Friday, August 1, 2014

Life in America is NOT Easy!

We have so much going on these past few months and as always my work schedule has been so hectic. I've worked so many hours for the past several weeks that all I can do when I get home is take a shower and rest. My husband has been the one taken care of things and preparing meals for those weeks that I've worked a 12 hour shift or more. I have never imagined that I will be working these many hours since moving in America almost 8 years ago this October. I am used to working an 8 to 5 job while still living in the Philippines and have the weekend off but working here in the US is a different story. Either way, I am still thankful for having a job that I can depend on and a job that can pay my bills.

By the way, you can read on my next post the different fun things we did last month. I hope every one of my readers will have a great day and take it easy folks!

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