Sunday, April 25, 2010

Laying My Chances

I am expecting to have more assignments for my classes this week especially that we are only two weeks away from having our final examination. I cannot wait until spring semester is over. I am not planning to take any summer classes since I want to work more hours. I want to take a break from school also.

Anyways, my husband's relatives are hosting a house warming party by the first week of May. We are more than excited to travel out of town and stay in Florida for a week. Hopefully, my manager will honor my request to leave work for a week.

We are planning to visit Disney World in Florida and go to the beach. Honestly, I haven't been to any of the beach here in America so I am expecting to have a better view and nice quality of beach in this country.

On the other hand, my boss is excited about putting a sport bet for his favorite sports which is football. My boss can definitely talk about football game the whole day.

Happy Monday everyone!

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