Friday, May 11, 2012

Why Are Brand Names So Important to Some People?

Brand names can be quite important to some people, but why? I'm actually not too sure since I don't own any. I've never been attracted to spending large amounts of money on things that I don't need. I've found tons of cheap summer dresses that are just like any summer dresses, only cheaper. I don't think that brand names are all that needed to be honest. I absolutely love shopping online since it makes the experience so much easier. Not only that, but I find that it is much better to look online if I am looking for a general selection of clothes and don't really have a specific store in mind.  You will be able to look through much more products that way so it is very efficient. I love having a big selection of clothes to choose from because it often includes a lot of different genres of clothing and styles. I normally don't fit into one stereotypical style, so shopping online really helps me to find clothes that I like since there are so much options to choose from. To buy a dress that will make you look great, make sure to purchase it in the correct size and color. Don't buying anything too big or too small or you will fail to flatter your figure. Don't pick a nasty color like puke green or an ugly brown because you will find nothing to match it with and overall it will just drag your image down. My personal favorite color for a dress is red since it is a very alluring and confident color. You will always be the center of attention if you are wearing a red dress (unless there is another woman wearing the exact same red dress, in which case, always carry a back-up). Make sure to do your hair up and most importantly, smile! Smiling can be the one thing that really puts your image over the top (in a good way!). You can go the extra length and make sure that your makeup and shoes match the dress as well. Overall, there isn't really a reason you would need to spend a whole lot on a dress. All it really is is fabric and art. You could even make your own dresses if you wanted! Why not take up a hobby and learn to sew? That will save you a lot of money in the meantime and you can get really creative with it and make a dress that you can even pass down to your kids if you want!

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