Friday, January 4, 2013

Boogie Wipes Review

Dear husband and I both love kids but as of now we don’t have any children of our own. But we do have a Godson name Jaden that we love so much. He is more than a Godson to us; we treat him like our own child and spoil him. Well, every now and then his parents leaves Jaden with us when they have important events to attend to and we are more than thrilled to take care of our Godson. One thing, Jaden likes to do is play around his food when it’s time to eat. He gets messy at times and frankly speaking I don’t like to use paper towels or dry tissue to wipe his face because it gets irritated.

Well, I feel lucky when I receive some samples from Boogie Wipes to try on because I was thinking of my Godson Jaden. Boogie Wipes are such a big help especially when your little one is suffering from colds or allergies because it will totally get rid of all the mucus or booger. Plus, Boogie Wipes is made of natural saline which helps dissolve boogies or mucus. It is also FREE from paraben and phthalate. Also, Boogie Wipes are available in a variety of scent such as Fresh Scent, Minty Menthol, Great Grape and even Simply Unscented. Boogie Wipes are approved by many pediatricians as an effective replacement for dry tissue. Look no further, check out Boogie Wipes today by following them on Twitter or liking their page on Facebook.

I have received a sample of this product from Boogie Wipes in exchange for my honest experience and review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation..

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