Friday, April 25, 2014

Baked Whole Tilapia

When I am off from my place of work, I always make sure to make some homemade food for my husband. I probably cook at least three to four times a week excluding those days when my spouse is around and he will volunteer to cook. Two days ago, I had a chance to make one of our favorites in our household and that is Baked Whole Tilapia. I clean the whole fish real good and put some spices to the tilapia including tomatoes, ginger, green onion, garlic and regular onion, salt and pepper. If you are interested to find out how I cook this type of dish please visit the link within this article.

Lastly, check out the before and after photo of my delicious Baked Whole Tilapia below. Enjoy folks and happy weekend!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Muay Thai Training Tips in Thailand for Success

Do you want to learn Muay Thai, but are scared because it is really hard to learn it? You need not to be worried or scared. You can learn Muay Thai easily and even in a few months, but to become an expert you may need to work harder for many years. However, it is not hard to learn Muay Thai. If you have a good trainer providing you training at Thai Boxing camp, then you can learn it with great impact on your physique, fighting capabilities, and psychology as well. Here are a few Muay Thai Training Tips that will help you get success.

Make your mind

Very first thing is making a commitment with you. If you really want to become an expert in Muay Thai then you have to do a commitment with you, which is, you will not take a step back if at any stage you feel it is difficult and you cannot do it. The success will touch your feet only when you are committed to achieve success else not. Always remember that being a champion in any field of life demands hard work and Muay Thai is not apart from them. Even if you think your physique is not up to the mark to get Muay Thai Training, do not worry because within a few months of learning Thai Boxing you will notice a tremendous change in your physique, which will increase your confidence too.

Join a Training Camp in Thailand 

After you have made your mind, you need to search for a Muay Thai Training camp in Thailand and you will find Suwit Muay Thai . Nothing can be best than a camp to learn this fight art because there you get experts providing their valuable tips from the experience of their real life. Apart from this, Muay Thai Training Camps cost too less than other ways of learning Muay Thai. Moreover, at the Suwit Muay Thai camp, you are made ready for Muay Thai before you actually learn it. Trainers work on your physique first and when they feel that you are now ready to practise they teach you steps of Thai Boxing. They tell you how to start and how to proceed ahead for success.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy 52nd Birthday Momma!

Mom the sweetest word I love to say. I am very lucky to have you as my mother Ma and I would like to greet you a belated happy birthday to you. We are growing old together not only that we share the same birthday but our bond is special. I love you Ma with all my heart and I'm so lucky to be your first born. I wish you good health and more birthdays to celebrate with us. Stay beautiful inside and out and please know always that you are always our inspiration.

I Am Thirty-Two and So Blessed!

I turned 32 years old last April 1st and I am very thankful to add another year in my earthly existence. I am grateful for all the people who love me unconditionally especially to my family and my wonderful husband who is there for me no matter what. I'm just thankful that he is very patient with me and thankful that he can put up with my stubbornness and craziness.

Also, I would like to thank our God Almighty for giving me another year of my life and I hope that I will be an instrument of His teaching and I will try my best to be a great example for my fellow Christian. Although, my husband and I celebrated my birthday on the 1st of April we did have a birthday party with a fellow friend who has the same birthday like mine over the weekend. It was fun and I was able to meet some new friends and at the same time showcase my cooking talent. Check out some of the party photos below!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Review: The All Natural Nuts by Doug's Nuts

I always like to snack on peanuts ever since I can remember. As a matter of fact, my family likes peanut a lot and we always have it for snacks anytime we want. By the way, a few weeks ago, I had applied to review some products and luckily I received a positive respond from them. Guess what? Doug's Nuts sent me two sample packs of their famous Coconut Beach Crunch and Original Blend. I love the Doug's Nuts in Coconut Beach Crunch while my husband likes the Original Blend.

The Coconut Beach Crunch is a mixed of salty sweet almonds, toasted coconut flakes and dark chocolates while the Original Blend is lightly sweetened with a hint of vanilla and maple. Overall, our experienced with these two samples are very good thus; we are recommending these two products from Doug's Nuts to anyone out there who are huge peanut eater. Plus, these snacks are cholesterol free, no preservatives and all natural. What more can you ask for? So what are you waiting for? Check out Doug's Nuts and please follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook page today for product updates and promotions!

Fast Forward and December is almost Here!

It feels so good to be back on my blog. I haven't really had the time to update my blogs since January because I have been quite busy. T...