Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Milk Unleashed- Shelf Safe Milk Review

I really love to drink milk as often as possible because it is very nutritious and tastes great. One of the issues I have had with milk is that once you buy it you have o drink it right away because it spoils fast. Just recently I came across several types of shelf safe milk that can actually be stored up to 6 months without the need of refrigeration. Just recently I found out about Milk Unleashed which is actually associated with several brands out there that make shelf safe milk including Hershey’s, Lala, Horizon Organic and Borden’s, of these my husband and I found that Lala in chocolate flavor was one of the best because not only did it taste great but it has a generous amount of protein, vitamins and nutrients and it has natural colors and flavors and contains no high fructose corn syrup. One of the other great things about this milk is that it is packaged using materials that are actually Eco-friendly while at the same time it ensures that the milk will stay good and keep all of the nutrients intact as well. So if you want milk that will stay good for a long period of time, is absolutely delicious and nutritious I highly suggest that you check out the Milk Unleashed website and follow them on Twitter @milkunleashed, you will definitely be glad that you check them out.

 Disclaimer: I have received this product for free from and all opinions stated above are all mine.

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