Friday, May 7, 2010

Helping Out!

Yesterday was a very long day for me and my husband because we went to help out his Dad organized his storage room. I can't believed that there were tons of empty boxes, printers, pictures, tools, appliances, tennis bag, clothes and other stuff that were scattered inside the storage room. Honestly, at first I don't know where to start with the clean up.

I decided to divide the area in to two. My husband cleaned the left area and I cleaned the right portion of the room. I was throwing the empty boxes like crazy and put them in the recycle bin. My husband on the other hand, was carrying all the heavy items outside the storage room and separates the entire gadgets that are still useful and throw the rest in the trash bin.

The old chairs and tables were donated at a local charity. My father-in-law was very thankful that we took time to help him out. After everything was done, we went out to have our dinner at their favorite restaurant.

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