Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Moving in a New Place

I welcome myself back on my own blog that I have created for over five years. I really haven't had a chance to update this blog but I'm glad I finally come back to my senses especially that I just moved to a new place. Since January of this year a lot of things happened with my life. My husband applied for a job in another city in Texas and got a lot of offers. To make the story short, my husband took the teaching job in a small city called Beeville which is 45 minutes away from Corpus Christi and two hours away from San Antonio.

But before he got this teaching job offer he went for a six week training to become a full time Correctional Officer. He did like the training at first but it was so hard for us to be apart. We made the decision to be apart temporarily especially that I was still working at that time. We finally made it and moved to this little city. My husband and I are both homesick and we are looking forward to go back to El Paso in November for Thanksgiving.

Anyway, we are both surviving in this new strange place. Hopefully, we will back in El Paso next year.

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