Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baby Boom!

I was surprised to see my former colleague at the store today because she was actually shopping for maternity clothes for her. Well, she had been married for over five years now and she is very excited to welcome their first bundle of joy this December. She told me that they had been waiting this long to have their first baby and they are so proud to have their child soon.

We did talk for a bit at the store and she was asking me if I already have any child yet. I just smile and said, don't worry Missy time will come that I will have my own child and I will let you know in the future. Honestly, I feel awkward telling people that I don't have any children yet but I don't really like to explain why. Finally, we parted ways and I told her that I will visit her whenever I can.

I am praying for my friend's safe delivery and a healthy baby. Good morning folks!

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