Thursday, August 6, 2009

Making The Best of Everything

Today is another day without our personal computer. After I got out from work I went directly to the public library to check my emails and do my best to visit other bloggers online who constantly visit my blog. I owe each and everyone of you a big thank you.

Right now, I am at my Father-in-law's house with my husband. My husband's Dad told us that we can borrow his other computer while we are waiting for our computer to be repaired. I am trying my best not to be worn out with our current situation right now.

Anyways, life must go on! I am thinking of cooking spaghetti when we get home from here. Good evening everyone.


Marianne said...

it seems you can't live without PC. .... Joke!

I myself is becoming a slave to technology that we have today. especially PC and internet. Life is incomplete without it. hehehe

Dorothy L said...

Hang in there Geraldine....this will pass. You are being given the opportunity to really appreciate your pc when it does get fixed. :)

Have a great day!

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