Thursday, January 17, 2013

Flash Point and Cold Case TV Series!

Lately, I have been following the TV series titled "Flash Point" and "Cold Case" every week. Although, I watch them irregularly but I still manage to catch up with the latest cases they handle each week. Also, my work schedule will change in the following weeks to come since I'm going back to school to attend my spring classes for 2013.

I am relieved that my tuition is finally paid off and all I need to do is to purchase all the books I need for my classes before I ran out of time. Hopefully, all my books won't cost so much like last year. I spend over $300 for 7 books. I am actually looking forward to go to the gun show with my husband and my FIL next week. I am sure it will be full of fun especially for my husband since he is a gun collector. Lastly, I just want to wish everyone a happy week ahead!

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