Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Russell Solomon and His Legacy

Russell Solomon may not be a name that most people may not recognize at first; however, when a person mentions Tower Records, they instantly know what it is. Tower Records was founded by Russell Solomon and it is actually an international music store that also has a website with a huge variety of music to purchase, as well as other great items. Russell Solomon was a great entrepreneur that was truly ahead of his time and actually started selling juke box records out of his father’s drug store as a young man. Eventually he would open up Tower Records in 1960 in San Francisco, California which became quite successful although, it would eventually become defunct in 2006. Fortunately, however, their online store is still here and actually quite successful with many items that can be purchase at great prices and they have actual stores that operate internationally in various countries. I highly suggest that everyone check out their online store, it actually has a great deal of items that you will love.

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