Saturday, November 21, 2009

Helping my Dad-in-law!

I was helping my father-in-law do his errands today since I was off from work. While we were at Walmart he told me that he need to eat something sweet like candy or chocolate because he can already tell that his sugar is low, by the way he is diabetic. I was pretty much running to get him a bar of chocolate and let him sit while eating that piece of chocolate. He recovered after a little while and we continue to do our shopping.

He was happy that I was there to help him. I was relieved that he didn't collapse in front of me. Over all today was good. Anyways, dinner is ready and we will be eating chicken curry and steam rice in a bit.

Come and join us!


nekialorddie said...

thank god he's ok.. ^_^

gemini said...

Thank God He is ok, by the way let him eat fruits and bring fruit anywhere you go, that's complex sugar better than any.

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