Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reducing Your Allergy Symptoms

I would like to share this wonderful article I read from the Woman's World Magazine about getting rid of your allergy symptoms the natural way. You can get rid of your allergies by:

1. Using honey- people who eat 2 teaspoon of honey a day for a month reduced their allergy symptom by 75%. You may wonder why it works. Honey actually contains different specks of plant pollen which in return help you desensitize your immune system. It is better if you purchase your own honey from your local area.

2. Apples- help you breathe easier; the apple peel contains flavonoid that makes your body cells resistant to allergens. Apples are very good at protecting your lungs from any irritants. When you eat apples 5 days a week it can definitely improve breathing and lung function and it can also reduce the risk of cancer.

3. Pineapple- is a good source for bromelain, an enzyme that reduces sinus irritation and congestion. Pineapples are also packed with vitamin C which is a good defense for any allergy symptoms.

4. Green Tea- the chemicals found in green tea block the body's response to allergy triggers such as ragweed, dust and dander. The chemicals in green tea can also help you stop sneezing and help you stop congestion before they can actually start. You need to drink two cups of green tea a day to prevent any allergy symptoms.

5. Houseplants- some allergies are caused by airborne toxins such as smoke and formaldehyde. A few houseplants can attract and removed any hazardous particles from the air in just one day.

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