Sunday, April 13, 2014

I Am Thirty-Two and So Blessed!

I turned 32 years old last April 1st and I am very thankful to add another year in my earthly existence. I am grateful for all the people who love me unconditionally especially to my family and my wonderful husband who is there for me no matter what. I'm just thankful that he is very patient with me and thankful that he can put up with my stubbornness and craziness.

Also, I would like to thank our God Almighty for giving me another year of my life and I hope that I will be an instrument of His teaching and I will try my best to be a great example for my fellow Christian. Although, my husband and I celebrated my birthday on the 1st of April we did have a birthday party with a fellow friend who has the same birthday like mine over the weekend. It was fun and I was able to meet some new friends and at the same time showcase my cooking talent. Check out some of the party photos below!

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