Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reason Babies Cry

Babies cry for many reasons. From a fear of strangers to dirty diapers to simply being hungry! Here are five of more reasons why baby cries.

1. They're too hot- As the weather gets cooler, you may feel tempted to bundle your baby with enough layers to warm an icicle! That’s because most parents guess a baby’s comfort by touching their hands or cheeks. Too many layers will cause overheating! So to correctly gauge a baby’s core temperature, pediatricians recommend feeling their tummy or back.

2. They're too stressed- Even when they’re just kicking back, chewing on a pacifier, babies are very sensitive to things like noise, bright light, and movement. Every child has a different breaking point where too much commotion causes the waterworks to flow. So, introduce new people and toys in small doses and always leave room for some quiet time after a busy day, so your stressed out baby can relax.

3. They're feeling pinched- Unfortunately, a baby can’t tell you when a stray hair is tangled around their toes or when a car-seat belt is too tight for comfort. One loose thread wrapped around a finger is all it takes to cut off a baby’s delicate circulation and cause permanent tissue damage! So, whenever you change your baby, inspect their tiny fingers and toes, to make sure they can move freely.

4. They're lonely- Experts say that babies start to realize they’re a separate person from their mother somewhere between 6 and 9 months old. That realization leads to a lot of crying whenever they see Mom leave the room even for a second! Fortunately, most babies outgrow this separation anxiety by the time they’re 15 months old.

5. They're bored- Spending an hour on the same high chair, in the same kitchen, looking at the same 4 walls every day is the baby equivalent of you sitting in an office cubicle! In other words, it’s not much fun. So, move your baby around the house as much as possible. They’ll appreciate a change of scenery just as much as you would.

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