Saturday, March 31, 2012

Puppy Love

 Written by my friend Otis Buckley

We certainly were not in the market for a new dog, but when the opportunity presented itself to have a sweet little fur ball come live with us full time, it was more than we could resist. It didn’t take long for us to remember, puppies come with challenges! We are adjusting well and I have been watching some great shows on direct tv milwaukee and learning a lot of good ways to offer positive reinforcements when she is a good girl. I love The Dog Whisperer, he has taught me many ways to make both my dogs realize I am pack leader and this is the way things are going to be. They both seem so calm and comforted by having someone in charge. They also make such good company for each other. I never thought my big old mutt would love to play with a tiny pooch like he does, but he loves her as much as we do. It makes for lots of great pictures and belly laughs just to watch them play.

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