Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dried Anchovies and Steam Rice

Last night was pure bliss because I was cooking the dried anchovies that my friend from Washington sent awhile back. I can't help but pig out and I was just enjoying every bit of it. Well, I also make sure that our little abode will not smell like the dried anchovies because my husband's nose is sensitive, (laughing out loud). Anyways, while I was eating my dried anchovies with steam rice my husband on the other hand was eating some steaks and mash potato that my father-in-law gave. It was weird because we were eating different type of food but both of us were satisfied and enjoyed the food a lot.

Honestly, I get tired of eating meat so I am thankful for my friend Nita for sending me those delicious anchovies!



Pearl said...

sarap naman nito...dilis ba to? sarap nito sa suka or sa kamatis!:-)

texaswithlove1982 said...


Oo dilis yan sa atin ang sarap nga! dami kong nakain.

texas_sweetie said...


Grampy said...

Have a very Wonderful Easter.