Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Meet Our Baby...Our Very Own Chrysler PT Cruiser

So far this year has been the most exciting, full of adventure kind of year. First, was my trip to New York earlier this year and second of all is getting a NEW CAR; yup that's right folks a NEW CAR. I couldn't believe it until now. I got my baby since April the 30th and wow miracles do happened when you least expect it.

We have been having car problems since December and the last straw was around the first week of April. We probably spend a couple of thousands of money just to have our old car fix. The problem is that my spouse had a hard time letting go of his things. He always tries to fix what he thinks is fixable till the very end. Finally, I told him that I would not spend any of my hard earned money for a car that has been giving us problem for the longest time.

Anyway, to make the story short, we ended up car shopping and got our baby at a dealership around the city where we reside. When we saw this beautiful looking Chrysler PT Cruiser we both fell in love with the same car. It was love at first sight; thankfully our bank agreed to finance our car and everything fall into place. I am thankful for my father-in-law for helping us pick the car and getting us tips on what to look for a new car.

The ironic part is that my husband deceased mother had wanted to own one like the one we have in the same exact color. It really felt good knowing that she is actually watching over us and helping us find the perfect car for us. It was a dream come true and it means a lot to me and my spouse because this is our first major purchased together as a couple.

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