Saturday, November 3, 2012

School, Work, and School My Daily Routine

I went to work at 4 to 11:30PM. We are so busy and I feel so beat up right now. Also, I feel a little sad because I will not be able to go to church tomorrow since I have to work in the morning from 9 to 3pm. One of our team leaders is on vacation leave since last week; so the management decided to have me work on her regular schedule. Hopefully, I'll have my regular schedule back for next week and I am looking forward to attend church with DH next time.

What about you guys? How's your weekend so far?

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Cacai M. said...

Weekend is fine here on me sis, at home. I don't know tomorrow yet maybe will go to store and hopefully can go to church.

Followed u in Twitter pala sis and also in Google Connect. I was actually here several times before, remember me as your visitor then? ;-)

Kung naa ka Feedjit sis, mo-appear ni akong pag-visit nga from Alhambra, California. :) Have a great night sis! :)

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