Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Love Story to Tell Second Chapter

Let me now continue to share the second part of my Love Story..........

We had our flight at the Tagbilaran Airport at 1:40 in the afternoon with Cebu Pacific Airline.We are schedule to arrived around 3:00 in the afternoon at the Manila International Airport.My family was there in the airport and we are very emotional. We are just trying to hold back our tears on our eyes.I kissed and hug our youngest sister Eunice and hug my brother J-poy.My sisters are telling me can you just please stay with us?It was very hard for me to say No.But I have to let them understand that Tony is there and he needs me.

My bestfriend Cristine and her boyfriend Loive was there also, they are both my friends.We are just joking around and telling each other that we will still met again in the future. My teacher in high school Ma'am Thelma was there together with his son Joel since they asked me to bring the luggage for my bestfriend Jhema in Manila. They were able to met my boyfriend Tony.So the time comes that we need to go already.We say goodbye's to my parents and my siblings, to our friends.I can't help but cry especially my brother J-poy, he asked me please come back for him.We are best buddies that's why he's very sad when he knew that i'm about to leave them.

So we went inside the Tagbilaran Airport and just waiting for us to aboard the airplane.Now that we are inside the airplane I told Tony, I started to missed my family. And also I have to leave my cellphone already since I cannot used them when i arrived in the US.Time flies so fast and we just arrived at the Manila International Airport, it was raining very hard so we decided to call for a Taxi inorder for us to go to the new Airport since we are in the Old Airport in Manila. We asked the people who work in the airport if we could leave our luggage because it will take a long time for us to wait for the next flight.So we went there and we payed the TAX for the ticket and I showed them my passport and visa.At first they thought that we were OFW's haha.And we told them that I am a K1-Fiancee and that Tony is my boyfriend. So we leave our luggage and also payed for the entrance fee in the waiting area.

We leave the airport and ride a taxi to go to Market-Market Mall in Makati where Jhema is patiently waiting together with Raven her son. We arrived there and still we have her luggage with us and just looking around, finally we see her and then we decided to eat our dinner at Kenny Roger's Restaurant. It was a very good meal.Tony was very happy because he told me that the dinner is not expensive .But for me i will consider it expensive already.Then finally, we say goodbye's to Jhema and Raven. Then after that we just stroll around the mall and buy some stuffs too.While waiting for our time to go back to the Airport again.We decided to go back to the Airport, and Tony had a good time watching the big buildings in Makati and the nice hotels too.

Our departure time from Manila was 10:00 in the evening and we will be arriving in Los Angeles, California at 7:40 in the evening California Time.It was a long ride, very long, we either sleep, eat or just watch tv.The plane was full of passenger mostly Filipinos who are having there trip back to the US. We just keep on talking with Tony and some of the filipinos who sit nearby.

Alas we arrived in Los Angeles, California.And we have to wait in line again because they have to check my documents to make sure that i'm a legal immigrant in the US.The guy who interviewed me from the Customs and Border Patrol was very good,he is a black guy and he asked me questions too.And then I was waving with Tony and then the officer noticed and ask if I know some people behind him and I said yes, my boyfriend is there. He said you must have a very good man since he went there to bring you back with him in the US.So i said, Yes he is very good to me.So we went to the exit door and just walking around and I can see Filipinos waiting for their love ones as well as talking to their family.

We decided to rent a van since we are almost out of budget with the money that Tony had. We went to Inglewood,California and went to Applebees.I was to keen to see how L.A. looks like haha. I can't believed that i am actually in the US already. It was snowing a little bit.....I was just smiling and just wandering around. So we just stroll around L.A. and then go back to the rental office and then we ride the bus going to the airport again and we decided to wait for our next trip in the airport.It was very tiring, I have jetlag but still it was amazing.Knowing that Tony and me will start our life together was a complete achievement in my life.

Our next flight was schedule around 6:40 in the morning California time and then arrived in Phoenix, Arizona around 7:58 in the morning Phoenix time.Its a 1 hour and 18 minutes ride. Then after that, we will stop there and then change plane again.We arrived in Phoenix, Arizona and then we went to another plane.We aboard the plane around 8:53 in the morning Phoenix time and schedule to arrived in El Paso, Texas around 11:19 in the morning El Paso time.The flight was good for 1 hour and 26 minutes nonstop.Finally, we arrived in El Paso, Texas on October 8, 2006.

Tony's dad was waiting for us together with Linda, Tony's step mom. I finally met Tony's Dad. They hug me and kiss me and ask if how's the trip.We talked and we went to Hong Kong Buffet Restaurant. Then I met Carleen, Tony's sister and she's pretty.We also talk and just getting to know each other and took pictures.They are excited to see me.After that we went to Tony's parents house. We stay there for awhile while we are not yet married.

After two weeks from the time that I arrived here in Texas, it has been very quite depressing for me. Its already winter here in the US and its so cold.I am still trying to adopt the weather and everything especially the food. I've been crying most of the time when Tony works and go to class as well since I have no friends here, all i have is the computer so I can still keep in touch with my family back in the Philippines. It was a very strange experience for me to be alone. I felt very alienated for the first few days.I've been able to talked with my relatives on my father's side here in the US. They are the relatives that i don't know.I have an uncle who lives in Weslaco, Texas and an Aunt who lives in California.They were also surprised that I am in the US since they only know my father.

We move out from Tony's parent house after we got married the following month after I arrived here in the US.There were a lot of challenges that we experienced.We move in at Warren Inn apartment ,it is located at the West Side of EL Paso, Texas. We lived there for 2 months before moving in at Tony's Step Dad's house. We are renting a room here.The house is big and I feel more comfortable living here.Tony's Step Dad is very good to me.We always talked and he teaches me how to make Mexican food. He speak fluent spanish and English too.

I already know how to drive car but I still need more practice.I still don't have a drivers license but i enjoyed my practice. I had my first experience when you can actually see snows falling from the sky.It was a very beautiful experience, we were able to took pictures.It was very cold too.We have to wear gloves and jackets and boots.

Most of the time we go visits Tony's sisters in New Mexico, 4 of his sisters are living there. We are the only one who lives here in El Paso, Texas.It's not really easy to adjust with your sisters-in-laws and family, to many dramas going on......Which i don't want to share.

We also process my papers for my adjustment of status here to become a permanent resident. The paper works was real crazy too many documents to be complied, it needs time , money and effort to complete the requirements.But thank God, everything fall into places already. I am already approved and just waiting for my Green Card to be delivered very soon. After that I am planning to get my drivers license and then start working here.

Hopefully, I will make myself busy by working a lot of hours very soon.Tony is very busy working and going to school too. I have a lot of friends here from the church as well as filipina friends who are now residing here in El Paso, Texas.I am able to adjust a little bit of myself living here in the US. I am looking forward to visit my family in the Philippines next year.

I am just happy that our love for each other is getting stronger everyday and the more we know each other, the more we realized that we can't live without each other. Our next goal is to buy our own house and start our own family together.

To all my avid readers of my love story...i'll promised to keep you all posted with my Love Life.....See you on the 3rd Chapter....Have fun reading....Keep the love burning!!!!

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