Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dear Husband and Music

Every day I thank God for giving me such a wonderful and loving husband who put up with my mood swings, who is always there to lift me up when I feel down, who loves me unconditionally. Two years ago, DH gave me an IPOD so I can download and listen to my favorite songs 24/7 but I rarely used it because I don't have any patience with new technology. I had an old MP3 that I still used up to this day. DH actually had the courage today to ask me about what happen with the IPOD he gave me. I told him I have it in the drawer and that I don't know how to operate it. Frankly speaking, I have no patience when it comes to reading the instruction on how to operate new gadgets. Thankfully, DH had plenty of time to show me how to download music and transfer my music from my MP3 to my new IPOD.

I am actually in love with my IPOD right now because it has the capacity to store up to 4,000 songs which I think is very amazing. I promise myself to this day that I will be using it all the time from now on. Well folks, it is time for me to go back to sleep because I will be working later on today.

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