Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stomach Bug or Stomach Flu

Today wasn't great at all because we have been awake since 6 this morning due to the fact that my husband had been throwing up. To top it off, we both have to work today which sucks. I am glad that he got out early from his place of work because he wasn't feeling really well and even his colleagues were asking him if he has hang over which is pretty funny because my husband doesn't drink at all.

Also, I found out today that my sister-in-law and her daughter are experiencing the same thing that my husband had. So I think it is a stomach bug or stomach flu that has been going around. My husband has been taking peptobismo and gatorade all day so I am hoping it will help him recuperate. I also made him some chicken soup. If everything fails then I have to bring him to the doctor tomorrow.

I would like to request everyone to say a little prayer for my husband so that he will recuperate soon. Thank you and have a great evening!

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