just have to hang in there and stay focus for my goals and plans for the good future for my family. I am just grateful I have my husband with me. He gives me strength and encouraged me to further my career and education. To stay focus in the right path and not give up.

This is dedicated to the Batingal family in the Philippines.


Papa Bonjing Batingal
Mama Bebie Batingal

I love you all with all my heart. You are in my mind and prayers always.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tony's Personal Chef

I actually love to cook ever since. I like to try new things and I like to ask for recipes with my friends and co-workers, especially that both me and my husband Tony likes to try new dish.

I've learned a lot of dish since I arrived here in the US. Since my husband loves Mexican food I have to learn how to cook the food that he likes to eat a lot. I've tried cooking chicken fajitas, tacos,enchilada's, broccoli's-chicken casserole, Spanish rice ,Albodigas ( i'm not sure if that's the correct name),Caldo De Res (beef soap but Mexican style) and many more.

I also like to cook Filipino and Chinese Food they are closely related dish. Tony love's to eat egg roll (lumpia), noodles ( pancit),chicken adobo, and Chicken Curry. I find it amazing to know how to cook because you can actually make your own menu and you don't have to go to the restaurants often. I am just very happy that my Mother and my Grandmother used to teach me how to cook food.

When I cooked I always make sure that it is full of love. You can actually tell if the person is not in the mood to cook because the result is absolutely terrible.

I am still learning everyday with other dishes that I can actually cook at home. Its fun to cook and I really loved it!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Marry Someone Who Wants To Be Married

The divorce rate of the countries who had legalize this kind of law is very high and their relationships tends to be at risk all the time.

Young couple tends to manipulate,beg or even give an ultimatum to their partner if for some reason they are not ready to tie the knot. Obviously, they are not really willing to marry or even not wanting to be married with their partner. I think this is one of the signs that your marriage will eventually fail in the future.

Marriage is very sacred and I believed that its not only two people who will be affected if the marriage will not work. Think about this, what about your children? I am sure that they are the first one to be affected when your marriage will not worked. That's why we have to make sure that if we want to be married with the one that we love, we have to try our best to worked things out all the time. We have to be patient, kind, loving, forgiving and caring to our partner. We have to make sure that we always communicate with our boyfriend or spouse.It is one way to make your relationship stronger and to make sure that you are always communicating.

In my experience,we have to discuss with my husband on how important marriage is for the two of us. I've known my husband for five years before we even consider on getting married. By that span of time I was able to know that I am really sure about my decision to get married with him and to be with him forever. I have to consider our differences including our culture,the way we were brought up by our parents,on how we think about marriage,our background in life.

I know in my heart that it is truly important to be married with the one that you love and to be married with the person who also wants to be married with you.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Totally Gross Out

We just got home from the movie theater. I wish I should have listened to my husband when he told me that he will be the only one to watch the movie that we just finished viewing awhile ago. Honestly, it really grosses me out. It did affect my appetite, I don't even want to eat meat for now. The movie was totally disgusting.

For some reason my husband tends to watch horror movies nowadays. Maybe once in awhile but usually he watches funny movies because that's one of his favorite kind of a movie. I thought it was more on a horror side of the movie but it wasn't. It is in fact just being grossed almost every part of the movie.

This will be the sickest movie I've ever watch in my life. I watch horror movie maybe ones in a blue moon but not really.I like watching action movies,romantic movies, comedy movies and church movies.

This is not really the kind of movie that I could watch another time. I am just happy that my husband offer to cook pizza instead of preparing turkey hamburgers. I actually was trying to hold my breathed while watching the scenes of the movies. Most of the time I was just closing my eyes in order for me not too see the grossest part. Then my husband will tell me if it goes back to the normal scenes.

Then after we eat our pizza right now, we will be heeding back to the movie theater to watch another movie , but this second movie that we will be watching will be an action movie which makes me excited and I bet It will be more fun.

I'll end here by saying if you don't really have the guts to watch horror movies don't even try it.

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Idea of Heaven

Every time I think of heaven I always imagine that it is the most wonderful place in the entire existence of human being. I wonder what it is like to live there. I want to go to heaven when my time comes to leave here on earth. I want to be with my family when that time comes.

When I think of heaven I think of happiness, contentment, humility, family, friends and just living a life that is full of joy and blessings. I want to experience everything that I could ever imagine about heaven.

Heaven for me is like having a good life with nothing to think about or nothing to worry about everyday. Heaven is like a place where people can interact freely without any hesitation or any limits. Heaven is having your family around you. I would love to have my family with me forever.

I want to make my life on earth a place I called Heaven. Heaven is where one can experience no illness but instead having a good life. Heaven for me is a place which is truly perfect in anyway. A place where all i can see is perfection and the beauty that surrounds me. A place where family will give each other's support , encouragement and love.

Heaven is to lived with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ forever and ever.

Fast Forward and December is almost Here!

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