Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School Update!

I have already attended my two classes this Fall, yesterday and today. My Professor for my Political Science class was quite strict and my other Professor in Psychology was the opposite. He is funny and makes the subject easier to understand. I already purchase my books and wow it's quite expensive. The total amount of my two books was close to $200. The good thing about it is that by the end of the Fall semester we can sell it again through the bookstore or sell it online.

We will be having our first quiz for my Political Science class next week on Monday and I need to do a lot of stuff online. I know I will do well with my exam as long as I am well prepared. Overall my classes are quite interesting and I am looking forward to get an A by the end of the semester.

1 comment:

Cecile said...

wow, balik school ka na pala :-); goodluck, sana nga mak straight A ka uli :-)

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