Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rusty Solomon's View

Rusty Solomon is a person who many people may not know quite well, but it turns out that he is a very influential person. On the other hand, many people may know about one of the most important fashion designers of the past century who was of course Coco Chanel. But how many knew that Coco Chanel was actually influenced by art collector and entrepreneur Russell Solomon, better known as Rusty Solomon. Rusty Solomon actually was a person who greatly influenced Coco Chanel who had of course popularized such things as tanning for women as well as women wearing a “little black dress”. Rusty Solomon it turns out is one of the most interesting persons alive because he has many words of wisdom. Rusty Solomon for example has written about how online shopping can be an addiction for many people. If you like to read interesting articles, such as the connection between Coco Chanel and Rusty Solomon, or how online shopping can be addictive, why not check out some of the articles written about this extraordinary man.

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