Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Tummy, I love Fried Fish!

DH decided to drive me to one of the biggest seafood place in our area because I have confided with him that I have been craving for some fried fish for awhile now. He in fact surprises me with his kind gesture and of course I was very happy when I get to the store. I ordered two whole fish and the sales lady ask me if I wanted it fried. While the lady was frying my fish I decided to roam around the store and got myself some tropical mangoes, plantain which I plan to make as a desert later on today, oranges and some apples for my smoothie.

After paying for our groceries,we head back to our apartment and had our early dinner. Wow, that fried fish is delicious and I overeat. Anyway, DH was also busy eating his steaks while I was eating my fish. I am just happy that I have a husband who understands that eating fried fish isn't bad at all. Mind you, DH only eat fish without its head, tail and especially boneless.

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