Tuesday, February 19, 2013

An Intoxicated Military Man Tried to Break-in My Apartment!

I still have a hard time forgetting what had happened last Saturday, February 16, 2013. Here's what I wrote on my Facebook status after the incident happened.

"I don't think I can go back to sleep after this incident. An hour ago, an unidentified man tried to break into our apartment while my husband is still awake. He was banging the door like crazy and hubby woke me up to call 911. I froze for I don't know how long and started telling the 911 operator about what's going on. My husband had to run in the closet and load his gun while the guy is still screaming for us to open the door. He was kicking and punching the door and my husband asked him many times to identify himself but he started to threatened to kill us. I have to call 911 the second time around begging them to send the police already. The cops arrived just in time after the guy broke the door. According to the cops, the guy is in the military".

The cops took the guy away and a detective will contact us for further investigation.

To be continued......

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