Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Night Out at the Comedy Club

We celebrated my friend’s birthday at the Comedy Club last night here in Texas. DH and I weren't expecting the comedian to be funny because it was our first time to go there but we beg to differ. The show was hilarious and all three comedians were so funny that we can relate to what they were sharing to the crowd. Plus, last night was a full house too. We went and watched the first show with my boss and some friends from my place of work. My sister Susana who is the birthday celebrant was the one who gave out free tickets.

By the way, Susana and I aren't real blood related sisters but she call me her little sister and considers me part of her family which is really nice because my biological family are not with me. She introduces me to her relatives and friends as her long lost sister from another mother and father (laughing out loud). After the show, we decided to head to the nearest Applebee's and grab some food.

DH and I end up staying up all night and watched old movies in our crib.

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