Monday, June 30, 2014

Updates! I Am Still Around Folks

These past few weeks have been very busy for me and my spouse. We have been working a lot and making a lot compared to our previous earning several years ago. It also means one thing that we have a lot of bills to pay including our new car which we are trying to pay off as fast as we can. Hopefully, we can pay a huge chunk of it so we can get another car for my husband. Other than that, we are doing great. We are moving very soon to the Northeast area of the city we are residing right now because we receive a great offer from a great friend. We are going to take care of their house for about 10 months up to a year and they won't charge us for any monthly rent. I am excited because it means that we can pay half of what we owe for our new car.

I feel so blessed to have a friend who trusts us very much to have their house taken care off while they are on their vacation in the Philippines. I am hoping to end the rest of the year with more blessings and endless opportunities for my husband and myself. Advance Happy 4th of July everyone!

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