Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Plants!

Spring is here and my in-laws are more than excited to start planting different kinds of flowers in their backyard again. They are inviting me to help them plant flowers this coming weekend and I am looking forward to do that for awhile now. My grandma used to tell me that I have a green thumb because whatever I plant will surely grow.

Anyways, as I was searching the web today I have stumble upon this interesting online store called E Planters that provides a wide selections of fiberglass planters such as Antique Black Mio Planter Single Line, Citrus Pots fiberglass planter, Geo Square Planters, Adam fiber glass planter, Sloane Planters, Botanical Planters, Dauphins Planters, Geo Oval fiber glass planter, Small Adam Planter and many more.

What are you waiting folks? Click any of the links on this post. I also uploaded one of the many fiber glass planters from E Planters online store above.

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