Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Mom is a Superwoman

"Motherhood is a noble task and it is the greatest fulfillment in a womans life." While I was growing up, I was able to be the witness of my mother's sacrifice for us. She share with her children her story about how she met and fell in love with my father. She got married at age 19 and my father was 26 at that time. She just barely finish her associate course in secretarial. She still continue studying even after she got married and working at the same time. My father was there and he supported my mother and provide for us. Soon,she finished her Bachelors Degree in Accounting after she have four kids.Amazing huh? After my mom gave birth to her 6th child,my father was laid-off from work. Everything change,my father was the one who was taking care of us in the house, cook,clean and everything that usually a mother will do.On the contrary,my mother was the one who work for us and provide everything.Since I'm the eldest my mother like to share her worries and problem to me.I do my very best to comfort my mother's feelings.
Our family starts to get bigger and bigger.Then again, in the end they have twelve children. But still my father is not working and my mother was still the one who provide for us.
Most of the people especially our neighbors always ask my Mother ,how were you able to support your children and send them to school? My Mom told them we always help each other, I teach my children to be diligent with their studies, its the key to have a better future. I always heard my mother being proud of her children.She always told her friends and officemate,I am very blessed to have a lot of children. My mother always makes an effort to learn how to make money legally. I remember before when I was twelve years old we started our own business. We sell Barbecue Chicken, Pork, Hanging Rice on the street. My Mom usually help us after she is done with her office job , and even while she was still wearing her office uniform, she never get embarrass or ashamed that she is a street vendor. As a kid, I look up my Mom and really admired her courage, her sacrifices for her kids and for our family.
Her sacrifices paid off, she already have 4 children that already had their degree in college. Two of them had a degree in Commerce majoring in Banking and Finance and the 3rd child had a degree in Nursing and is now a Registered Nurse, the 4th child had just graduated in college last March 2008 with a Bachelors Degree in Education majoring in English and is now preparing for her Board Exam to become a License Teacher. She still have kids in school , two in college, 3 in high school, 1 in elementary and 1 in kindergarten.
The success of her children is a success for my mother. Until now my mother is still the provider of our big family, although we now helped her regularly. We used to call our mother "wonder woman" because she can do the most impossible things to be possible for us.
Ma in behalf of my younger siblings we want to thank you for being strong,for your endless love for us, for your courage and for being industrious . This is for you,We love you Ma.

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