Monday, August 13, 2012

Cheers to My Bank Account Provider

Last week, I received a new debit card from my bank provider. I was really surprised because my old debit card is still good for another year. I finally got an answer today after I checked my mailbox and found another letter from my bank provider explaining to me what was happening. According to the letter "it says that my bank provider suspected that my debit card have been affected by a security breach by a third party company hired by merchants/retailers to process their debit transactions". They also further explained that due to the matter they decided to close my debit card account immediately to stop fraudulent activity that may occur in the future.

Well, I immediately check my account online after reading their explanation and I am thankful that everything looks good and the little money I have is still there. I commend my bank provider for the immediate action that they took to protect my personal information and the money I have in my account.

Does anyone online have any experience about fraudulent activity in their bank accounts? What did your bank provider do to protect you? Share your thoughts.

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