Monday, August 31, 2009

Only the Best

Steaks are the most delicious part of the meat. I like it a lot when my husband cooks the steak in the grill. The steak is mostly cut thick and usually around the muscle grain or fiber of the meat. One of my favorite parts of a beef meat is the filet mignon. Well, it is quite expensive to purchase just a small piece of filet mignon in the market today but the price and the taste of it is worth the money we spend. The filet mignon is a steak cut from beef meat. The filet mignon can be found around the tenderloin area.

We are actually planning to purchase USDA prime beef for Labor Day which will be on September 7, 2009. My husband's family from out of town will be coming here in El Paso to visit and celebrate the Labor Day. My husband and I decided to get the best meat to serve our guest and we know that they will surely love it.

When purchasing your next prime beef in the market please make sure that there is a label that says USDA Prime or America's Best Beef; if you don't see the label that means that your beef is not 100% the best meat across the nation.

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