Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tips for Beautiful Lips!

Lipsticks makes your lips more attractive and eye catching. Here are the best lips tip to remember:

1. Make your lipstick last longer by using a lip liner as a base.

2. Avoid using a dark liner with light lipstick unless you want to look desperately tacky.

3. Blend lipstick colors to create your own unique tones.

4. For fuller lips, apply liner just outside your natural lip line and then dab a little gloss in the middle of your bottom lip

5. Fill in your lips with lip liner before applying lip gloss to make the gloss last longer than the five minutes it usually does.

6. Avoid orange or brown lipstick shades as they make your teeth look yellow.

7. As you get older, opt for more creamy shades of lipstick rather than bolder, stronger colors.

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