Thursday, July 26, 2012

Try the new HTC Evo Design 4G phone from Boost Mobile

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I have had a cell phone for awhile that does basic things such as talk and text, however, I have always wanted a phone that I could use to talk, text, as well as browse the internet, instead of the phone that I currently have, unfortunately, I have been unable to afford a phone with all of these great features. Fortunately for me, I was just recently sent an HTC Evo Design 4G Boost Mobile phone which is absolutely amazing!

The reason why this phone is so wonderful is that with 4G, everything is so much faster, and downloading and streaming videos and downloading emails is faster as well. This phone along with Boost Mobile service, will allow you to use the data speeds of Sprint 4G WIMAX, which is available in 71 markets. Now when it comes to this specific phone, the HTC Evo Design 4G, you just have to see it to believe it, it is sleek, stylish, lightweight, and even has a camera and a microphone.

You might also be wondering what Boost Mobile does that other companies' do not. Well, one of the great things about Boost Mobile is their loyalty program which includes what they call shrinking payments, where your monthly payments will decrease in increments of $5 each month after you make 6 of your payments on time and for a maximum of $15.00. So why not check out this phone, along with the great service of Boost Mobile, you will definitely be very happy with it.



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