Thursday, October 17, 2013

A 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hit my Hometown of Bohol, Philippines

When I arrived home from my place of work last Monday I never knew that some bad news were waiting for me to find out. Just like every other day, I log in to my Facebook account to see if my family left me a message or if they are online. I was in panic after I read all the news feed because I found out that my hometown of Bohol was hit by earthquake with a 7.2 magnitude. My entire family lives in Bohol and another neighboring island called Cebu. I went to a hysterical mode and tried to contact my family by calling my mom. I did not get an answer for the longest time and of course I thought something bad must have really happened to them.

While my husband tried to console me and told me to stay calm, I tried to call them again and this time my sister answered the phone. I was crying like a mad woman and ask if everyone is alright. My sister said that everyone is okay and nobody was hurt but they have to run to the back of the house for their safety. Thankfully, October 15 was declared a holiday in Bohol because the aftermath of the calamity would have been much worse.

The one thing that really made my heart breaks was when my younger siblings told me that they were already have each backpack ready if they needed to evacuate our home and that my mother told them to run away from the house by pairs. A lot of people also were on high alert after they notice that the sea were very calm which is a warning sign that Tsunami will follows after the earthquake. Thank God it didn't happen although some areas in Bohol were greatly affected. I sincerely ask all my readers, family and friends to continue to pray for all the people in my island of Bohol and Cebu.

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