Saturday, April 25, 2009

Toss this Items After It Expires

These are only a few of the list of products you should throw after it expires, an article from the researcher's of Woman's World Magazine.

1. A bottle of wine that is OPEN-

You can keep red wine for three days and white wine for five days. After that, it develops a bitter taste. To keep it fresher longer, store a re-corked bottle of white in the fridge, and a re-corked bottle of red in a dry, cool, dark place. Old wine won’t make you sick – so don’t pour it out. If it does expire before you get around to drinking it, use it for cooking in sauces, or substitute it for vinegar in recipes.

2. Coffee-

The best time to throw a coffee is after three months of being use. Keeping coffee longer than that doesn’t mean that it’ll go “bad” – but the flavor will get weak. If you want to keep your coffee fresher longer, put it in a dry, airtight container in a cool place, since moisture and heat speed up deterioration and change the flavor. If it’s a large container of coffee, keep out only what you’ll use over a few weeks, and put the rest in an airtight bag in the freezer. This slows the molecular changes that alter the taste.

3. Fragrances/Perfumes-The smells starts to change after six months of being use, due to the fragrance molecules changing and deteriorating through exposure to heat and air. If you want to keep your favorite bottle longer, here’s a cool trick – store it in the fridge! The chilly temperatures keep the ingredients fresh, so the scent will remain the same for more than a year. To keep the scent lasting all day, spray not just your “pulse points” on the wrist and neck, but also your “crease points” – like the inner elbows and behind your knees, which have more moisture that binds to fragrance molecules.

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